On Demand Taxi Booking App

on demand taxi booking mobile application

Compliment your business by acquiring the on-demand taxi booking app with power-packed elements and the latest features, leveraging opportunities for business expansion

on demand taxi booking mobile application

on demand taxi app for fleet

What is an On-demand Taxi Booking App? Why Should You Adopt the Platform?

on demand taxi app for fleet

Mobile apps are supporting the business demands with an excellent tech stack implementation today. Taxi-hailing businesses are taking the braces from the digital platforms extending their boundaries of business without much hassle.

Elluminati brings out the brilliant mobility solution that could be molded to fit any business size, opening multiple gates of earning. We develop taxi booking app scripts with the latest tech stack and help you launch the apps on application stores.

An on-demand taxi booking app is a platform providing online services to its users and ride-hailing companies. Customers can book rides through their smartphones, drivers can get the rides requests from an app or panel, and taxi managing niches can operate the business tasks online.

Unique Selling Points Of Our Taxi Booking Application

ride hailing features of on demand cab booking app

Convenient Ride-Hailing Feature

Customers can schedule the ride as per their convenience. Customers can make quick bookings and they can also choose the “book-later” feature to schedule the service based on the requirements.

Facility Of VoIP Calling

This extraordinary voice-over calling option allows internal calling between rider and driver. If a driver is facing any confusion regarding location or rider wants to know their current status they can talk with each other within the application without revealing their personal number.

Save Payment Details For Easy Checkout

Whether the user is a corporate employee or an individual, they can add and save debit/credit card details. Later they can modify the details wherever required. It makes the checkout process faster and enhances the customer booking experience with a quick payment process.

Within An App Chat Option

Once the ride is successfully booked, the customer can chat with the chauffeur and vice versa about their ride requirements and updates. If the customer is waiting at the location and doesn’t see the driver, they both take updates through chat with him instantly.

Gender-Specific Preference

Customers can prefer the rides based on the gender-specific feature, where they can share their preferences for drivers, like female drivers, for comfort and safety purposes if they believe and want.

Customer Can Mark Favourite Location

Suppose the customer is a frequent app user or traveler. In that case, they can mark the addresses as favorites and save multiples, like a home address and office address in the user application. It makes the booking process quick and avoids the redundancy of typing the same addresses.

Easy Allocation Of Commission

Admins are allowed to set the commission rates based on the driver’s total ride. Moreover, admins can view and manage the payout activities of drivers, it helps them monitor all the financial activities and they can easily calculate the due amount of drivers and partners.

Manage Tariffs

This feature is specially designed for the Admins so that they can manage rates and prices as per their requirements. Admin can surge the price for a hot destination during peak hours and can make extra money. This will help admins to maximize their ROI.

Auxiliary Features

Premium auxiliary features of our Taxi Booking Application

on demand cab booking application special request features

Special Ride Requests

Customers can make special requests for disabled folks and newborn babies within the app.

Multiple Pickup & Drop

Customers can choose multiple pickup options and ask their friends to join a ride.

Manage Geo-Fence Location

The feature allows admins to limit their services to specific areas in a region.

Real-time Currency Exchange

Customers can view real-time exchange rates and pay with the desired currency.

Modules Crafted By Our On Demand Taxi Booking App

With our on demand taxi booking app we provide you an advanced tech solution consisting of several modules enhancing the level of excellence for your taxi-hailing business.

User Application

Live Tracking

Customers can track the driver’s location in real-time along with accurate ETAs.

Easy Registration

Consumers can easily register their accounts using social media profiles, phone numbers, or email.

Refer A Friend

Customers can earn money through the referral program, getting benefits as set by the admin.

Call Masking

Riders and drivers can interact with each other without sharing their personal numbers.

Driver App

Availability Status

Drivers can set their availability status as per their preference within the application.

Customer Ratings

The driver can rate the customer based on their behavior and other parameters.

Heat Map Chart

Drivers can view and choose ride requests from heat map areas as per their availability.

Verify Identity

Drivers can get their documents verified from the admin through Email or SMS.

Admin Dashboard

Change Theme

Admin can change the theme color instantly and customize the menu as per their wish.

Earning Details

Analyze earnings details in the form of a chart and analyze admin and drivers’ profits in the dashboard.

Manage Bookings

Admin can view and filter all the completed, pending, canceled bookings with ease.


Admin can analyze reviews and ratings from customers and drivers about their experience.

Dispatcher Console

Bird’s View

Dispatcher can view all the registered drivers, locations, etc., details using a single application.

Manual Bookings

In case of emergency, customers can directly call the dispatcher for their manual booking.

Track Location

Dispatchers can see and track each ride with the help of a GPS integrated into the panel.

Manage Fleets

Using this feature, a dispatcher can manage their fleets based on their capacity.

Partner Dashboard

Driver Management

The partner has all the rights to manage drivers and view their details such as ride, availability, earning, etc.


A partner can generate various accounting reports about their earnings and transactions within the application.

Manage Vehicle Services

Partners can manage types of services like SUVs, sedans, and other details easily within the panel.

Scheduled Trip Requests

The trips scheduled by the customers are listed in a separate sheet, which has all trip data.

User Panel

Fare Estimation

Users are allowed to get free fare estimation of the trip based on the distance.

Real-time Alert

Riders will get instant notification and real-time alert on every update of the ride.

Ride Cancellation

If riders cancel the ride, the amount will be credited to their wallet.

Past Rides

Riders are allowed to view and manage the status of their previous rides.

Driver Panel

Update Details

Drivers can update and modify their personal details, including bank and personal details.

In-App Navigation

Customers and drivers both can track their live status using an in-built navigation system.

Tips To Drivers

Customers can pay TIPS to the drivers and that amount will directly be credited into their account.

In-app Payment

Service providers can view and generate the report of their earnings using driver’s application.

Corporate Console

Group Creation

A company owner can arrange a ride for their employees using the corporate panel.

Edit Group

Corporate head has all the rights to manage its employees;they can add/remove employees.

Payment Options

Corporates can directly make a payment on behalf of their employees using a credit/debit card.

Vehicle Type

Corporates can choose a vehicle type such as sedan or SUV based on the number of employees.

Look For The Apps And Panels That Could Drive Through The Working Of Taxi Business

Customer App

Has social media log-in, eliminating long details to register and book a ride.

Driver App

The driver app consists of all the requisite functionalities to giveaway a ride efficiently.

Admin Panel

Look for all the users’ data and edit them whenever required based on the requirements.

View Web Flow

Dispatcher Panel

Perform the taxi dispatching tasks from the panel comprising advanced features

View Web Flow

Partner Panel

Extend your business with the help of partners that can perform business tasks.

View Web Flow

Corporate Panel

Conduct corporate rides business from a panel overseeing all business tasks

View Web Flow

User Panel

Panel with all similar features as an app so that a user can book a ride seamlessly

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Driver Panel

Driver gets a interactive web panel to manage all the trip requests of consumers and earnings accordingly

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App Suites Built For Businesses

Explore our multiple customized app offerings dedicated to serving users worldwide with impressive user interface.

Launch Your On Demand Taxi Booking App Successfully

In a dilemma to revamp your taxi business? We are here to guide you with the best possible solutions that enrich your customers and take your business ahead with custom-tailored apps.

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Frequently Asked Questions About On-Demand Taxi Booking App

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The taxi booking app follows a simple workflow from the given modules in the platform. Riders can book a ride in the app or panel with the necessary details. Then drivers can accept the requests from their dedicated app or panel and provide rides to the customers. Admin can supervise all the tasks from the admin panel. There are also supported panels provided to give personalized support.

Yes, we integrate currency conversion in the platform to support your local currency for the business.

Yes, we offer multiple languages in the platform that allows fluent communication in multiple cities or countries.

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