Instacart Clone – Grocery Delivery App Script

grocery delivery app - Instacart clone

Handle grocery delivery business with an excellent Instacart clone – grocery delivery app script fulfilling customer’s requirements from varied options of stores and bringing off every need to expand operations to taller heights.

instacart clone

grocery delivery app clone

Why Instacart Clone? How Does It Deliver Flawless Experience to Customers?

what is instacart clone

Instacart Clone is aimed to bring more convenience into the lives of busy people as it allows them to get groceries at their doorsteps using a couple of clicks. Grocery delivery app clone is a delivery app solution for a convenience store that allows your customers to buy groceries while they are on the go.

With Elluminati’s advanced Grocery delivery app script, you can deliver an uninterrupted grocery delivery experience to customers as well as streamlines your operations with enhanced visibility and backend control.

The online grocery delivery market will grow by $631.84 billion by 2024, this is what intrigues entrepreneurs to invest in grocery ordering scripts. It automates conventional business and drives job creation and revenue growth, keeping business afloat to combat a situation like a pandemic.

Elements of An Instacart Clone Script

Modules of Instacart Clone Script Ensures Hassle-Free Delivery Services to the Stores With its Advanced Features

grocery app clone customer app

Customer App

Feature Reach Advanced App Solution Designed to Satisfy All Your Customers Requirements

Customers can log in with their social media accounts, this enables them with faster and easier login experience with the app solution.

Delivery Provider App

Multi Vendors Grocery Script to Manage Your Delivery Business Systematically

grocery delivery provider grocery clone script

The delivery service provider needs to register themselves with the app solution before starting to provide their delivery service on customer’s demand.

Store App/Panel

Mange All the Chores Accurately and Systematically at Your Store with Impressive Store Panel

grocery app clone store panel

Stores can add and manage their offered product and service more systematically and accurately through a feature-rich app or web panel.

Admin Panel

Feature Rich Admin Panel to Control the Whole Delivery Cycle

grocery app clone admin console

The advanced admin panel of the grocery app clone facilitates the admin to see the real-time location of the users with their active status through Google Maps.

User Panel

Well Designed User Panel to Provide Users with Seamless Experience

user panel grocery clone app

Users can create their profile by adding and updating details as per their convenience, they can add details like name, address, images, etc.

Enrich Your Business With Instacart Clone App

Develop the right digital platform for your business, investing a reasonable amount in performing online business seamlessly

Advanced Features Of Grocery App Clone

Avail Excellent Modules Involved In Grocery App Clone Built to Suit Your Business Requirements to Ensure Success

Contactless Delivery

  • The delivery process will be contactless throughout when asked by the customers.
  • Also, the payment will be allowed through e-wallets or cards, ensuring no interaction between the deliveryman and customers.
live tracking opt in justeat like app
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Multiple Currency Integration

  • Businesses can work along with this feature and set business in multiple countries and accept local currencies in each.
  • Grocery delivery app script is integrated with multiple currencies allowing customers to buy the groceries in their currency.
  • All the outlets will be handled in a single place seamlessly and payment gateways are safe to accept payments.

Chat and Call Support

  • Instacart app clone allows the users to call or chat within the app with the deliveryman or store.
  • Customers and deliverymen can call or chat with for the queries and confirmations for the delivery service.
  • Users can hide their details like phone numbers while they call, as the app has Voice over IP feature.
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Multiple Payment Methods

  • The platform has multiple payment methods a store can allow their customers to choose one from them.
  • It ensures customer's convenience to pay for the order from the convenient method
  • Besides, stores can get multiple payment gateways combined in the platform to do business in multiple countries.

Completely Personalized Platform

  • The grocery delivery app clone is a complete solution for the online delivery business. Modules are customized to develop a platform that entirely resembles the respective brand.
  • The brand's logo and name could be mirrored in all the apps and panels, presenting it personalized.
  • A business's services can be added to the platform to make a personalized brand app.

Multi-Language Support

  • The app script is added with various languages supported to allow customers to opt from multiple languages.
  • Further, communication between the platform users could be done in a common language resulting in fluent communication.
  • It fills up the gap between stores and customers to perform delivery tasks with online methods.

Modules Involved in Grocery Delivery App Script

To giveaway, a simple workflow, the grocery delivery app Elements Of An Grocery Delivery Appscript is bound with multiple modules, all working exclusively for individual users.

Customer App

Customers app is dedicated to ordering groceries online from the nearby stores. Besides, shoppers have multiple payment methods, redeem referral and promo codes, and many more features.

Customer Panel

Besides the customer app, customers can use their respective panel to explore the store and place grocery orders, selecting convenient payment methods.

Grocery Store App

Grocery vendors can run their store on an intuitive app seamlessly with functions like creating a comprehensive menu, generating promo, adding drivers and substores, etc.

Grocery Store Panel

Grocery stores can also use the panel to perform business operations like assigning orders to deliverymen, analyzing the orders, completing the scheduled orders, and rest.

Deliveryman App

Deliveryman will receive delivery order requests in the app and can fulfill the orders using the features like integrated map, chat and call with the customers, etc.

Administrator's Website

customer panel for order grocery online

Business admin can examine all the business operations performed by store, deliveryman, and customers and analyze periodic results from the dashboard comprising charts and figures.

How Grocery Instacart Clone Works?

how Instacart clone works

If you want to build an Instacart clone app, you should be aware of how the entire app works and how customers can easily get groceries at their doorsteps. The general app performance can be explained in five simple steps:

  • Using the dedicated app solution, customers can browse various grocery stores and add items to the cart.
  • After confirmation, the store receives the order and starts preparing for it.
  • Store assigns an order to the nearby delivery provider, delivery provider picks up the order and reaches the customer's location.
  • The delivery provider hands over the parcel to customers and asks them to make payment.
  • Customers can rate the service and submit feedback.

This is how easy it is to order groceries and get them delivered at the doorsteps. Amazing, isn’t it?

Prominent Features Of Grocery Delivery App Script Highlighting 2023 Version

New Themes

The grocery delivery app script like Instacart is designed with new themes. All the apps and panels are available in dark mode and light mode themes. Also, the store panel and admin panel can switch between many-colored themes, which are distinguished in a set of light-colored themes and dark color themes.

Admin Can Dispatch

Like stores, the admin can dispatch the orders assigning the deliveryman for the service. They can either auto-assign or manually assign drivers selecting the vehicle. The feature can be used when the store is busy or has server issues. Admin can assign the orders from the panel on behalf of stores.

Set Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions

Business admins can create terms and conditions and privacy policies for user app/panel, store app/panel, and deliveryman app. While registering in the app or panel, users have to read, understand and agree to these policies and conditions.

Scan and Order

Customers can order groceries by scanning the QR codes given in the store and browsing the menu. They can place orders and pay online within the app. As the order gets prepared, customers will pick it up from the checkout counter.

Multiple Payment Gateways

The platform serves businesses with multiple payment gateways, Paystack, and PayU other than Stripe that provides safe and quick online transactions. It grants businesses to manage their outlets in multiple locations keeping the compatible payment gateways in respective countries.

Activity Log

Business admin can examine the tasks of stores, deliverymen, and customers from their respective apps and panels. They get the classified list of the actions performed by all of them, as high, medium, low priority logs that specify admin to resolve issues if any.

Print Invoices

Stores app generates the invoices if all orders that comprise the items and delivery charges, and other taxes are involved. These invoices can be directly printed from the app connecting the printer virtually through the app.

Multi Tax Settings

Stores can select to keep the tax on individually or can set overall tax. They can also choose to set taxes for delivery services. Besides, the admin can also set the item tax and service tax from the panel, selecting a particular country or city.

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Frequently Asked Question About Instacart Clone App

1. What exactly is a grocery app script?

A grocery app script is a solution that enables you to accept and manage grocery orders online. Grocery businesses of all sizes and shapes can implement this solution to automate their business.

2. What sorts of various modules come in the Instacart app clone?

An advanced solution includes a customer app, a store app, an admin panel, and an app for the delivery provider. All these modules come with modern features that ensure hassle-free doorstep delivery.

3. Why it is worth investing in a grocery ordering script?

Online grocery ordering will never go off board and the major reason is “convenience”. Further, the pandemic acted as a catalyst and the online grocery ordering market has experienced major growth.

4. What are the benefits of implementing a grocery app?

There are so many benefits of having a grocery delivery script such as

  • Get higher visibility
  • Grow your business
  • Build a brand loyalty
  • Fulfill needs of modern customers

5. What is the lead time required to ramp up the solution?

Timeline usually depends on the complexity of the project, in order to know the exact time for the grocery delivery app script, contact our sales team at [email protected]