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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the packages that you offer?

Elluminati offers two packages-Platinum and Gold. Gold package offers access to our products and selling them to your clients locally while earning your commission on each subscription. Platinum package comes with premium features like your visit to our HQ and in-house training at our firm fully paid by us along with stay and transportation. Thereafter, you will be able to sell our products on a global scale which is not available in the Gold Plan.

What is the sales target?

There are sales targets, as we believe that in the case of sales the sky is not the limit. You can earn as much as you can with more sales and more aggression towards it. However, you need to recover your commitment fee with up to 2 sales per month.

How do I get paid?

Every time you enroll a client for subscription or service, you can send us the invoice and the commission will be directly sent to your account.

What is the joining fee?

There is no joining fee for the Elluminati partners program. But, a commitment fee is taken, which is easily recoverable with the first few sales.

What is the difference between outbound and integrated partnerships?

Outbound partners are purely sales-focused partners that can customize, sell and consult our products. While integrated partners can integrate our products with their platforms end-to-end solutions to their clients.

What are the benefits of a platinum plan?

You get all the benefits of in-house training from our expert’s team at our headquarters in India. We will have all the expenses covered for your training program, plus the advantage of selling our technology stacks on a global scale can ensure more profit for your business.

What are the documents required for payment process?

Post the sale of our product we would ask for a signed copy of the contract, invoice and bank account details along with the W8 form.


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