How Resellers Earns By Selling Products?

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How Resellers Earns By Selling Products?

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  • Platform Prowess

    A platform that is fast and secure.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does it cost to be an Eligible Reseller for Elluminati?

A Person Must Sell One Product First To Be Eligible as Reseller For Lifetime Period. Note: No Commission for 1st Product Sales. Commission starts from 2nd Product sales onwards.

2. Do resellers have any sales targets?

There are no targets per month, but the sky is the limit. You can earn as much as you can with more sales and more aggression towards it.

3. How Does Product Pricing Works?

We have two different packages for each product and are as below:


  • For any customization on the product price per hour Is $15 per hour.
  • Any discount on this price provided by Reseller will be deducted from Reseller’s profit margin if it is not approved in written by Elluminati.
  • If Reseller can charge more price to the customer then we motivate Reseller to do that because by this way Elluminati and Reseller both will get benefit as it is % sharing.

4. How Much Commission a Reseller Get on Any Product Sold?

Reseller Gets: 10% Commission on Full Payment Plan and 20% Commission in Partial Payment Plan

5. How Does Product and Reseller Payment Works?

  1. For Any Partial Payment Plan of any products 60% advance payment and 40% once the installation is complete.
  2. For Any Full Payment Plan of any products 100% advance payment.
  3. The reseller will receive payment from the customer.
  4. The reseller will pay Elluminati full payment they receive from the customer to start the project work.
  5. The reseller will keep their % of their commission from the second or last payment customer pays and transfer the Elluminati’s remaining payment.

6. How Support System Works?

The first level of support to End Customer Includes (to be provided by Reseller)

  1. Explanation of the product and its features.
  2. Explanation and help in the configuration of the product for the customers.
  3. Customer mentoring and tutoring for the Admin Dashboard and How it works questions of customers.
  4. Help customers gather the required details for installations.

The second level of support Inclusion (to be provided by Elluminati)

  1. Any technical bug/issue.
  2. Any upgrade required due to compatibility.
  3. Reseller’s support team will contact the Elluminati’s support team for level 2 support and then revert back to the customer.
  4. The installation will be included in the level 2 support where the customer has to be connected directly with Elluminati as customer presence is required during installation for various OTP.
  5. Support will be provided on Skype chat during Indian Office hours 10 AM to 6 PM IST from Monday to Friday.

7. How does Product Ownership Works?

Please read our terms of service page carefully: Terms of Service

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