E-Services App Solution

Getting the handyman requirements answered is made easy! Obtain an on-demand application that works perfectly to deliver the results to your end users. Allowing them to book a serviceman according to requirements, the application provides the list of available servicemen nearby and hires them to get the assigned work completed. An excellent solution built with the latest technologies, the solution ensures excellent performance and increased productivity.

Online services are something that most people prefer these days, and to be more accurate, around 2 billion people worldwide are taking advantage of online services.

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Applications Included Under E-Services App Solution

Addressing the Needs of Customers, These Applications Assign a Provider on Their Demand, Anywhere.

  • Handyman

    Assign a Handyman at Work to Fix the Household Services with an Excellent App.

  • Cleaners

    Add Hands to Your Cleaning Chores by Hiring the Ones Who Get It Done Efficiently.

  • Massage

    Ask for a Masseur/masseuse with an Application Providing the Professionals on Your Screen.

  • Car Wash

    Find a Cleaner Nearby with the Application Supporting and Answering Your Car Washing Requirements.

  • Repair

    Fix the Broken Stuff by Asking for the Technicians Who Are Best at It and Can Do It Within a Snap.

  • Doctor

    An Application to Provide Physicians During Medical Emergencies or Get Doctors for Routine Checkups.

What We Provide As All in One Service App Solution

How Does All In One Service App Work?

  • User Searches and Selects a Provider
  • Service provider Arrives at the Location
  • User Pays for the Completed Work
  • User Is Asked to Provide a Review on Services

Online Services Are Here To Stay

Customers prefer online services these days over conventional ones. In fact, customers are willing to pay 15% higher for services that are luxurious and convenient. Hence, that is the reason more than 70% of businesspeople are ready to go on the internet floors. E-services bring you absolute modules that cater to all your online business needs.

Customer Application

A Customer Dedicated Application Designed to Serve Your Customers Efficiently.

Using the OTP verification, users are verified every time they log in to ensure authentication.

Provider Application

An Excellent Application Listing Out the Service Requirements to Providers On Their Devices.

After registration, every time the provider logs in, an OTP verification is performed to ensure security.

User Website

Allow Your Users to Ask for Services Through an Interactive Website Designed to Promote Business Online.

Users can log into their account with entering credentials or create their account on the website also.

Admin Panel

Our Intuitive and Excellent Admin Panel Guarantees Sheer Control Over Each Business Operation and Enhances the Experience Provided.

Admin can add and manage the services to be provided through the app using the admin panel feature.

Premier Features Of All In One Service App Solution

Exclusive Features We Offer That Enhances the User Experience Through the App.

Fix & Hour Based Pricing

The pricing can be set according to the choice admin of the system makes. We offer a feature to choose between fixed pricing and setting prices based on the hours of working.

Multi-Country Support

Our solution supports and encourages business expansion requirements by adding multi-country support. It helps in operating efficiently in multiple countries including multi-language settings. With cross-border business expansion, one can expect a 25% growth in revenues.

Multi-City Access

We have included this feature to help the system admin monitor and manage business efficiently across all cities at once by efficient monitoring and total access to ensure security.

Multi-Language Support

Provider and Customer application includes support for changing between languages to let the customer and provider efficiently operate the app they are comfortable with.

Provider Availability Management

Allowing the service providers to manage their schedule, the provider app includes a calendar through which the provider can schedule their appointments and change the availability hours.

Complimentary Features

Along with Providing All the Necessary Features, We Ensure to Add These Features Also to Improve the User Experience.

  • Payment Gateway

    The default payment gateway used is Stripe, yet we offer to change the payment gateway to any local one as per the business demands.

  • App Color & Logo Change

    Helping you own your individual identity in the market, we offer to change and adjust the app logo and theme colors to give it a personalized touch.

  • Language Change

    Offering to adjust the language used in the application, businesses can get the application working with their preferred local language.

  • Currency Change

    According to the currency used in particular countries, we facilitate currency changes for payment options to ensure business requirements are fulfilled.

Dive Into Our All In One Service Solution

We Offer a Ride Through Our All in One Service Solution to Get Yourself Familiar with the Working Procedure and to Solve the Doubts and Queries.

User & Provider App Workflow

Know how the users and providers can fulfill their respective requirements using the application with the live demo and visual workflow provided by us here.

User Website

Have a look upon the user website and the features included which support seamless service provider booking through the website dedicated for the users.

Admin Console Flow

View how our excellently crafted admin console allows control over each business operation and provides all-time monitoring support through added advanced features.

Business Model

Know the strategies popular on-demand handyman service apps use and understand their earnings, customer relationship management and more.

Pricing Table

Get to know how much it costs to get your own complete white-label on-demand all in one service application solution for your emerging business.

Algorithm We Use

“X”-Nearest Service Provider Algorithm

Admin can set the “X” number of people which indicates the nearby “X” number of service providers will receive the service requests.

For Example, if X is set to 2, then only two nearby service providers will receive the service requests placed by a user.

Some Of Our Special Qualities