Eber App Visuals

See all included app solutions of our Eber to understand how the solution executes and serves all raised user demands

Trustworthy and Enduring App Support for Business Expansion

A dedicated mobile app serves users by completing their demands and offering the best service support. Get yourself a suitable platform to manage apps and your services proficiently. On-time ride support, efficient analytics, and many more features make a system investment-worthy. Choose a technically edged system to run business operations

Customer & Driver App Step By Step Flow

Provide reliable and easiest service flow to hail ride and provide service on the doorstep. With the Uber clone app, we provide native Android and iOS customer and driver apps

Login & Registration

  • Login is the first step of the App. If you want taxi services and want to provide a taxi service
  • If you do not have an ID & Password, then do the registration first with all the required details
  • You can do Login/Registration with your Social Media account like Facebook or Gmail

App Menu

  • In the app menu, riders and drivers can set their profile photo and see all menus which are provided in the app
  • Menus like profile details, vehicle management, history, bank details, documents, settings and earning details etc

Rider Book A Trip

  • In the set location section, riders need to enter the pickup and drop destination details
  • Riders can select the vehicle as per their comfortability. And also get the fare estimation

Driver Get A Request

  • When drivers are online, then they can get a request from the nearby riders. Drivers have an option to accept and reject the requests
  • If drivers are unable to accept the ride request, they can go offline. They won’t receive any requests from the riders once they go ideal.

Rider Can Check Driver’s Details

  • Before sending the request for the trip, Riders can check the Driver’s full details with their profile
  • Like at that time where are they? How much time will it take? And if Trip cancellation is possible or not, etc

Start Trip

  • When they start a trip, they can get fair estimation and ETA details
  • During the Trip, drivers can get help from the Google Map to find out the location
  • To Reach customer location easily, we integrate route optimization and navigation feature
  • Also, the driver can call customers and the support desk agent for any query or question regarding service


  • Driver and Rider can see the Invoice details of the Trip. In which they can see that It’s a fixed price trip or not? With the discount details like Referral and Promo bonus details
  • At the end of the invoice, the payment details are available with the total amount and wallet amount


  • Drivers and Riders can give their feedback by putting rates and writing reviews
  • Riders are free to leave reviews based on the overall service, in the same way, drivers can also post reviews about the riders and their behavior


  • Everyone can create their profile to make a personal identity. In which, they can set their profile pic and fill all the required details like name, contact number and email address
  • As per the requirement, they can change their profile details along with password details also

Trip History

  • Riders can see the Trip History with all the details like when they start and how much time it took. They can also see the drivers details with the payment amount
  • Drivers can see their daily, weekly, and monthly details with all user details like how many users they got from different areas

Payment & Emergency Contact

  • Riders have an option for the payment. They can make payment either cash or card and wallet facility is also available with ON/OFF button
  • In the emergency situation, they can contact and get help from the SOS Panic button. You can add more than one contact for the Emergency situation

Driver Earnings

  • In this section, a driver can see all the details related to earnings on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis in chart format also
  • They can see trip earning details with the payment details like total earning and wallet details

Manage Vehicles By Drivers

  • Drivers can manage their vehicles to add, edit or delete rights. They can ON/OFF the services of the particular vehicle for the riders
  • In vehicles management, they can manage all details related to a vehicle like Vehicle’s name & Model, Number plate or color etc

Emergency Contact

  • Customers can save one or multiple emergency contacts within the platform.
  • This will help to contact them when they are in any kind of emergency using the SOS panic button.

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