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What Is UberEats Clone App and How It Rectifies Restaurant Business

The online food delivery business is skyrocketing, and it has become imperative for business owners to adopt digital solutions to survive in this highly volatile market. Whether the store comes under SMBs or a large-scale business, applications have become significant. Moreover, it is a scalable option that enables dilating a business to top heights.

Ubereats clone is an online food delivery app constructed to deliver efficient ordering and delivery services to the customers. The solution is designed to meet the needs of numerous customers and smoothen business operations. It comes with modern features that bind up your customers and give you an edge over competitors.

UberEats like app comprises modules that a restaurant seeks to run an online business for all the users like admin, customers, drivers, and store. The uber eats clone script module is designed to ease the business flow as it streamlines your operations without any hassle. The global delivery business market is flourishing after the Covid-19 outbreak. Take your brick-and-mortar restaurant business in a new direction with custom modules and become a part of this lucrative market. Our modules include :

  • Dedicated customer app and delivery provider app with native Android and iOS support for platforms including all required features and functions.
  • Separate store application and panel that allows remote access and ensures secure authentication for managing incoming orders easily.
  • Dedicated admin dashboard to control and monitor each operation and activity of all registered users from a single place.

Investigate the Appealing Attributes Of UberEats Clone Script

Contactless Delivery

  • Users can get their order at home with a few taps on the phone from their favorite stores whenever they want
  • Ubereats clone script braces contactless delivery features for the safety of the customers amid the COVID-19 outbreak
  • Support hygienic food processing in the restaurants to secure customer’s trusts
  • Real-time tracking facilities ensure the customers are updated every time the delivery proceeds to the next stage
ubereats clone with contactless delivery
ubereats like order confirmation feature

One-Click Pickup Confirmation

  • White Label UberEats Clone has a feature that provides pickup confirmation to the customers.
  • As the parcel gets ready, store assign the delivery to the providers, and the provider can choose to accept the service request
  • When the parcel is prepared, the provider can post a picture in the app for the tracking of parcels for the customers.

Stores Can Edit and Confirm Order Details

  • Stores can edit the customers’ orders as per the availability of the resources and inform the customers
  • Once the customer confirms the order’s changes, the order confirmation is done
  • Stores can also approve orders and start preparing for the order and notify the customers and deliveryman
ubereats type store edit option
categories option like ubereats

Divide into Categories and Subcategories

  • Stores can divide the items into subcategories to allow the customers to search instantly their cravings
  • Further, these subcategories are grouped into major categories to make a relevant menu for the users
  • The use of categories and subcategories empowers efficient sorting and filtering of items and provides excellent order placing experience

Compatible Conversations With Multi-Language Support

  • App solutions succor multi-language support for the stores to communicate with their customers
  • Stores can change the language used as per the country and areas that they serve
  • It creates a path for meaningful conversations and enhances the user experience to deliver the best results and grow your business
ubereats clone in multi-language
assign drivers feature like ubereats

Assign Deliveries Manually

  • Admin can auto-assign the delivery man for the service
  • Or can also assign the deliveries manually to the delivery man of their choices
  • It helps provide a faster and better delivery experience as stores can easily find delivery services

Introduce Uniqueness in White Label UberEats Like App Development Solution With

  • Scalability
  • Stability
  • Technology
uniqueness in ubereats like app solution
how ubereats clone app works

How Does UberEats Clone Work?

Ubereats clone provides an organized workflow for managing food delivery business that saves time, making all processes automated. Restaurants can create coherent business by serving favorite meals to the customers at their doorsteps. It gives dedicated apps and panels to render a personalized event in the workflow for all its users. Following the popular UberEats business model’s footsteps and guidance, the solution ventures into the food delivery space with monitoring facilities. Underneath, we have explained how it works and makes it easy for customers to get food at their location.

  • Customers can use the website or application to SEARCH their favorite and nearby restaurants after adding their address
  • They can select the items as per their cravings from the well-organized menu and add them to the cart
  • Users can choose from multiple payment methods like card, cash, or wallet
  • Restaurants receive the order notification and start preparing for that
  • Once the order gets ready for dispatch, the restaurant assigns the nearest delivery provider to pick up the order
  • The delivery provider accepts the request, picks it from the restaurant, and delivers it to customers
  • Based on food quality and overall experience, customers share feedback to delivery providers and restaurants

A Stepwise Guide – How To Develop White Label Ubereats Clone App

Building an white label ubereats clone app with advanced features and a cutting-edge tech stack might be challenging if you don’t perform the below steps. You need to follow a process that must be carefully planned, developed, and executed. It can be broken down into the following most important steps:

Step 1: Perform Market Research

Conducting market research is important as it offers a glimpse into the future. Performing better market research is the best way to understand your customer’s preferences and the factors that affect your delivery business. Proper marketing research allows you to know

  • Your target audience preferences
  • Your rivals
  • Market opportunities
  • Tactics to stay afloat business
  • Examine emerging issues and resolve them

You can also make use of the internet and some statistics revealed by established organizations. It will help you launch your food delivery business at the right time and increase your chances of surviving the competition.

Step 2: Choose Business Model

Once you are done with market research, now you need to understand the basic food delivery models that are ruling the market. Following are the four types of business models for food delivery business such as

  • Aggregator model
  • Inventory model
  • Order only model
  • Order and delivery model

Single chain restaurant owners usually prefer an inventory model, and they take care of every business operation such as management of customers, delivery providers, fleets, etc. While the aggregator model is an ideal option for new restaurants.

Choose the one to satisfy the core requirements of your customers.

Step 3: Work on Features and Functionalities

It is important to have amazing features in your white label UberEats app clone that allow customers to place orders seamlessly. Based on your market research, plan out the best features that make your app unique when compared to all other apps out there. Certain mandatory features you need to include such as

  • Easy search
  • Social login
  • Secured payment options
  • Ratings and review
  • Real-time notifications

Many names are already dominating the industry, if you are also striving to overtake these big names and shine with the sun, you need to integrate unique features that entice customers and create a brand image in no time.

Hence, working features and functionality is important for user experience and more than 50% of online shoppers show their loyalty to a platform that gives them a good experience.

Step 4: Select the Technology Stack

Now you have the idea of what features you want to integrate, the next step is to choose the best technology stack to build those features within your white label UberEats clone script. The latest technology stack offers a seamless user experience and ensures smooth business operations.

  • Front-end tech stack: AngularJS, React, Bootstrap, jQuery
  • Back-end tech stack: Laravel, Spring, .NET
  • Database: MySQL, Azure SQL, MongoDB, Snowflake, etc.
  • For payment: Braintree, Stripe, PayPal
  • For registration: Facebook SDK, Google SDK

Every solution requires a front-end, back-end, and database. In order to build a quality product, choosing the right technology stack is equally important as it would appeal to your target audience and improve the overall user experience.

Step 5: Consult a Skilled Technology Partner

It is mandatory to consult the right technology partner who will help you build the UberEats clone app with updated technology stack, agile techniques and deliver you quality products within a minimum time and budget. Choose a technology partner based on

  • Skill
  • Experience
  • Transparency
  • Commitment
  • Pricing

If your idea is unique, you want to integrate amazing features but fail to choose a technology partner you can’t build a quality product. Shake hands with the right technology partner that helps take the stress off your shoulders and come with a product that stands out in the tech world.

uber eats clone user website

User App & Website

Customize Your Order

Customers have the ability to customize their orders as per their taste buds. Before checkout, they can add/remove ingredients or modify the order quantity

Store App and Dashboard

Incoming Order Notification

The store gets a notification whenever a customer places an order with all the required details such as order quantity, customer's name, and location.

ubereats like store web visual
ubereats like admin website visual

Admin Dashboard

Order History

Using the evaluative dashboard, Admin can easily view all orders' history, including orders completed, canceled, and rejected ones. Further, order details are used to conclude the most sold or popular item.

Delivery Man App

Identity Verification

Delivery providers are asked to go through the verification process before starting the service. They are required to submit all the documents such as national identity, bank details, license details, etc.

ubereats like delivery web visual

2021’s Freshest Features of E-Delivery

Dark mode and Light mode Theme

Users can choose between dark and light themes in-app and panel at per convenience.

Theme Colors in Panels

Apps and panels consisted of various themes colors, specifically dark or light colors, giving enhanced experience to the users.

Dispatch From Admin Panel

Like stores, the admin will also be allowed to dispatch, assigning delivery service to the driver. They have to select the vehicle and then select either auto-assign or manually assign the driver for the service.

Table Booking Through App

(Available From November, 2021)

Customers can book a table in the restaurant from an app or panel, selecting the desired time slot. Subsequently, they can also order with that.

Order By Scanning QR Code

(Available From November, 2021)

Scanning QR codes, customers will be directed to the app or panel from where they access the menu of the restaurant and order multiple items.

New Payment Gateways

(Available From November, 2021)

Paystack and PayU are integrated with all E-Delivery modules, allowing businesses to accept payments from multiple countries instantly and securely.

Activity Log in Admin Panel

Admin can track the activities of the platform, either successful or a failed operation. It also shows the status of the activity as high, medium, and low weightage.

New Design of Apps and Panels

Apps and panels are redesigned, making them user-friendly, advanced, and interactive, quickly performing each task.

Find the Way of Serving Customers with Best UberEats Clone Script to Deliver Right on Time

Enhanced delivery and effortless order placing are the primary benefits of using UberEats clone script, which makes your food delivery business one of the fiercest competitors in the on-demand economy.

Understand Working of UberEats Like Apps Right Away!


Provide easy to use features to order favorite meals immediately or schedule as per their obligations.



How Food Ordering Console Ensures Amazing Functioning


Enables users to place orders through an interactive panel after exploring the whole menu hassle-free.

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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Uber Eats App Clone Solution

1. What is an uber eats like app?

Ubereats like apps provide an online business platform for restaurants of all sizes. It is developed with reference to ubereats to allow users a tested platform. Any traditional food business can develop its applications like ubereats and manage its business on a single online platform.

2. What technologies are used to develop ubereats clone apps?

The white label ubereats clone is built with varied technologies. For Android and iOS app development, developers use Java and Swift, respectively. The frontend is designed with Angular, HTML. And for backend development, we use MongoDB, Node.js, and Express.js.

3. Why is ubereats clone suitable for my business?

Ubereats clone is for any range of restaurant business. It is a scalable option to expand your business reach to different cities and countries. The solution has user-centric features and functionalities to run the business smoothly.

4. Do you offer solutions based on region?

Why not? Irrespective of regions, we offer several solutions like Foodpanda, Glovo, Rappi, Zomato, UberEats, or JustEat, that help you launch a multi-delivery business without any hassle.

5. What is the duration of your technical support?

We offer three months of technical support with our solution purchase. But if you are looking to collaborate more time duration, reach us at [email protected] to explore our paid and extended technical support in detail.

6. Can I edit the purchased ready-made source code?

Yes. The Ubereats clone source code that we deliver is entirely customizable. If you have a development team on board, you can assign them the task of updating and making necessary changes in the source code. You can choose our expert technical assistance to get your customization done. To learn more, contact [email protected]