Complete List Of Our Uber Clone’s Driver Website Features

List of features for drivers to manage the rides within the website seamlessly

eber driver website feature

Driver Website

An advanced user interface of the website for drivers to manage tasks.

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Drivers can sign up with detailed information asked on the screen, like name, email, country, etc.

Quick Sign-Up with Social Media

Using the social media account, drivers can sign up for the account quickly with just one click.

Login with Email

Drivers can log in with their email and password quickly in just one step on the app or website.

Referral Code

Drivers can add a referral code while registering, and also they get one referral code after registering on the platform.

Email and Phone Number Verification

Drivers can verify their phone number or email address with the process set by the admin for security purposes.

Add Documents

As required by the admin, drivers have to add specific documents while registering to the platform, which will be verified.

Connect Bank Accounts with Wallet

For transactions within the platform, drivers have to add bank details which can also link to the wallet integrated into the platform.

Admin Contact Details

Drivers can approach the admin with the contact details given for any queries or technical issues.

Add New Vehicle(s)

Drivers can add their vehicle’s details and documents, which are approved by the admin. In some cases, drivers can add multiple vehicle details.

Approval by Admin

For documents and vehicles, drivers will get approval from the admin, after which they can start the business.

Profile Details

Drivers can make changes to their profile details like name, email, password, contact details, etc.

Trip History

All the rides performed by drivers within the platform are saved and listed as a history that can be referred to anytime.

Earning Details

All the driver’s trips are recorded in reports. The reports include earning details and can also analyze daily, weekly, and monthly earnings.

Password Update

Drivers can update the password anytime they want from the profile details adding old and new passwords.

Address Update

Drivers can change the address for performing trips and then accept the rides of that region from then.

Rent Car Packages

Drivers can get taxi rental requests with the details of the rental packages and can accept them accordingly.

Language Options

Drivers get multiple languages to use the app as given by the admin; they can choose one convenient language.

Receive New Before the End of the Current Trip

Drivers can receive new trips before the end of the current trip, depending on the time and distance set by the customer.

Get Ride Requests When the Driver is Going Home

Drivers can get rides on the route to their home, for which they have to update the status and accept rides after that.

Multiple Stops and Waiting Time

Drivers will get the detail of the ride requests with multiple stops and waiting times.

In-app Chat

Drivers can chat with the customers within the platform for their rides, addresses, or any other related queries.

Call Masking

Drivers can call customers for any queries without sharing the contact numbers on the platform.

Heat Map Chart

Drivers can accept rides on the heat map where the charges differ, as the feature is set by the admin.

In-app Navigation

Drivers get an integrated map where they can track customer locations in real time.

Auto Offline When Idle

When drivers are not active in the app, it automatically gets idle, and then they will not receive a trip from the customer.

Review and Rate Customers

Review and rate customers after the ride depending on their experience with them to let the admin know about it.

Delete Account

Drivers can delete their account when they are using it or are no longer offering rides and contributing to the business.

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