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Entrust your software by hiring QA for the manual and automated testing process to ensure the best quality and smooth functioning in addition to analytical testing across all phases of development.

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    hire qa tester

    Hire Software Tester to Maintain Your Software at its Best

    hire qa tester

    Intensify the quality of the software through a proper insight-driven testing and maintenance approach. It becomes essential in the competition everywhere so that rate could be a way closer to the goal. Hire software tester from Elluminati for boosted quality with a unique experience for your user’s experience

    Our testers go through all the essential testing procedures and win a combination of automated tools and manual processes required to maintain your app. Hire QA tester to ensure that the testing process is conducted to ensure that the app at each stage of the development process is bug-free, giving an edge to your business.

    How Can You Hire QA Testers from Us?

    We have a simple hiring process for our clients to hire QA testers.


    Share Your Project

    Share your requirements with the selected analysts, discuss the resources, and all the aspects of the business perpetrated with that.


    Appoint Available QAs

    We will allow you to appoint the best quality analysts comprehending their expertise, experience, and knowledge about previous work.


    Onboard Testers

    Share your requirements with the selected developers, discuss the resources, and all the aspects of the business perpetrated with that.


    Decide Engagement Model

    Considering all the circumstances, select the engagement model that aptly justifies your necessities and allocations.

    The Expertise of Our Software QA Testers

    Explore our dedicated services for software quality assurance


    Get consultation for any of the quality analysis services for the app from our experts in demand to make sure the right process is executed.

    Performance Testing

    For testing the performance of your solution, appoint our engineers that test it through and maintain its grade level at its peak.

    Automation Testing

    Our quality testers conduct the full range of testing of the applications with the consumption of less time and getting advanced results.

    Functional Testing

    Our functional testing services include all major kinds of testing like unit testing, system testing, integration testing, and so on.

    Mobile and Web Testing

    For an end to end testing of the mobile or web, appoint our software testers to ensure a seamless and swift functioning solution.

    Security Testing

    Hire a software tester to conduct the security test for the application, preventing it from all kinds of data breaches and vulnerabilities and ensuring compliance.

    Hire a Software Quality Analyst from Elluminati that Begets Standards

    Recruit the vetted software quality analyst with the acclaimed knowledge and skills to make sure excellence enables a user-friendly experience.

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    Why Choose Elluminati to hire QA tester

    Elluminati Inc has been serving in the technical field for more than a decade now, so we have become prominent in what we do.

    Easy On-boarding

    We allow our clients to onboard QAs with just five simple steps to fasten the service and results without any complexities

    Multiple Engagement Models

    Clients get to choose from multiple engagement models, which will be effective for investing in the assignment.

    Best Tech Stack

    We have expertise in the best tech stack, including modern technologies giving out a powerful solution and depending on services.

    Quality Check

    We aim to provide utter satisfaction to clients with the best quality services to the clients with scaling opportunities.

    How Can You Choose to Hire QA Tester?

    Fixed Time and Price Model

    In the fixed model, our software QA tester will work dedicatedly for the project as per the specification that is unlikely to change.

    Time and Material

    In the time and material model, engineers work per the demands of the project, and the aim of the project is unknown to the project.

    Custom Model

    It includes the resource and infrastructure, where QA engineers will work depending on the custom work required by the project.

    Tool Our Software Tester Utilize

    AT Automation Testing

    • Apache JMeter
    • Postman
    • Cypress

    MT Manual Testing

    • Unit Testing
    • System Testing
    • Integration Testing
    • Acceptance Testing

    Happy Customers

    Reviews from Our Clients

    “I describe their works as excellence. Quality analysis to my app was a must and they executed the tasks very well. I now have the best version of my app.”

    - James C. Lucas

    “I rightly choose QA tester from Elluminati as they served me with the best solutions also to the bugs I had in my app. I highly recommend them.”

    - Sarita F. Brummett

    “I’m looking forward to working with Elluminati for my future requirements, as they are very reliable and maintain all the standards of the solution.”

    - Reynaldo S. Stevens


    Frequently Asked Questions

    If you have more questions, reach us, and let’s have a meeting to get the best answers.

    To hire a QA tester, the procedure is very simple:

    • Step 1: Communicate all the scope and requirements of the project, so that will allow us to choose the best member for it.
    • Step 2: Then we list the team members from which one can be finalized through the interview process or by checking their profiles, skills, and experience.
    • Step 3: Discuss the problems with the chosen software testers and prepare the resources and timelines required for such purposes.
    • Step 4: The tasks are then accomplished in the given timelines, and they are updated to the client for confirmation.

    The cost to hire a QA tester starts from nearly $15 per hour, and it increases as factors like the testing processes involved, the experience of the testers, and the engagement model.

    To get the daily updates of the reports of the assignment, clients can check upon them through Skype, Whatsapp, or any other tool that is mutually decided by the team.

    • Simple onboarding process
    • Skilled and experienced quality analysts.
    • Flexible hiring models
    • Quality management
    • Non-disclosure agreement

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