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What is Zomato Clone? How it Offers Efficiency in Your Business?

Zomato clone is an app solution that lets you start your food delivery business quickly. With this delivery solution, customers can place their orders easily from their favorite restaurants and deliver them to their doorsteps. With the latest tech support and enhanced features, it is easier to serve customers and food stores with a useful app solution. Zomato is all set to raise $200 million with its features and increasing popularity. With a suiting solution by your side, you can also achieve success. But your solution stack must include

With our Zomato clone script, We provide native Android and iOS apps for customers and delivery providers. It helps them place orders and delivers the parcel, respectively. A dedicated restaurant/food store panel and native Android and iOS apps let them control the operations and complete deliveries on time. And with a user website to promote services and an admin panel to manage the business, the solution stack enables a better delivery experience.

Appealing Features of Our Zomato Like App

Contactless Delivery

With a single tap on the store panel or admin panel, the Zomato like app starts the process of contactless deliveries. If the customer chooses contactless deliveries, the delivery provider gets the notification in advance, and the parcel gets delivered without needing the physical contact from the customers.

zomato clone contactless delivery features
pickup confirmation features zomato clone script

Pickup Confirmation Message

The zomato like app delivers real-time delivery update status. Therefore, when a provider receives the package from the store, they click and upload an image to provide pickup confirmation. The image gets sent to the customer whose order is in process, and the provider is delivering it.

Stores Can Customize the Order

Stores can choose to customize the incoming order and later inform the users. Stores can customize the order using the dedicated application and panel. It lets them customize the already placed order because of item and resource availability. If the customer confirms the order, stores can deliver the customized order.

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subcategoris of zomato app

Divide Into Subcategories

Stores can divide their items into categories and arrange their menu. However, using the store app and panel, they can divide these categories further into subcategories to list everything efficiently. It also proves beneficial when a customer wants to sort and filter the menu to explore easily.

Change Into Local Language

For businesses that want to expand their reach across multiple countries in the world, the multi-language feature proves beneficial. They can choose to change the language of the entire solution- including apps, panels, and websites, into their preferred language to enable better communication with our zomato clone script.

multi language zomato clone app
manually delivery assignment features zomato app script

Manual Delivery Assignments

Stores can now choose to add and manage their delivery providers using the store dedicated app and panel. They can assign the delivery task to these providers and set manual deliveries. It helps them provide faster and better delivery experience.

Why Our Zomato Clone Script Is Unique from Other Solutions In the Market?

  • Thorough Tech Support
  • Secure Online Payments
  • Faster Delivery Concept
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How Our Zomato Clone App Works?

With Zomato clone app primary modules involved in generating the best experience and fulfilling the customer demands, the online food delivery app script helps a business start efficient deliveries quickly. The workflow of the solution follows the best approaches to let users receive seamless deliveries that are made simple with practical navigation support. Including the details of estimated arrival time and delivery provider details, the zomato app clone solution ensures customers can track their deliveries and pay online for the contactless delivery experience. The workflow of the app zomato clone script is:

A Customer selects and places an order from a particular store. They can either pay online using any provided method or choose cash payment. The store receives the order from the customer and accepts it. After the order gets ready, the store places a delivery request for nearby delivery providers. A delivery provider accepts it and delivers the order to the customer’s specified location.

User App & Website

One-click Login

Users can log in using their social media account to access the app solution and place an order faster.

Store App and Dashboard

Incoming Order

Stores get notified when any user places an order for their menu item/items to process and confirm the order.

Admin Dashboard

Manage Users

Admin can manage the registered users- and their rights to access their dedicated solution from the panel.

Delivery Men App

Create a Profile

Delivery providers have to create their profile in their dedicated app solution and fill up all the details.

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Frequently Asked Questions for Zomato Clone Script

1. What is an app like Zomato?

App like zomato are a mobility solution that fosters the meals delivery business. Placing the orders is made with this solution, allowing deliveries at their doorsteps within the estimated time of arrival.

2. What is the cost to develop the zomato clone script?

The cost to develop zomato clone script lies between USD 7k-15k or beyond. It is also a matter of functions, technologies, and timeline to figure out the cost.

3. Can customers schedule orders from the solution?

Yes, customers can schedule the order from the solution at their convenience. The store will prepare the order accordingly

4. Is there any order cancellation charge in the zomato clone app?

Order cancellation charges are applied when the customers reject the order after the driver has started its ride to deliver the order. However, setting the charges is an optional feature for restaurants. Even the time validity of the cancellation charge can also be decided by the stores.

5. Can customers change their address after they have logged in the solution?

Yes, customers can change their address in the solution whenever they want.