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Food delivery has been the mainstream business for many merchants around the world. Getting the food delivered at the doorsteps works like a charm for people who don’t wish to go outside on the hot summer day or cold winter nights. We are On-Demand Food Delivery App Development Company, who has created a whole solution to deliver food items having a user side app with panels, delivery side app with panels and restaurant app with panel. The master key of the whole system is with the admin who monitors the app flow and regulates payment between the restaurant and delivery person. We have the whole system equipped with the latest technology which makes it work smoothly handling unlimited deliveries.

We the on demand food delivery app development company will take you through our app functionality that is: – the user side app can register the user, and help them select the food items from the menu shown from the nearest geographical location and they can make a payment and get food delivered at their doorsteps. Similarly, on another hand, the delivery person has its own app where they can register and can get approved from the driver. Once the driver approves, they can accept or reject the delivery and can get paid from the admin on a weekly or monthly basis. The third part of the application plays an important role, the restaurants have their own app and panel to update the food items, manage the stock of the foods, and adjust the ingredients available on each of these items. The app is useful for a chain of restaurants where each of them will have a different panel and the whole system can be managed in a particular divided formation taking care of the revenue from each of them. We will provide you the system with completely white label branding which includes your logo, your favorite language and your favorite color on the app. Have a look at the app below to understand its features.

Why does your food delivery business need to develop mobile apps?

If any link to old-school food delivery business chain doesn’t work well, the door to success is closed. Don’t panic. Elluminati Inc has crafted the best version of on demand food delivery solution that will help you to avoid the mistake of on demand delivery business. We analyze each and every set of food delivery business and develop this on demand food delivery solution. Apps are built in native Android and iOS platform with an extensive store and admin console to manage single or multi-store business at a single place.

On Demand Food Delivery Services

The quickest way to order food from nearby food store is here. Give your customer a wide range of meal ordering option with features like menus, custom food ingredient accessibility, reduce delivery time and cost. in just a few taps in food delivery app and bring customer’s favorite food on their doorsteps.


User Friendly UI

Develop stylish user-friendly professional apps on native Android and iOS platform with admin and store console.



Personalize app features as per your business needs. We offer complete customization solution.


Easy Execution

Manage your food delivery business easily with our reliable and secure food delivery solution.


Boost Ordering

Start on demand food delivery service on customer doorstep with easy menu and order categories.

Get Your Food Delivery Business Online

Support Your Customer to order on demand food with your branded food delivery apps. Make On-demand food delivery solution across all platforms easy for your customer with just a few clicks.

What We Offer In Food Delivery App Development Solution


An on-demand food delivery app should give easy access to delivery of services and a quick way to ordering. In on demand food delivery app development we provide:

Customer App


Login / Register / Social Login

Pickup & Destination By Type / Map

Categories & Sub Categories

Product Detail & Description


Custom Product (Like Subway)


Add to Cart

Confirmation with Products & Delivery details

Now & Later

Track your Order

Pay with Card / Cash

Provider App


Login / Register / Social Login

Phone SMS verification

Submit Documents

Pending Approval

Daily Earnings

Go Online / Offline

Receive New Order Request

Accept / Reject Request

Track to Store location

Update Status (Arrived / on Route / etc)

Manage Drivers


Store App & Panel



Manage Products


Types of Product

Manage Categories

Incoming Orders

Dispatch order

Payment Statements



Manage Drivers

Admin Panel



Map view







Service Types



Mass Push Notifications

Quality Test


Choose Your Favorite Color


Technologies And Extended Features


Find Your Country


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