Yandex Go Clone - Multi-Purpose Business Platform

Do you want to offer more than one service to your digital platform? Our Yandexgo clone - ESuper, incorporated multiple verticals like taxi booking, delivery services, and many more.

What is Yandex Go Clone?

Yandex clone is a multi-purpose platform for a business that wants to offer more than one service to consumers, all of which are managed through one platform. The solution has integrated all essential features enabling improved collaboration across operations. It includes the modules like ride reserving, food, and grocery delivery, courier delivery services, etc.

Basically, it has dedicated modules where consumers, merchants who offer purposes, and delivery persons execute the order requests, with the dedicated modules. Get an app like Yandex Go that allows entrepreneurs to manage their business in real-time and scale it to multiple regions seamlessly.

Services Businesses Can Offer Through Yandex Go Clone App

List of services that could possibly be offered through the Yandex Go clone app to the consumers.

Taxi Booking













Water bottled

Car Repair




Beauty Service

Car Wash

Gadget Repair

House Cleaning

Road Assistance

Tow Truck



Fitness Coach







Any Consultant

Single Store

Examine The Modules Of Yandex Go Clone Script Features

Follow down all the types of modules that are merged in the Yandex Go clone script with each of its significant characteristics.

User App

Search Services/Items

When selecting the entities from the stores, shoppers can use the search box to get the favored articles or services, lowering the finding time.

Pre-book Or Instant Orders

Buyers can set a request for quick delivery or schedule it for their chosen time and date for their chosen location.

Invoice Generation

Consumers can preview the invoice of their booked service request before they exhibit, with the details of service charges, tax, delivery charges, and more details.


Patrons can use an incorporated e-wallet, to which they can link numerous card details and then pick the one to settle for requests through the e-wallet.

User Panel

Account Settings

Customers can update their profiles anytime required by changing their name, email address, contact number, address, etc., using the panel.

Order History

Record of all the items ordered, services solicited, and appointments prearranged are saved and accumulated for analysis purposes.

Search Filters

Customers can make use of available search filters like tag, price, distance, and time for easy browsing of the merchants they are looking for.

Edit Delivery Details

Customers can prefer to edit their order delivery details like address and contact details while on the checkout screen if required to do so.

Merchant Panel

Set Tax

Merchants can choose the tax systems for their items or services, where the tax can be applied inclusive or exclusive to the item.

Set Offers

Merchants can create promo codes for the customers and manage their validity and conditions like time, category, and recursion.

Free delivery Settings

Merchants can allow free delivery to users by setting up a minimum ordering amount and distance from the customers.

Associate Modifier

Merchants can associate modifier groups for different items and set charges based on the size and type of modifiers.

Merchant app

Accept/Reject Orders

Merchants can accept or refuse orders from users based on their choices or by considering the availability of the items and deliveryman.

Edit/Update Product

Merchants can determine to edit and update the order/services from customers depending on their preferences and availability.

Order History

All the order service history is recorded on the platform and analyzed with all its essential data about the order, customer, service type, time, etc.

Assign Orders

Merchants can send the prepared orders or services to the partners either by manually selecting the provider or by auto-assigning.

Partner App

Earning Details

Service partners can consider their revenue attributes in a respective sheet to save their reports (weekly, monthly, or yearly).

Add, Manage Vehicle

Drivers can insert and govern automobiles of their own by entering the necessary records to receive confirmation from the owners.

Order History

All the requests, whether accomplished, unfinished, failed, or terminated, are saved as history, which drivers can analyze for later purposes.

Chat With Buyers

Drivers can converse with the shoppers regarding any examination about the request or location by using the integrated in-chat option.

Admin Panel

Add Multiple Regions

Owners can add numerous regions, specifying the area, business types, and all major particulars for the business.

Dispatch From Panel

Business owners can allocate incoming requests from consumers either manually by preferring the driver or by auto-assigning.

Analytical Dashboard

The panel consists of numerous businesses and sales, particulars forming charts, digits, and stats to analyze.

Wallet History

Admin can refer to the history of the wallet, which has the transaction done by customers and drivers by the wallet.

Explore The Modules Of The Yandex Go Like App With Its Graphical Flow

Sneak peek into the visual flow of all dedicated modules of the Yandex Go like app and understand better the product.

User App

A visual working sequence of the buyer app of ESuper, Yandex like app, the app graphics describes a better insight into the product.

Play StoreApp Store

Merchant App

A thorough visual explanation of the merchant app to get familiar with all the segments and functioning of all categories.

Play StoreApp Store

Partner App

Partners can separately achieve the transferred tasks utilizing the app, which is explained via the graphical flow of the app.

Play StoreApp Store

Merchant Panel

Explanation of all extended list of features of merchant websites to govern the stores online without hassle.

User Website

Better explaining the website, which has almost the same elements and functions as an application for shoppers.

Admin Panel

Admin gets a 360-degree perspective, wide monitoring, and makes updates that govern the absolute business.

How Does Yandex Go Clone Work?

With an app like Yandex Go, businesses can create an ecosystem where the user’s time is monopolized, and there is no necessity to use multiple sorts of applications. Customers can pick any service readily within the platform, selecting the category and then then the merchant. Here is an explained step-by-step workflow for the customers of the app. Patrons have to enter the signup details first, or they can prefer a social media ID for the same.


  • Customers have to decide on a taxi as the category of the service after logging in
  • Enter the address for the pick-up and destination address.
  • Then determine the vehicle to travel with, verifying its price, time, and total distance to travel.
  • They also get an option to reserve an on-the-spot ride or can schedule
  • Then choose the payment method to pay for the trip and chase the real-time status of the trip within the app.


  • Choose the courier delivery type service category
  • Enter the address to pick up the parcel and the address to drop that parcel
  • They can add multiple addresses in between to stop and drop parcels there.
  • Check the invoice, choose payment methods, and pay.
  • Chase the parcel for live status.
  • In the end, can add the reviews for the deliveryman.


  • Consumers choose delivery, then choose the delivery type from the given option.
  • Based on the site and delivery type, the stores will be listed from which the consumers can favor one.
  • Then adds the desired number of items in the cart from that store.
  • After confirming entities and their portion, buyers can push from the cart to the checkout part
  • Then they can affirm the entities and other info and prefer the favorable payment gateway.
  • Follow the request updates until it is accomplished by the providers.
  • Determinate the feedback and ratings for the service partners and the entities acquired.

Key Features Of An App Like Yandex Go Like App

Explore imperative characteristics of the Yandex Go Like App

Currency Conversion

Businesses can obtain the most benefits by using the auto currency worth updates, and the owner can use a default currency for its returns.

Feedback System

The feedback from buyers and service partners allows a business to determine the usefulness and quality and thus make advancements consequently.

Detailed Reports

The intricate reports for the service request, revenues, consumers, and trades are all auto-calculated and saved in the solution, accessed anytime.

Referral System

Our platform is integrated with referral system availed to all the platform consumers and partners. Consumers can share the referral codes with their knows and in return, they can earn extra benefits from the owner.

Integrated Map

The merged map aids the admin in locating all the merchants and partners and following their services; likewise, for the partners, it helps chase the user’s location. The tracking is done in real-time, making it an efficient process.

Payment Preferences

The payment procedures opportunities are Cash on Delivery, debit/credit card, and using e-wallets that are linked to a particular bank account of the consumers; they can save multiple accounts and link the preferred ones.

ESuper Panel Demo

Customer Panel

The website for consumers is to make reservations simpler with the same functioning as an app.

Merchant Panel

Instinctive merchant website is for manipulating their enormous amount of info and tracing holdings with mitigation.

Admin Panel

Admins can conduct all kinds of services, stores, drivers, and consumers within the website.

Merchant App

Merchants’ operation of allocation of the consumer’s requests functions automatically through the app.

User App

Multi-service app for consumers, users can prefer the services to reserve through the application.

Partner App

Service partners will execute their allocated duties operating the app, incorporating all essential components.

ESuper App Demo

Learn practically about our pre-built apps for the dedicated stakeholders before deciding.

Merchant App

Merchants’ operation of allocation of the consumer’s requests functions automatically through the app.

User App

Multi-service app for consumers, users can prefer the services to reserve through the application.

Partner App

Service partners will execute their allocated duties operating the app, incorporating all essential components.

Industry-Specific Solutions Designed By Us

Elluminati works to build business-centric platforms which cater to fulfill the requirements of clients.

What Technologies We Use

BE Backend
  • Nodejs

FE Frontend
  • Javascript

  • AngularJS

  • JQuery

  • Java

  • Kotlin

  • Xml

  • Swift

  • OBJ-C

DB Database
  • MongoDB

  • Firebase

  • Room

  • Sql Lite

PM Project Management Tools
  • Slack

  • Jira

  • Gitlab

  • Trello

QA Testing
  • Manual Testing

  • Postman

  • Jmeter


DO DevOps
  • C1 CD

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The expense estimation for an app like Yandex Go, when you prefer a readymade script, is between $15000 to $50000. However, the entire price range depends on many factors, including the complexity of the assignment, the tech stack utilized, the company partnered with, etc.

Absolutely. You can add multiple payment options as per your business standards. However, we offer Stripe as the default payment gateway.

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