White Label Taxi App - Intuitive Platform For Taxi Booking

Own an advanced taxi booking business with a customizable solution stack for your transportation Business with the White label taxi app supporting the business expansions and fulfilling business operations online

What is a White Label Taxi App Solution? How Does it Help to Offer Effective Booking Service?

Booking online taxis has become one of the straightforward tasks for riders with advanced solutions. And if you own a taxi business and want to fulfill your customers’ demand, an automated platform is the perfect solution.

White label taxi app is a platform that a ride-hailing business can develop to provide online services to their customers, with their brand data making it a personalized platform. They can own all the modules made for customers, drivers, and businesses, allowing them to perform automated processes. These are customized to fit the brand, fulfill market trends, and survive the fierce competition.

The solution by Elluminati provides you with complete support and helps your business grow. A private label taxi app solution is the best approach to your business, offering online ride-booking to your customers.

How Our Private Label Taxi App Solution Differs From Others?

Support Multi-Languages

  • We provide a multi-language facility with our solution stack
  • This advanced feature helps you to expand your business in multi regions as per your preference.
  • Admin can customize the complete stack language to provide the best experience to their customer.

Customize Currency

  • We have integrated currency modification features into our solution stack.
  • You can set a multi-currency option to collect the fare in multiple countries.
  • You can provide your customers with an improved and seamless payment experience using this feature.

Modify Solution Stack

  • Admin can make changes to the logo and theme of the entire solution stack
  • Our white label taxi app developers help customize the solution according to business needs
  • This can help taxi businesses to differentiate their taxi business from others

Multi Fare Charges

  • Admin can set different charge rates in the same city for the same service.
  • They can set fares based on location, region, etc., and also have two different methods to set pricing.
  • They can also set fare charges based on different vehicles.

Special Accessibility Ride Option

  • You can provide special accessibility to ensure offering the best experience.
  • Provide special accessibility services for babies, women, handicapped, etc.
  • You can switch between on or off options when you are unable to provide a special service.

Red Zone Regions

  • Admin can set some regions as red zone regions through the app.
  • To ensure security, they can restrict drivers to drive in red zone areas.
  • They can disable a taxi booking service in particular areas.

Scratch Cards

  • Users are provided with custom scratch cards with the solution stack.
  • Customers can make the ride payment using scratch cards.
  • Scratch cards make the payment process much easier and faster for users.

Taxi Rental Packages

  • Admin can offer users with different packages by creating it through an app or panel.
  • They can create packages on different basis like vehicle type, the time required, etc.
  • This can ultimately help the admin to favor more customer interest.

Why Choose Us as White Label Taxi App Developers?

Our white label taxi app developers ensure to include all the essential models empowering the best management experience

Excellent Building Support

Our white label taxi app solution provides an excellent building ensuring your business success.

Favor Customer Interest

It becomes easier to fulfill the demand of a broad audience with a solution stack resulting in improving customer interest.

Ensure Business Growth

With novel features like multi-language and country, you can provide excellent experience ensuring business growth.

Make All Amends

Our development team will make all the amends to the solution stack as per your specific business requirements.

Get To Know What We Provide With White Label Taxi App Solution

Our white label taxi app development solution is built to cater to your business requirements, ensuring to provide satisfactory results to customers on their demand.

Rider App

Manage Location

Riders are allowed to manage their pick-up and drop locations manually through the app.

Schedule Ride

Riders are allowed to schedule their ride by choosing a ride later option as per their preference.

Reviews & Rating

Riders can review and give ratings to the driver and their service as per their experience gained throughout the ride.

Panic Button

Riders can make use of the panic button in case of any emergency to inform their friends and family about the situation.

Driver App

Add & Manage Documents

Drive can add and manage essential documents via the app whenever they want.

Easy Navigation

Drivers can make use of Google Maps to get the customer’s location to reach there as early as possible.

Request Invoice Details

Drivers can send a request to the admin to have complete invoice details regarding their trip, including payment details.

Accept/Reject Request

Drivers are allowed to accept or reject the request, which allows them to complete the trip at their convenience.

Admin Dashboard

Check Request Details

Admin can check complete trip details, including the payment methods used by the riders, to pay for the ride.

Track Live Location

Admin can check the real-time location of the riders and active and inactive drivers through Google Maps.

Approve Driver

Admin can approve the driver by checking all the uploaded details to ensure the driver is authorized to provide service or not.

Manage Users & Driver

Admin can manage and check all the details of users and drivers through the advance dashboard with the right to edit it.

Dispatcher Panel

Login Credentials

Dispatchers can use login credentials to log in themselves with the app and use the system as per their need.

Create Requests

Dispatchers are allowed to create the requests by adding all the essential details by using the solution stack.

Sort & Filter Data

Dispatchers can sort and filter the data to sort the list to make the process easier and systematic.

Export Data History

Dispatchers have the authority to export data history to the Excel sheet as per their needs.

Partners Dashboard

Earning Details

Partners are allowed to check their earning details with all the basic details they want to know.

Add Vehicles

Partners can add different types of vehicles through the app to provide an excellent and convenient service experience to riders.

Wallet Amount

Partners can add a credit or debit card and link the account to the wallet to prefer it for the transactions within the platform.

Manage Drivers

Partners can add different types of vehicles through the app to provide an excellent ride service experience to riders.

User Dashboard

Payment Methods

Users have the convenience to choose the payment method from the available option to pay the fare.

Surge Price

Users have to pay surge prices decided by admin for the ride during the surge situations.

Reset Option

If the rider forgets their login password, then they are allowed with a password recovery option.

Real-Time Status

Users can check the real-time status of the driver to know their arrival time through the app.

Driver Dashboard

Manage Profile Details

A driver can manage and update their profile details, including details like name, password, etc

Data Filter

Drivers are provided with a date filter option to filter the data according to the trip date.

Add Bank Details

Drivers can get their payment credited directly in their account by adding and managing their bank details.

View Earning Details

Drivers can check their earning details through the app to know their earnings regarding each day, month, etc.

Corporate Dashboard

Ride Requests

Corporate admin can place a ride request by adding essential details through the app.

Date Filter

Corporates can choose the date filter to filter all the lists through the white label taxi software.

Manage Wallet

Corporates are allowed to manage the wallet balance to make the payment for the trip fares.

Check Request Details

Corporate admin can check the request details with complete details, including the service status.

Customer App

Ensure to provide customers with an excellent option to avail your ride-hailing service completely hassle-free

Driver App

Dedicated app developed for provider helps them to work efficiently and offer excellent service on-demand

Check Overall Working Of App Ensuring Excellent Business Support

Use the app for users and drivers to check its features and workflow

Customer App

Ensure to provide customers with an excellent option to avail your ride-hailing service completely hassle-free

Driver App

Dedicated app developed for provider helps them to work efficiently and offer excellent service on-demand

Look How Dedicated Dashboard Functions To Produce Best Results For Your Business!

Admin Panel

Cater to customers requirements efficiently by controlling and managing every business through an admin dashboard

View Web Flow

Dispatcher Panel

Excellent dispatcher panel helps you manage and cater to ride-hailing service needs more efficiently and systematically

View Web Flow

Partner Panel

Manage and control additional activities to ensure the best services are offered to users as per their demand

View Web Flow

Corporate Panel

Serve customers in the best and productive manner with enhanced control over operation through a corporate dashboard

View Web Flow

User Panel

Feature-packed user dashboard helps you promote your ride-hailing business by letting customs find you on the web

View Web Flow

Driver Panel

Driver dashboard is designed to answer every requirement of the provider, ensuring complete control over every activity

View Web Flow

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