Explore Life at Elluminati

Elluminati is not just an IT company, It is a family with a culture of technology where we celebrate the joy of working together and celebrate each moment of happiness with each other. We celebrate festivals, do events and participate in functions for giving a fresh touch in the routine life and our family members. We are always eager to enhance our knowledge with fun factors. Commencing a huge team and working as a family is our motto.

Green Leaf Club Picnic

We at Elluminati believe in innovation and innovation cannot happen from a stressed mind. For the refreshment of all the family members of Elluminati and to give the opportunity to pour new ideas in their mind we get all of them to Green Leaf Club as a part of one day picnic. The party was started with pool and ended at late evening along with lots of fun and finger licking food. People really get refreshed while they get a change in daily life and that same happened with our team. Click to see more from our existing one day picnic.


Holi Celebration

Elluminati believes in tradition and culture. We always celebrate every festival, part of our rich culture and prosperous tradition. Holi festival, the festival of colors was celebrated together with all the family members of Elluminati. Holi is the festival of equality and that reflected beautifully in our celebration as well. All the players were coloring each other without keeping any barrier of designation. The celebration has started in the early morning and till the afternoon people were enjoying the festival with each other. To see more of the celebration of joy click and explore glimpses of our Holi festival celebration.