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Elluminati is not just an IT company, It is a family with a culture of technology where we celebrate the joy of working together and celebrate each moment of happiness with each other. We celebrate festivals, do events and participate in functions for giving a fresh touch in the routine life and our family members. We are always eager to enhance our knowledge with fun factors. Commencing a huge team and working as a family is our motto.

Christmas Celebrations 2019

Elluminati Christmas celebrations kicked off with a fun game where participants were blindfolded, and their partners instructed them to get past the hurdles to reach on the other side. At Elluminati, Christmas is a festival celebrated every year with joy galore. This year too, employees participated in fun games, with a “ball in the box” event right after the blindfold game. There is a Christmas tradition of sharing happiness through the “Secret Santa.” Where employees gift each other happiness through gifts secretly was carried out, backed up by a solo act by one of the employees and Christmas poem recitation. Christmas celebration ended with the distribution of “Secret Santa” gifts, winner’s awards, and delicious dinner.


Elluminati Cricket League 2019

Elluminati Cricket League 2019 was arranged for the Elluminati employees to have some fun time along with the goodness of sports. It was freezing cold on the cricket ground of B.H. Gardi college of engineering and yet the spirited employees were all heated up with the zest to compete in a wonderful tournament. This was a mixed-gender cricket tournament and it boasted of some exquisite female participation too. There were three matches played, with each having 10 overs for each side. Four teams competed for the ECL 2019, of which On-Demand Roar team emerged winner with some fabulous cricket played. The tournament was followed by prize distribution and breakfast arranged by Elluminati.



On the propitious occasion of Diwali, Elluminati arranged a family get together and invited parents of employees to join the Diwali celebrations and enjoy with whole Elluminati family. The celebration started with Rangoli and indoor sports competitions. Every member of the Elluminati family participated and performed their best to win with eye-delighting rangoli designs. It added extra colors to the joy when the parents joined in the evening for a delicious dinner with the entire Elluminati family. Wishing all family members and parents a Happy Diwali, exciting gifts were handed over to Elluminati family members to add more cheers to each of their lives.


Navratri & Dussehra Celebration 2019

On these auspicious days of Navratri, Elluminati arranged a color day competition where each employee participated each day with bringing out their best. After spending nine colorful days, how can we miss the fun of playing Garba? Following our every year’s tradition, the Elluminati family enjoyed the delicious breakfast together in the morning and after completing the work, danced around in a circle playing Garba followed by mouth-watering dishes waiting on tables of our potluck party! Everyone enjoyed the awesome homemade delicious chats and dishes together and celebrated the victory of good over evil on the day of Dussehra.


Monsoon Party 2019

Of all weathers, Monsoon holds its own charm! As the rain has blessed mother earth with superior cooling, planning off a party is a must! With the aim of providing refreshing time from the work routines of employees, Elluminati arranged a monsoon party- to welcome the rain with enjoying the dinner together. And when there is everybody’s favorite Bhajiyas on the plates, who can deny? All the members of Elluminati togetherly enjoyed the fine and mouth-watering dinner on the rooftop enjoying the rainy weather with fun and had a splashing good time!!


Sasan Gir 2019

Elluminati arranged a picnic for the employees to freshen up from their routines and enabled them to enjoy the beauty of nature at Sasan Gir. They lent on the bus early in the morning and enjoyed their day at the sunny beach of Madavpur. After which they left for their one night stay at a resort in Sasan and were entertained by a wonderful folk dance by the Siddi tribe from Jambur and also engaged in the early morning jungle safari the next day. During the stay at the resort, employees enjoyed playing games together and bonded their relationship with each other beautifully. After taking the delicious lunch, the employees left for Somnath temple to engage in the holy atmosphere of Somnath.



The Elluminati family celebrated Christmas as the last event of another year full of splendor. All the members were so excited to prepare for the event and won’t ready to wait so they decorated the whole workplace a day before Christmas. The Christmas eve celebrated by all the members with full enjoyment and excitement. The main attraction of the whole event was the “Secret Santa” task. All the members got surprising gifts from their Secret Santas! The dance floor was rocked with super dancers of the company! The words would be less to explain about the tasty food enjoyed by them all.


Diwali 2018

The huge celebration of Diwali held at Elluminati and it was the biggest event of the year. The celebration started from the noon when the whole Elluminati family enjoyed a tasty lunch treat of pizza together. Even after getting full, the joy and excitement were not low and the Rangoli competition began. Exiting Rangolis shaped at the workplace and while doing this, the spark of winning was there in every creative finger. Indoor games were enjoyed by many members. The gift distribution created much more excitement for winning in the games and Rangoli competition and all were wished by the company with presents!


Dussehra Celebration 2018

After celebrating 8 colorful days in Indian attire during the days of Navratri, the day of Dussehra can never be buzzed slow. Elluminati family showed the best of its energy to celebrate this festive day. The joyful day started with a tasty breakfast meet and after some work, Garba made everyone dance! This night was not full of just Garba, gifts and food made the night a blast of energy. All the colorful winners from day celebration and enthusiast Garba dancers with the best attire received exiting gifts. All the family enjoyed a potluck dinner including finger-leaking and mouth-watering dishes.


Janmashtmi 2018

Janmashtami celebrated by Elluminati family with a whole new touch. This time all the Elluminati family members got a surprise gift from the company. The beautiful looking gift was wrapped in a vibrant blue gift wrap and topped with sweet colored ribbons. It would be an exciting gift of Janmashtami for all the Elluminati family members when they will share the joy with their family. This time enjoying Janmashtami would be sweeter with this refreshing gift.


Family Get Together 2018

Elluminati arranged a get to gather function for parents on 28th July 2018. The purpose of this event is that our employee’s family member can know about their son’s or daughter’s workplace and which types of work they are doing. Another purpose of this event is that parents can know about the company’s work and atmosphere. Company holders gave the information related company’s projects and future about the company and employees. We arranged dinner for all employees and their family members. All enjoyed the Bhajiya Party.


Holi Celebration 2018

Elluminati believes in tradition and culture. We used to celebrate every festival, as a part of our rich culture and prosperous tradition. Holi festival, the festival of colors was celebrated together with all the family members of Elluminati. Holi is the festival of equality and that reflected beautifully in our celebration as well. All the players were coloring each other without keeping any barrier of designation. The celebration started in the early morning and till the afternoon people were enjoying the festival with each other. To see more about the celebration of joy click and explore glimpses of our Holi festival honoring.


Christmas Celebration 2017

The Christmas celebration was a complete exploratory event for the Elluminati and all employees. The whole office was decorated by the employees and they also decorated the Christmas tree and some of the employees also decorated their Workplace and Desktop with balloons and cap of Santa Claus. We arranged the “Secret Santa” game to gift each other without disclosing the name, some of the gifts turned into a prank event. We enjoyed a lot and at the end, we arranged the dinner for all Elluminati employees. Click to see more about our Christmas celebration and dinner party.


Diwali Celebration 2017

A vibrant celebration of Diwali was organized by Elluminati. The celebration was vibrant without a doubt and the organization was energetic. All the family members were gathered in ethnic wear to fill the joy on this occasion. Rangoli, games, food, fun, and talk has spawned memorable moments for all. There was a Rangoli competition, all the members were separated into different teams and they were competing to beat the night with the buzz of their Rangoli colors! The celebration was ended-up with the tasty South India food. The platter was full of endless and finger licking delicious South Indian dishes.


Navratri 2017

On the traditional and auspicious festival of Navratri, the Enthusiastic Elluminati Inc. team is captured in a mood of celebration and joy. On September 2017 Elluminati’s team was in a bright traditional attire than the ordinary day. We have enjoyed these nine days by organizing color dress completion and also we enjoyed “Garba” at the last night of the Navratri. All the females wearing trendy “Ghagra-Choli” and all males in traditional wearing “Kurta-Payjama”. The Garba Night was really awesome and joyful. We all enjoyed a lot and played Garba in different styles and steps.


Shanku’s Waterpark 2017

Every year Elluminati arrange a one-day picnic for the refreshment of all employees. The main aim for this type of refreshment is that all employees can take a break from their daily work and spend their time with each other and make their inner relationship better. 18th March 2017, Elluminati arranged a one day picnic at Shanku’s Waterpark. Where all the employees have done tremendous fun-loving atmosphere and lots of enjoyment with water rides. They enjoyed a lot with each other.


Holi Celebration 2016

Elluminati believes in tradition and culture. We always celebrate every festival, part of our rich culture and prosperous tradition. Holi festival, the festival of colors was celebrated together with all the family members of Elluminati. Holi is the festival of equality and that reflected beautifully in our celebration as well. All the players were coloring each other without keeping any barrier of designation. The celebration has started in the early morning and till the afternoon people were enjoying the festival with each other. To see more of the celebration of joy click and explore glimpses of our Holi festival celebration.


Green Leaf Club Picnic 2015

We at Elluminati believe in innovation and innovation cannot happen from a stressed mind. For the refreshment of all the family members of Elluminati and to give the opportunity to pour new ideas in their mind we get all of them to Green Leaf Club as a part of one day picnic. The party was started with pool and ended at late evening along with lots of fun and finger licking food. People really get refreshed while they get a change in daily life and that same happened with our team. Click to see more from our existing one day picnic.



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