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Manage Your Fleet On the Road with a Dedicated On-Demand Taxi App

Mobile apps are supporting the business demands with excellent tech stack implementation today. On-demand taxi app dedicated to empowering your business among the competitors aligns the business efforts in the right manner. It helps you build up a dedicated audience that prefers your services from all others available. This solution contains features that empower your business with the best tech offerings.

It introduces careful business management and control facilities with dedicated modules to serve each stakeholder. This on-demand taxi booking application helms an excellent user experience with dedicated tech support and ensures trustworthy services. The real-time tracking facility with integrated GPS functions makes it one of the best solutions to choose in the entire taxi-hailing market

Unique Selling Points Of Our Taxi Booking Application

Convenient Ride-Hailing Feature

Customers can schedule the ride as per their convenience. Customers can make quick bookings and they can also choose the “book-later” feature to schedule the service based on the requirements.

ride hailing features of on demand cab booking app

Facility Of VoIP Calling

This extraordinary voice-over calling option allows internal calling between rider and driver. If a driver is facing any confusion regarding location or rider wants to know their current status they can talk with each other within the application without revealing their personal number.

Easy Allocation Of Commission

Admins are allowed to set the commission rates based on the driver’s total ride. Moreover, admins can view and manage the payout activities of drivers, it helps them monitor all the financial activities and they can easily calculate the due amount of drivers and partners.

Within An App Chat Option

Once the ride is successfully booked, the customer can chat with the chauffeur and vice versa.If the customer is waiting at the location and doesn’t’ see the driver at the location, he can chat with him instantly.

Gender-Specific Preference

To make a woman less nervous during the ride, the application offers gender-based preference, it allows them to select a female driver for safety purposes.

gender specification features of cab booking solution

Customer Can Mark Favourite Location

If the customer is a frequent traveler, they can mark the location as a favorite and save multiple addresses in the user application. It makes the booking process quick and avoids the redundancy to type the same addresses.

Save Payment Details For Easy Checkout

Whether the user is a corporate employee or individual, they can save debit/credit card details. Later they can modify the details. It makes the checkout process faster and enhances customer booking experience.

Manage Tariffs

This feature is specially designed for the Admins so that they can manage rates and prices as per their requirements. Admin can surge the price for a hot destination during peak hours and can make extra money. This will help admins to maximize their ROI.

Auxiliary Features

Premium auxiliary features of our Taxi Booking Application

  • Special Request

    Customers can make a special request for disabled folks and newborn babies.

  • Multiple Pickup & Drop

    Customers can choose multiple pickup options and ask their friends to join a ride.

  • Manage Geo-Fence Location

    The geofencing feature allows admins to limit their service by drawing a polygon on Google Maps.

  • Real-time Currency Exchange

    Customers can view real-time exchange rates and pay with the help of an integrated currency converter.

on demand cab booking application special request features

Modules Crafted by Our On Demand Taxi Booking App

With our on demand taxi booking app we provide you an advanced tech solution consisting of several modules enhancing the level of excellence for your taxi-hailing business.

models of

User Application & Website

Live Tracking

Customers can track the driver’s location in real-time along with accurate ETAs.

Driver App

Availability Status

Service providers can switch their availability status within the application.

Admin Panel

Change Theme

Admin can change the theme color instantly and customize the menu as per their wish.

Dispatcher Console

Bird's View

Dispatcher can view all the registered drivers, locations, etc., details using a single application.

Partner Dashboard

Driver Management

The partner has all the rights to manage drivers and view their details such as ride, availability, earning, etc.

User Panel

Real-time Alert

Riders will get instant notification and real-time alert on every update of the ride.

Driver Panel

Personal Details

Drivers can update and modify their personal details within the app including bank and other personal details.

Hotel Console

Book & Cancel Service

Hotel staff can book and cancel the ride for their guest without any hassle.

Corporate Console

Group Creation

Using the corporate application, a company can arrange a ride for their employees.

Launch Your On Demand Taxi Booking App Successfully

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