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What is a Zomato Clone? How Does it Offer Efficiency in Your Business?

On-demand businesses have seen a hike in the past few years. Customers get their favorite food from their desired restaurant to their home, at the time they want. These conveniences in the services were widely acceptable all over the world. Restaurants are therefore taking a transition to their business methods offering apps to customers for ordering.

Zomato clone is a front-edge food delivery solution that allows restaurants to start online services and achieve higher revenues. The modules are customized as per business dimensions, all with the latest tech stack and latest features.

Elluminati offers dedicated apps and panels for users and restaurants, all operated in real-time, letting users complete the tasks swiftly. The global on-demand food delivery market’s growth for 2020-2024 is $44.23 million, and this market trend will stay for longer. An app like Zomato is an apt solution for your business in that we offer all the required modules and latest features.

Appealing Features Of Zomato Like App

Series of Features contained in the app like Zomato enhances the process for delivery businesses.

Contactless Delivery

  • Admin can allow the users to access contactless delivery in which drivers can maintain physical distance during the whole delivery process.
  • Consumers can opt for contactless delivery features in the Zomato like app with just one tap.
  • Customers have to pay online for contactless delivery. They can either pay through e-wallet or card payment.
zomato clone contactless delivery features
pickup confirmation features zomato clone script

Pickup Confirmation

  • The Zomato like app delivers real-time delivery update status to the customers.
  • When a provider receives the package from the store, they click and upload an image to provide pickup confirmation.
  • The image gets sent to the customer whose order is in process, and the provider delivers the parcel.

Stores Can Customize the Order

  • Stores can choose to customize the incoming order and later inform the users.
  • It could happen when the items in the received order are out of stock or can not be provided to the customers for any other reason.
  • After the customization, they ask for confirmation from the customers, and on the positive response, the store will start preparing the order.
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subcategoris of zomato app

Divide Into Subcategories

  • Stores can divide their items into categories and arrange their comprehensive menu.
  • However, using the store app and panel, they can divide these categories further into subcategories to list everything efficiently.
  • It reduces the fiction of searching the items quickly and efficiently. They even can search the items using the filters and search bars.

Change Into Local Language

  • For businesses that want to expand their reach across multiple countries, the multi-language feature proves beneficial.
  • They can choose to change the language of the entire solution into their preferred language to enable better communication with the zomato clone script.
  • And thus, communication becomes easier between customers and stores using their preferred local languages in the apps.
multi language zomato clone app
manually delivery assignment features zomato app script

Manual Delivery Assignments

  • Stores can choose to add and manage their delivery providers using the store’s dedicated app and panel.
  • They can assign the delivery task to these providers, either auto assigning or set manual deliveries.
  • It helps them provide a faster and better delivery experience.

Why Our Zomato Clone Script Is Unique from Other Solutions In the Market?

  • Thorough Tech Support
  • Secure Online Payments
  • Faster Delivery Concept
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Escalate Your Delivery Business With Zomato Clone App Serving Your Customers with Conveniences

Foster delivery business with Zomato clone app winning customer-centric period that is encompassed with brilliant features. Know more about the platform and plan your success route with us.

How White Label Zomato Clone App Work?

With the Zomato clone app, primary modules involved in generating the best experience and fulfilling the customer demands, the online food delivery app script helps a business start efficient services quickly. The solution’s workflow assists the best approaches to let users receive seamless deliveries that are made simple with practical navigation support. Including the details of estimated arrival time and delivery provider details, the white label zomato app clone solution ensures customers can track their deliveries, pay online and access a contactless delivery experience. The workflow of the app zomato clone script is:

  • A customer selects and places an order from a particular store’s menu. They can either pay online using any provided method or choose cash payment.
  • The store receives the order from the customer and accepts it.
  • After the order gets ready, the store places a delivery request for nearby delivery providers.
  • A delivery provider accepts it and delivers the order to the customer’s specified location.

Considerate Features That Eases Delivery Businesses Task

Prospering food delivery businesses can automate their business tasks using the Zomato clone app, which holds impressive features to command.

Intuitive Admin Dashboard

Admin panel has an extensive dashboard that shows up charts, graphs, and figures related to the registrations, earnings, orders, payments, and other business-related data that helps the admin examine their business growth and take actions correspondingly.

Integrated Map

All the components in the platform consist of an integrated GPS, through which the customers, stores, deliverymen, and admin can take help for efficient delivery services, all in their respective tasks.


In the platform, payment could be received via e-wallets, and cards, also if desired, can be paid by cash. Payments to the stores, deliverymen, and admins are also settled within the platform using Stripe or Paystack, adjusting cash or other payment amounts.

Save Orders and Transaction List

In all the components included in the platform, the order, transactions, services, users, and other helpful lists are stored in the clouds. These lists could also be exported from the sheet for offline data analysis or other recording purposes.

Create Sub-admin

Business admin can create a sub-admin that could be helped to perform certain tasks in the panel, accessing only allowed sections from the panel. Besides, stores can also create the store’s sub-admin or sub-stores for the same purpose.

Multi-country Business

Business admin can set up their business in multiple countries and handle all of them on a single platform. It is supported with features like multi-language integration, currency integration and conversion, and multiple payment gateways.

Streamlined Features in All the Modules of Zomato Clone Script

Customized modules of the Zomato clone script consist of well-established features easing the delivery business operation.

User App & Website

One-click Login

Users can log in using their social media account to access the app solution and place an order faster.

Store App and Dashboard

Incoming Order

Stores get notified when any user places an order for their menu item/items to process and confirm the order.

Admin Dashboard

Manage Users

Admin can manage the registered users- and their rights to access their dedicated solution from the panel.

Delivery Men App

Create a Profile

Delivery providers have to create their profile in their dedicated app solution and fill up all the details.

Newest Features Of EDelivery Pioneered In 2023

New Themes

EDelivery’s apps and panels have the feature to update the theme from dark mode or light mode. Besides, the admin and store panel can choose colored dark and light themes based on their brand and update if they want.

Dispatch from Admin Panel

Admin panel now has the feature, which allows the admin to dispatch the orders. The business admin will allocate the driver for the service after opting for the vehicle, either manually or auto-assigning.

Reserve Table Online

Customers can reserve a table in their favorite restaurants, selecting their desired table forms, which ultimately eliminates the long waiting queues. Moreover, they can also order food and pay online.

New Payment Gateways

All modules are integrated with the new payment gateways, Paystack and PayU, besides Stripe. These gateways are safe and braces in several countries, allowing delivery businesses latitude to climb heights.

Activity Log

Admins can keep an eye on all the activities happening on all the platform modules, with their status, whether they are successful or failed ones. These activities are further classified as high, medium, or low priority logs.

Set Privacy and Terms and Conditions

For using all the apps and panels, the delivery business admin can set the terms & conditions and privacy policy for each of them. Accepting those only will allow users to use the platform, which also could be updated from time to time.

Multi Tax Settings

Stores and admin can set tax for the items like VAT/TAX and also delivery service. Besides, the admin can also set the taxes for the delivery services while setting the delivery fees, selecting country, city, and delivery type.

Scan QR code and Order

Customers can now order food by scanning QR codes provided at the restaurant’s table, browsing the menu. Moreover, they can also pay online using either e-wallets or cards after ordering.

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Frequently Asked Questions for Zomato Clone Script

1. What is an app like Zomato?

App like zomato are a mobility solution that fosters the meals delivery business. Placing the orders is made with this solution, allowing deliveries at their doorsteps within the estimated time of arrival.

2. What is the cost to develop the zomato clone script?

The cost to develop white label zomato clone script lies between USD 7k-15k or beyond. It is also a matter of functions, technologies, and timeline to figure out the cost.

3. Can customers schedule orders from the solution?

Yes, customers can schedule the order from the solution at their convenience. The store will prepare the order accordingly

4. Is there any order cancellation charge in the zomato clone app?

Order cancellation charges are applied when the customers reject the order after the driver has started its ride to deliver the order. However, setting the charges is an optional feature for restaurants. Even the time validity of the cancellation charge can also be decided by the stores.

5. Can customers change their address after they have logged in the solution?

Yes, customers can change their address in the solution whenever they want.