Taxi App Development Company

Taxi App Development Company

Decide to hire a taxi app development company and have your project requirements answered by professionals. This will provide you with a world-class fleet business solution that caters to your business needs.

Taxi App Development Company

What is the Need for Taxi Booking App Development in the Business for Expansion?

The taxi service industry is foreseen to grow by $300 billion by 2025 due to the rising demand for taxi services. Hence, it became essential for fleet managing businesses to provide the supreme ride-hailing experience to the riders with a custom solution developed by a professional taxi booking app development company.

Taxi booking app development is an advanced process for building a platform that allows businesses to connect riders and customers online. It allows customers to book a ride using fully-featured apps or panels. The taxi app developers will provide an advanced and worthwhile solution stack, helming complete control over your fleet business.

The solution optimizes your ride-hailing business, allowing you to auto-manage your rides booked by the customers and drivers who provide the services. Elluminati brings you an impressive tech stack modified to fit your business’s requirements in the solution.

Amazing Features Of Our Taxi App Development Services

Multi-Country Support

  • The business owner can add multiple countries to the taxi app development services.
  • Admin can add or remove countries where they want to provide their ride-hailing service.
  • This advanced feature of the solution stack ensures business expansion.

Language Customization

  • Customize the language of the whole solution stack to provide better service.
  • Choose the language from the available options to serve your service in your desired regions.
  • Language integration helps you operate your business successfully in multiple regions.

Fix Pricing

  • The admin can set trip fares through the advance panel using two methods.
  • Users have to pay the estimated fare for the booked ride.
  • Admin can manage ride fares efficiently as per their preference.

Referral Code

  • Promote your app with referral code by inspiring users to share code on social platforms.
  • Provide your customers with rewards when they share the referral with others.
  • A referral code will definitely help you to increase your business reach.

Heat Zone Display

  • The heat zone feature allows your drivers to earn more by providing their riding service.
  • The admin is allowed to set and manage a special zone using a map.
  • Admin is also allowed to manage the heat zones manually through the panel.

Support Surge Pricing

  • Admin can set a price hike for a special duration of time when the demand is high.
  • Admin can add peak hours for the trip and allow the drivers to earn more.
  • Charges can also be set on the basis of vehicle type and duration of the day.

In-App Chat Support

  • An easy interaction process for drivers, riders, and users is available through an in-app chat support feature.
  • In-app chat ensures a safe and secure way of interaction.
  • Now, drivers can interact with customers and service agents without needing a call.

Multi Fare Option

  • Admin can set different service prices for the same service type based on location.
  • Admin can manage multiple fares as per KM or Miles as per their preference.
  • They can also set multi-fares based on the vehicle type to earn more from their ride-hailing business.

How Our Taxi App Developers Provide You with a Great Solution?

Our taxi app developers integrate all the essential modules that cover all your taxi business needs.

Support Global Platform

Our taxi booking app developers make it easy for you to launch your ride-hailing app for global platforms.

Reach Broad Audience

Feature-rich taxi booking app solutions and web consoles help to reach a broad audience by providing them with superior service.

Customization Support

Customize your ready-made solution stack as per your business requirements, integrating or updating any features seamlessly.

Provide Free Support

Our taxi app development team offers 3 months of free service, and they will amend the solution stack as needed.

Modules Crafted By Our Taxi App Developers

Our dedicated taxi app developers provide you with an advanced tech solution consisting of several modules that enhance the level of excellence for your taxi-hailing business.

User App

Create a Profile

Users can create their profile via the solution stack by adding details like name, address, etc.

Fix Rate

Users can choose the fixed-rate option for specific areas where they want to travel.

Redeem Coupons

Users can leverage the advantage of promo coupons set by the admin to get some extra discount on the total trip amount.

Multi Payment Method

Users can use any mode of payment to pay for their ride, between card, cash, or e-wallet, as per their convenience.

Driver App

Get Request

After the admin’s approval, the driver can start accepting the trip request and perform it with real-time updates on the app.

Cancel Trip

After providing a valid cancellation reason, the driver can also cancel the trip request at their convenience.

Daily Earnings

The driver can check their daily, weekly, and monthly earnings to analyze their business earnings.

Verify Identity

Drivers can get their documents verified by the admin through email or SMS.

Admin Dashboard

Check Request Details

The business admin can check complete trip request details from customers, including completed, scheduled, and canceled request details.

Set Cancellation Reason

Admin can check cancellation reasons and has the authority to cancel the same if they don’t find it appropriate.

Approve Drivers Details

Admin can check and approve the documents of drivers if they don’t find any issue with the uploaded documents.

Add Promo Codes

The admin can add and manage promo codes to give customers benefits depending on the length of their trip.

Dispatcher Console

Create a Trip Request

Dispatchers have the authority to create trip requests through the solution stack as per their needs.

Sort and Export Data

Dispatchers can sort and export the data of the rides and transactions in the Excel sheet to check the complete history.

Completed Trip List

All the trips that are completed are listed in a separate list for reference for later use.

Scheduled Trips

The scheduled trips are listed in a separate sheet, which contains all the details about them.

Partner Console

Manage Driver

Partners can add drivers, vehicles, legal documents, and pay them their profits, and manage all efficiently for the trips.

Edit Details

Partners can check and edit service request details as per their preference through an impressive panel.

Vehicle Management

Partners can manage multiple vehicle types within the panel to provide better trip service to the riders at their request.


Partners can check their earning details through the partner’s console by exporting and sorting the data.

User Panel

Choose Vehicle Type

Users can choose the vehicle type from the advanced user panel at their convenience.

Add Card Details

Users can add their card details to the solution stack to make payments for their trip.

Schedule Ride

Users have the authority to schedule their ride by choosing now or ride later at their convenience.

Search and Sort Data

Users can choose to search and sort complete data in ascending or descending order through the panel.

Driver Panel

Filter Data

The driver panel facilitates drivers in filtering data by exporting data in the Excel sheet by sorting and searching the right.

Add New Vehicle(S)

Drivers can add their vehicle’s details and documents within the panel for verification, which will be approved by the admin.

Upload Essentials Documents

Drivers can upload an essential document to the solution stack to get it approved by the admin.

Trip History

Drivers can check their trip history with all the details, which include customer details, mode of payment, and other details.

Corporate Console

Manage Profile Details

Corporates can add and manage all their profile details accurately, including their contact details, from the panel.

Create Trip

Corporate managers can create trips for employees, manage fares, and assign them to a driver using the panel.

Map View Of Drivers

The corporate panel is integrated with the map, where they can track drivers for their status and assign rides accordingly.

Add Employees

Corporates can choose to add and manage the employees, including the right to remove employees from the panel.

Explore The Apps Of RydeX To Understand The Workflow Of The Business

Customer App

Customers can log in to the app by adding minimum details and book their ride seamlessly

Play StoreApp Store

Driver App

Drivers can manage ride requests within the app and settle payments without any hassle

Play StoreApp Store

Admin Panel

Conduct all business tasks from the admin panel, including management of the user’s apps and panel

Dispatcher Panel

Perform dispatcher’s tasks smoothly from an excellent panel integrated with advanced functionalities

Partner Panel

The partner panel has all the features to expand your business and conduct all the processes.

Corporate Panel

Have a look at all the features of a corporate panel and start your business seamlessly

User Panel

Drivers can get the panel with a similar interface as an app to provide ride services

Driver Panel

Customers can book a ride request from the panel at their convenience and pay for it

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Make App Building Easier By Choosing an Online Taxi Booking App Development Company

Build an advanced app solution for your taxi business with the support of the taxi app development company, which provides service at a pocket-friendly cost, enabling you with a faster development process and unique solutions for your fleet business.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Taxi App Development

To get answers to your further questions, reach out, and we can have a session to sort out all your problems.

The development cost varies as it depends on the technology preferred in developing a taxi app. The cost could range from $5000 to $15000 and beyond. We provide versatile pricing, including the customization cost of the platform as a one-time payment option and a maintenance subscription.

We can add other payment gateways to the solution to the client’s requirement as our add-on service.

Our taxi app developer builds a customized white-label taxi app until your branding and feature lists are met to form a suitable platform.

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