restaurant delivery app development

What is Food Delivery App Development? How Does it Extend Your Business Reach?

Food delivery app development is a dedicated app solution that helps you give a complete makeover to your restaurant chain business. The latest tech support ensures to cater to the need of the changing market for food delivery. Food ordering app development provides you with new ways to satisfy all customer needs more efficiently and systematically. The feature-rich food delivery app development solution developed by professional restaurant app developers facilitates your customers to order their favorites by conveniently exploring the menu and order:

  • Multiple food store/restaurant options to choose from and order
  • Cashless payment support integrated within the user app
  • Latest tech stack use for fast and convenient service availability

Alluring Features of Our On-Demand Restaurant Ordering App Development

Advanced Ordering Facility

restaurant ordering app development
  • The On-demand restaurant ordering app development accommodates the facility for placing an order in advance
  • Users can set their order and schedule the delivery time slot for stores and providers
  • Else they can request the food parcel to reach them immediately by placing a delivery request

Cashless Payment & Security

  • Our restaurant app developers empower cashless payment by adding different methods like an integrated wallet facility
  • Admin can choose to add as many payment methods as they want- card, wallet, or net banking modes
  • The integration of secure payment gateways by admin ensures the payment remains secure and fraud-free

Multiple Country Settings

  • Add support for running the business in multiple countries with the single admin panel
  • Admin has to add all details of the country they serve in- language, currency, cities, Pincode, and more
  • They can manage the business from the panel and decide to stop serving with a single tap of the button

Store Registration

  • Admin receives all the store registration requests and can decide to accept/reject any offers
  • After the admin approval, stores receive their login credentials to access the store app and panel
  • The registered stores can upload their menus and add items for sale to help users place orders online

Personalization Support

  • System admin can choose the way the system should function and authorize users from the panel
  • With Restaurant delivery app development solution, Admin can enable or disable the verification and login options as per their needs
  • Also, they can change the app theme, color, logo, and more to personalize the solution

Track Delivery Men

  • The food delivery app developer integrates GPS functionality that helps in tracking deliveries in real-time
  • Customers can view the status of the assigned delivery man on the live map
  • Admin can also search and track the locations of all delivery providers from the panel

Referral Statements

  • The system admin has the option of adding referral codes to promote app usage
  • Users can share these referral codes to allow others to register and earn benefits
  • Admin gets a report of the referral usage, including the user details who used the referral code

Wallet Reports

  • Admin has the authority of choosing whether to allow integrated wallet transactions or not
  • Users and delivery providers have to take permission from the admin to transact or deposit amounts from their wallets
  • View complete wallet usage history and also set a minimum wallet balance that wallet users have to maintain to keep it active

Distinctive Aspects of Our Restaurant App Development Approach

  • Complete Customization
  • Flexible Payment Structure
  • Ad Revenue Support

How Does On-Demand Food Ordering App Development Operate?

  • Business Requirements

    Mention and see if the solution meets your business requirements.

  • Ask for Demo

    Ensure the solution includes all functions before purchase

  • Build an App from Scratch

    Choose to imitate the features and build the app from scratch

  • Customize and Launch

    Or simply customize the solution and launch your business effortlessly

Success-Ensuring Components and Features

The components included in the food ordering app encourages online ordering and builds a business reputation

User Application

Users can choose to schedule their orders in advance using the app or the website and mentioning the time

Store App & Dashboard

Stores can choose to register with their social media accounts to enjoy a one-tap and easier login facility

Admin Dashboard

Admin can set and define referral codes that users can share to earn benefits, discounts, or any offers.

Delivery Provider Application

Delivery providers can change their service status (on/off) from the app, depending on their delivery availability

Instate a Successful Business with Food Delivery App Developer Supporting Profit Earnings

9 in 10 delivery app users believe that it makes their lives easier, thus offering timely and reliable delivery services with excellent food delivery app developers backing up your apps' requirements. Being a Prestigious on-demand food delivery app development company, we ensure to meet user demands and earn more profits by dedicated solutions with extensive features that provide a better user experience.

Extend Your Delivery Business Support with Excellent Working Apps

App users can request for your food delivery service using this intuitive app supporting your online food chain throughout

Experience How Web Consoles Works in Real to Provide Desired Results

Impressively crafted store panel works in the best manner to provide the result you desire

Clients Relying on Our App Solutions Worldwide

International Awards and Recognition Earned for Excellent Development Efforts

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Food Delivery App Development

1. How much does it cost for after purchase food delivery app maintenance??

The food delivery app development cost differs on various factors including platform selection, features and functionalities you choose to include in your delivery app, the complexity of the app, and much more. Reach our sales team at [email protected] to get your perfect and more accurate answer for your question.

2. For what time I get free support?

If you choose a "Basic Package", then we provide support for one month. But if you prefer to go with our "Advance Package" or "Enterprise Package" then you get three-month support from our side.

3. Do I get rights to customize the developed app?

Yes, you get complete customization right making it easier for you to make essential changes to the delivery platform as per your business requirements.

4. How can I track the earning details?

If you want to check the earning details of your brand, then you can directly explore it through the feature-rich admin panel provided to you with the tech stack. You can check weekly, monthly, or complete earning details easily with the right to export it on your preferred device.

5. Am I Allowed to Check Every Order Details?

Yes, you are allowed to check every order details along with their status such as accepted, remaining, prepared, and rejected.

6. How can I expand my delivery business reach to more areas?

Feature-rich admin panel makes it easier for you to expand your business reach to any of the areas of your choice. You just have to set a particular location on the map where you're willing to provide your delivery services.

7. What if I want to restrict some areas?

If you don't want to provide your delivery services in some of the zones, then you can simply set it as "Red Zone" areas right away from the panel.