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What is the Glovo Clone ? Why is it the Ultimate Solution for the Delivery Business?

Online delivery platforms have two significant values: one is inexpensive, and the other is faster. Entrepreneurs are adopting this solution to survive in the fierce market of demand and supply. The whole business is managed from a single intuitive dashboard, which is operated from any mobile device through the internet.

Glovo clone is an efficient delivery solution that lets a business start delivering essentials with an active monitoring and tracking solution. Dedicating a distinct section for each type of delivery makes it easier to order and deliver from stores.

Our solution is made with all the necessary features to expand delivery services and oversee all the delivery business tasks. An app like Glovo can be adopted by any business looking to build an advanced delivery solution. The ready-made script is versatile to perform all the tasks seamlessly.

Outstanding Features Of Our Glovo Clone App

Grab a perfect solution, Glovo clone app that embraces your delivery business with remarkable features

Contactless Delivery

  • Encouraging doorstep deliveries with the Glovo clone app helps enable a better solution that maintains a hygienic delivery service.
  • With the image confirmation facilities, the delivery provider ensures safe and complete delivery.
  • Contactless deliveries make it easier for customers to get their items at the doorsteps with all the necessary safety and hygiene measures.
contactless delivery features glovo clone app
pickup confirmation glovo like app

One-Click Pickup Confirmation

  • As the delivery providers are given their dedicated app solutions, they can send pickup confirmation when they pick a customer’s order.
  • The delivery provider can click a photo of the order and send it to customers before starting the delivery.
  • They can view the image and check the real-time delivery status of their order.

Customization And Order Confirmation By Store

  • Stores can customize the order as per their item availability and notify users to confirm.
  • It helps a store provide efficient services and lets them contact the customers directly.
  • The change in total bill amount gets paid to customers or deducted from the customer’s wallet.
order confirmation features
multi category features in glovo like app

Explore Categories

  • The stores can define various categories and subcategories to divide their items into different sections.
  • It helps a user search and find all the essentials reducing the friction in ordering
  • Glovo clone includes multiple cuisine deliveries that get further subcategorized for a better experience.

Multi-Language Support

  • The solution stack helps the admin change the language of the entire module to deliver a better user experience.
  • The business can ensure meaningful communication between platform users using any of the saved language support.
  • It ensures a better user experience providing the language preferences in modules for the enhanced discoverability of a business’s services.

Manual Delivery Assignment

  • Stores can assign the order deliveries manually to the driver after selecting the vehicle for the service.
  • They can add a deliveryman and later assign the order pickup and delivery using the store app and panel.
  • By placing a dedicated delivery request to a particular delivery person, they can speed up the delivery process.

The Uniqueness Of Our Glovo Like App Solution

  • Reliability
  • Stability
  • Efficiency
uniqueness of glovo like app solution

Serve Customers With Glovo App Clone And Accelerate Business Reach

As consumers prefer to automate their tasks, businesses too are transmuting their operations. Glovo app clone allows restaurants to transform their methods without much hassle and provide a wide range of features that works well for their business.

how glovo clone works

How White Label Glovo Clone Script Works?

White Label Glovo clone script is a dedicated delivery solution that delivers food on users’ demands. Using the dedicated user website and user application, they can place an order for any of the categories mentioned above to get the items delivered at home. Glovo like app follows the below-mentioned procedure:

  • Customers place an order for items from a particular store using the customer app or user panel.
  • The store receives the order placed by a customer and prepares the package.
  • The delivery man receives the delivery request made by a store. He/She accepts the request and picks up the order.
  • Delivery Man delivers the order to the customer’s mentioned location. Customers pay for the placed order using their preferred payment mode.

Features Included in Glovo Clone that Sustains Customers

Restaurants delivery businesses can do well out of the Glovo clone, retaining customers with the enticing features integrated into the platform.

Social Login

Customers can register to their app or panel using social accounts like Google ID, Facebook ID, or Twitter ID. Within just a few clicks, they can register to the platform eliminating the long sign-in process.

Search Filters

Customers can use the filters to search stores and items, like store’s tag, distance, time, and price. Besides, they can search the stores directly from the search bars.

Schedule Orders

Customers can order from their favorite stores and schedule the delivery service at the time they want. As they enter the desired time for the delivery, stores will dispatch orders accordingly.

Save Card Details

In an app or panel, customers can store multiple credit or debit card details. It enables them to pay swiftly, without entering the card details every time while ordering, and also, the card details are safe on the platform.

Favorite Store List

To eliminate browsing the favorite stores every time customers order, they can mark those stores as favorite stores. Then, next time, they can directly order from those stores eliminating the redundancy of searching.

Access Promo Codes

Customers can access promo codes as allowed by the stores or business admin. Moreover, they can also use the referral code to connect their friends and family members and earn benefits.

Features of App Like Glovo to Adjure Business Efficiently

Adopt a digital platform, an app like Glovo that commands your business operations fluently with its advanced features

glovo clone customer app

User App & Website

Users can add their choice of items or remove them after adding to the cart.

Store App and Dashboard

glove clone script for restaurant

The store app and panel can be accessed using the set login ID and password anytime and anywhere.

admin console of glovo like app

Admin Dashboard

To promote the delivery business, the admin can choose to set referral codes that users can share and avail discounts.

Delivery Man App

delivery man app like glovo

The delivery provider has to register first to use the solution to provide delivery services.

Pristine Features Encompassed in Glovo Clone Script that Assists the Delivery Businesses

Multiple Themes

The new design has a light or dark theme in all the apps and panels. Moreover, the store and admin panel can get a set of dark-colored and light-colored themes to update anytime they want.

Dispatch From Admin Panel

From the admin panel, admins can dispatch orders to assign providers either manually or automatically. Just like stores, the admin can select a vehicle and then pick a deliveryman for the service.

Reserve Table in Restaurants

Customers can reserve tables in restaurants through the customer's app or panel. They can schedule the time of reservation and enter the table details they would like to prefer. Plus, they can order at the same time.

New Payment Gateways

The EDelivery platform is integrating a new payment gateway, Paystack, and PayU. These gateways are supported in multiple countries, performing safe and swift transactions, allowing customers to save multiple card details.

Order by Scanning QR Code

Customers can order from the app by scanning the QR code provided in the restaurant. They can explore the digital menu of restaurants and their desired items and even can pay online. It maintains social distancing.

Activity Log

The activity log is a detailed list of actions performed in all the modules of the platform, accessed by the admin from the admin panel. These activities are also categorized as high, medium, or low priority.

Create T & C and Privacy Policy

Business admin can create terms and conditions and privacy policies for all apps and panels, which users have to agree to start using the app. It can also be updated anytime the admin wants.

Stores can Print Invoice

From the app or panel, stores can directly generate invoices for the order. They can also print the invoices connecting the printers through Bluetooth and get a hard copy of them.

How To Earn Revenue Using The Glovo Clone App?

Glovo clone provides the system admin with multiple choices for revenue that helps them in earning profits accordingly. The income-earning from the delivery system includes:

Platform Usage Charges

As the admin is allowing customers and stores to use the online platform built by them, they can apply convenience charges for orders that users place using the Glovo clone. Also, the stores can get instructed to pay the subscription fees upon registering to earn revenues from stores

Delivery Charges

Based on the customer's location from the store, the delivery charges can get applied. The delivery provider gets the order from the store and delivers it to the customers' doorsteps. After the completion of the delivery, they can take a share of the total delivery charges applied.

Profit Share

Set up a profit share from the total earnings of a store. The admin can define a stipulated profit share from the store's the store has to pay on orders. Basically, stores obtain orders through online platforms, the profit share becomes more extensive for the admin as well

Advertisement Revenues

The in-app advertising is beneficial for earning revenues from the source of advertising the registered stores. System admin can choose to promote items from a particular store and charge for the same. The advertisement revenues can help generate more revenues

Dive into All-in-One Delivery Console Working

glovo clone web console

Allow users to request delivery services through an impressive panel and ensures ease of use and attractiveness.

Check the Visual WorkFlow of Our All in One Delivery Apps

glovo clone app workflow

Designed to offer the best of business services to customers who are availing of the delivery services.

Choose Glovo Clone - A Solution that Has Become Favorite of Customers Across the World

Embark your on-demand delivery business journey with Glovo clone script to leave a unique impression and put your users and business operations at priority without any hassle.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What elements are included in the Glovo clone app?

Glovo clone app provides dedicated apps and panels for its users to offer a personalized experience. It includes an app and panel for customers, driver app, store app and panel, and admin panel, all of which make a manageable business flow.

2. How much time does it take to make a food delivery app like Glovo?

Food delivery apps like glovo take around 8-10 days. If you want to develop it from scratch, it takes a longer time.

3. What technologies are preferred to develop the solution?

The solution is developed with varied technologies. Backend development is done with MongoDB, Node.js, and Express.js are used. For Android and iOS app development, Java and Swift are used, respectively. And the front Frontend is designed with Angular and HTML.

4. Does your solution allow promotion options?

Yes, the admin can let stores promote in the user app and panel to inform the users of their stores and offers.