Complete List Of Our Uber Clone’s Dispatcher Website Features

Allow dispatchers to book rides remotely for others and manage the business within the panel.

eber dispatcher panel feature

Dispatcher Panel

Simplifying the tasks of dispatchers managing the rides

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Quick Login

Dispatchers can log in with their email and password quickly in just one step on the website.

Map View of Driver Status

The dispatcher panel is integrated with the map, where they can track drivers for their status and assign rides accordingly.

List of Rides with Different Status

Dispatcher gets a different list of the rides with different statuses like completed, new, arrived, on the ride, etc.

Filter Drivers Based on Service Type on the Map View

Dispatchers can filter the driver list in the map view based on the service type and track them later on.

List of Drivers with Status

Dispatchers can also get the list of drivers, to which they can also assign rides manually or automatically.

Dark Mode

Dispatchers get the theme of a dark or light mode within the panel at their convenience.

Language Options

Dispatchers get multiple languages to use the panel as given by the admin; they can choose one convenient language.

Create trip

Dispatchers can create trips for the customers adding all the information about them and assign to the driver.

Assign Manual Driver

Dispatchers can assign trips to drivers manually, selecting from the list of those who are available for the trip.

Assign Auto Driver

Dispatchers can assign trips to drivers with the auto-assigning method, where it is assigned to available drivers for the trip.

Add User Details

While creating trips for customers, dispatchers can add details about the ride and other required details.

Price Estimation

After selecting everything, dispatchers will get a price estimation of the total ride that includes all types of fees.

Completed Trip Request List

All the trips that are completed are listed in a separate list for reference for later use.

Export Files

Dispatchers can export the list of customers, drivers, trips, etc., for offline uses in the form of sheets.

Filters to Quick Search

Dispatchers can do a quick search for the drivers utilizing the filters given in the panel.

Scheduled Trip Requests

The trips that are scheduled by the customers are listed in a separate sheet, which contains all the details about them.

Bird’s View

Dispatchers get a bird’s eye view of the rides with all their statuses and separate sheets.

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