Complete List of EServices Admin Panel Features

Admin panels can conduct all the dedicated tasks of the business within a single dashboard.

Admin Panel

Admin panel features to manage multi-region business.

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Analytical Dashboard

Admin dashboard consists of various business and sales details in the form of charts, numbers, and stats – easy to understand and compare.

Add Business in Multiple Countries

Admin can add their service business in various countries from the admin panel and manage it with essential features integrated within.

Add Business in Multiple Cities

Admin can add their service business in various cities from the admin panel and manage it with essential features integrated within.

Draw Zones for Businesses

Admin can set various zone in a city naming it a special zone, or zones of a particular area, or anything defining it separately, setting the business in it.

Limit Max Cash on Hand for Provider

Admin can limit the amount for providers above which they cannot receive the cash from the customers when payment mode is COD.

Add New Services

Admin can add and manage the services provided through the app within the admin panel, including the service description, price, taxes, pricing method, and so on.

Add Sub Services

Each of the services can have some sub-services that which admin can add to its description.

Set Service Charge

Admin can set the charges for each of the services separating determining the tax if applied any, and also profit value admin.

Manage Users

Admins can analyze the customers, block and approve them anytime, verify documents (if any), and analyze reviews given by particular customers to store and deliver.

Manage Providers

Admins can verify service providers’ documents, approve them to use the app, or unapproved to discard and also add and edit vehicle details for them.

Manage Registered Company Profiles

Admin can manage the company’s account that they have registered to offer services, verify its documents, permit the business in the platform, and many more things.

Verify and Approve Documents

Admin gets to review all the documents from the service companies, providers, and users, verify and decide approval for action on the platform.

Ongoing Request List with Details

Admin gets all the service request lists that are ongoing by the providers with details of the services providers.

History of Services Requests

Admin gets to see all the user service request history, with its status, invoice, provider details, etc., all for analysis purposes.

Earnings Report

All the service requests that are served through the panel get recorded, and a separate sheet for the earnings are generated for the admin.

Language Options

Admin can set various languages as required, allowing the users, providers, and service companies to select those for using the app.

Export Lists

Menu, order lists, earnings, service providers lists, and all such lists are exported from the sheet for offline use.

Wallet History

Admin can refer to the wallet’s history, which has the transaction done by users and service providers by the wallet.

Installation Settings

It includes keys, push notifications, payment gateways, and details determining the push notifications.

Customer and Provider App Settings

Admin can add and manage customer and provider’s app settings for personalized features for both of them.

App Color Settings

Admin can determine the color of the app and website of users and providers with different combinations.

Payment Details

All the transactions done by the customers for the payment are recorded in a separate sheet.

Order Status

Admin can check the status of all the order requests and gets real-time updates as providers complete and updates their status.

Email Templates

Admin can send emails to desired receivers with various options of readymade templates, sending it with Gmail or Outlook or Server.

Add Other Admins Accounts

Add can also add accounts for new admin so as to manage the business together, giving access to all the activities in the panel.

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