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Create excellent ride-hailing experience using our taxi booking app builder to build a robust platform for customer and your company which have user-centric applications

What is a Taxi Booking App Builder? Why Should You Adopt This Platform for Progress in Business?

The on-demand economy is achieving success with every passing year, and it becomes more requisite for the taxi booking firm to adopt the online platform. Riders prefer to book cabs from their smartphones, and drivers complete the rides within an estimated time.

Taxi booking app builder is a ready-made platform that provides apps and panels for the solution to govern the ground transportation company. It makes it feasible for businesses to book rides, accept ride requests, and control and analyze the tasks from different apps and panels.

Elluminati develops the modules for the ventures to launch their online services, dedicated to the stakeholders generating excellent user experience. Your business can adopt the platform, making it a personalized brand with the features available in it.

Advanced Features To Include When You Create Taxi App

Seamless Booking

  • The solution built with our taxi booking app builder promises faster and easier app access and ride-booking.
  • Users can use the dedicated rider app and user website to place requests for a ride by entering necessary details.
  • Create taxi app that can handle multiple ride requests placed by many users at once with unlimited user support.

Technology Prowess

  • The components that create taxi booking app get developed and designed using the latest tech stack.
  • This taxi app maker ensures that the solution prevails any problems and supports the user’s needs anytime and anywhere.
  • Support from the latest technology ensures excellent user experience gets generated when a user uses the solution.

Admin Dashboard

  • The dedicated admin panel lets the system admin access the business management and control from anywhere.
  • The dashboard showcases all the real-time data, including the current ride-booking details and earning reports.
  • Hence, it helps the admin keep an eye on the latest business updates and ensures precise business control.

Multi-Language Support

  • To empower business expansion, the taxi app builder includes support for switching to any other language.
  • It helps change the app and panel language to any different language that the target audiences find comfortable.
  • Hence, a business can quickly expand their operations and serve users across countries with a dedicated and customizable solution.

Thorough Technical Support

  • Our taxi booking app builder ensures your business finds it comfortable to create a taxi app for your business.
  • Including the installation and technical support for client businesses, we ensure the development progresses on the right path.
  • Every app solution supports Android and iOS Os to ensure compatibility for the users.

Set Service Radius

  • The admin can define the service radius, which marks the area that they serve in to provide ride-hailing services.
  • It helps them determine the boundaries in advance to stop receiving ride requests from users located outside.
  • The service radius can either be entered in a number and set across the area or marked on the city map manually.

Completely Customizable

  • The app solutions that come with this app builder are entirely customizable and can adjust according to business needs.
  • If a business wants to launch the app in the market right away, this taxi app builder supports their needs too.
  • By changing the app theme, logo, and brand name, a business can create a unique brand identity.

Fare Estimation

  • The taxi booking app maker includes support of the latest technological functions that excels at including fare estimation facility.
  • The ride fare estimation feature ensures the rider is informed about the estimated fare in advance.
  • Upon placing a ride request, based on the distance between pickup and destination and traffic conditions, the estimation gets done.

Essential Modules

Your Taxi Booking Solution must include these modules to create taxi booking app meeting user demands.

User App & Website

Provide dedicated rider support to encourage faster and more comfortable ride-booking from any place.

Driver App & Panel

Allow drivers to manage rides and deliver as promised with efficient app support.

Admin Console

Keep the entire business under control with a strict monitoring and functioning panel.

Stakeholder Support

Build dedicated panels for partners, dispatchers, hotels, and corporates to seek profit and excellence.

Launch Your Taxi Booking Business With Efficient Support

Involve components that inspire others to create taxi app like yours and improve customer experience.

User App

Book Rides

Users can place an immediate ride request or schedule it in advance.

Type Location

Users can manually type the pickup and destination location using the app.

Use Wallet

Users can choose to pay using the integrated wallet facility for a hassle-free experience.

Choose Vehicle

Users can select a vehicle type from all the available vehicle types as per their consideration.

Driver App

Auto Offline

Drivers go offline automatically when they do not accept any ride request for a long while.

Efficient Navigation

Drivers can use the navigation facility provided in the app to complete rides fast.

Driver Support

Drivers can chat with support agents or riders if they have any queries about the ride request.

Upload Documents

Drivers have to upload their necessary documents to verify themselves before they start serving.

Admin Dashboard

Manage Drivers

Admin can manage the access rights of all registered drivers using the dedicated panel.

Create Promo Codes

Admin can choose to create promo codes that promote the app use by providing discounts.

Surge Pricing

Admin can choose to start taking surge pricing and set the time duration as per the peak hours.

Verify Drivers

Admin can verify the driver registration by checking the uploaded document details and allowing access.

Dispatcher Console

Create Requests

Dispatchers can create ride requests for registered/unregistered users.

Fare Estimation

Dispatchers can view estimated fare amounts for the placed ride requests within the panel.

Sort and Filter

Dispatchers can filter the ride request history and sort it for easier access.

Future Rides

Dispatchers get to see the list of the rides that are scheduled separately, including all of their details like name, time, payments, etc.

Partner Console

Manage Drivers

Partners can view and manage the registered drivers and their details.

Vehicle Management

The list of all available vehicles gets managed by partners using the panel.

View Requests

The partner can see the placed ride requests and the associated ride details.


Partners can sort and view their earnings using the panel and generate reports.

User Panel

Ride Notification

Users receive notification every time a new update of the placed ride request comes.

Ride History

Users can view their ride history, including invoices and other essential details of the rides.

Apply Promo

Riders can apply the promo code to earn set discounts on the total ride fare.

Pay by Cash

Riders can pay for the total ride fare in cash when the trip ends if they wish.

Driver Panel

Filter History

Drivers can view and apply filters on their served ride history to access information quickly.

Add Bank Details

Drivers can choose to add their bank details to get their earnings credited into bank accounts.

Manage Profile

Drivers can manage their profiles by adding or editing any required details quickly.

Manage Earnings

Drivers can manage their earning details and generate reports using the dedicated app.

Corporate Console

Add Employee

Corporate admin can send an employee request to the registered user to add details.

Payment History

Corporate admin can view the complete payment history of their completed ride requests.

Add Card

Corporate panel stores the card data to effortlessly collect the total ride fare from the corporate.

Request Details

The placed requests and complete details regarding the requests get stored in the panel.

Customer App

Ensure to provide customers with an excellent option to avail your ride-hailing service completely hassle-free

Driver App

Dedicated app developed for provider helps them to work efficiently and offer excellent service on-demand

Check Overall Working Of App Ensuring Excellent Business Support

Learn about our user app and driver app exploring its features and function automating the ride businesses for its stakeholders.

Customer App

Ensure to provide customers with an excellent option to avail your ride-hailing service completely hassle-free

Driver App

Dedicated app developed for provider helps them to work efficiently and offer excellent service on-demand

Solutions Provided By Eber For Your Taxi Booking Business

Admin Panel

Forge working of the business owner from the admin panel with the latest features and functionalities.

Dispatcher Panel

Dispatcher panels allow to book a ride on behalf of customers and manage their all other tasks from the panel

Partner Panel

Business from different locations could be handled using the partner panel that perform similar tasks for different location

Corporate Panel

Allows the corporate managers to handle the taxi booking business for their employees from the app

User Panel

Compatible panel for registering with simple methods and book a ride for desired restaurant

Driver Panel

Drivers are allowed to provide rides using a panel with advanced and necessary features

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Start Serving Riders With Taxi Booking App Builder Helming Better Experience

Find the solution to all your queries with our taxi booking app builder, which emphasizes delivering efficient app solutions and consoles. Create a taxi booking app that works across devices and helps pitch global audiences all at once.

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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Taxi App Builder

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  • Choose the perfect theme and color based on your business requirement that provides a better user experience
  • Add and modify features that suit your business needs and customize it as per your preference
  • Launch the application on the Android and iOS platforms so that users can download it and book a ride without any trouble

We offer ready-made solutions, but generally, it depends on the number of development hours and functions you want to add. For more details, you can see our plans

We will try our best to take the least development time, but if you want to inculcate extra features, it might take more time

  • Geolocation
  • Push notification
  • Multiple payment options
  • Attractive user interface
  • Review and ratings
  • Price calculator

  • The riders can request a ride by entering the location and other essential details, including contact number and pick-up, drop-up locations
  • Before confirming the ride, passengers can calculate trip fare based on the distance
  • The passenger can confirm the trip and make payment for the ride from available payment options
  • The driver will be notified of the new ride request; they can accept/reject it based on their preference
  • The driver comes to the rider’s location, and the ride gets started
  • Once the ride gets completed, customers can give ratings and share feedback based on their service

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