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Apps Like Bloom that, Bouqs, Farmgirl, Urbanstems are big notch of flower bouquet delivery business and gives a chance to share your emotion with near and dear ones with flowers and make the occasions day memorable. Floral gifting market will reach $16 billion as customers are happy to share their emotions via your flowers, and this kind of thought gives a sign to build your own on-demand flower delivery app and to grow your business by connecting with tech-savvy customers. Florist software by Elluminati offers you with extensive features and modules support ensuring your business success.

We provide a native customer and delivery provider app and panel for both the platform Android and iOS. Also, offer a feature-rich admin dashboard, store app, and panel to ensure effective management and control over the whole business.

We provide a native customer and delivery provider app and panel for both the platform Android and iOS. Also, offer a feature-rich admin dashboard, store app, and panel to ensure effective management and control over the whole business.

Dazzling Features of Our Flower Delivery App Development Solution

Confirm Pickup

Delivery providers, when receiving the delivery from the store, can capture and send images to customers to confirm pickups with them. Customers can check the confirmation pickup message and can track the delivery provider by a single click on the image, they can track the real-time location of the delivery provider through flower delivery app development solution.

Explore Categories

With the help of Florist Software, The stores can set different categories and subcategories to make the customer’s decision process easier. By dividing the flower into different sections, stores can help users to find all the essentials efficiently. Our on-demand bouquet delivery solution includes multiple options that result in providing a seamless experience on customer demand.

Manage Delivery Providers Manually

Our advanced flower shop system allows stores to choose and manage delivery providers as per their delivery requirements. They can add the delivery provider and can assign them delivery tasks to make the delivery process faster. Delivery providers will accept the delivery request placed by stores and reach the destination as early as possible to provide the best experience to the customers.

Integrated Wallet System

With this florist services app development, owners get pre-integrate wallet systems to ensure efficient transactions. Users can make use of an in-app wallet to make the payment of bills through the app seamlessly. It makes the payment process much easier for customers and service providers, all the transaction details made by an in-app wallet will be saved in a database.

Code Verification

Stores send a unique code to delivery providers while assigning them with any particular delivery task. Delivery providers need to provide this code while they reach the store to receive the delivery order to ensure efficient delivery. It also enables stores with security measures and ensures that they are handing over the delivery to the right person.

Manage Cities

Admin aims for business expansion can set multiple cities with other details like country code, time zone, etc. They can set and manage city latitude and can decide to stop or provide service in a particular area using a florist system. They can control and set the type of service which they want to provide in particular cities.

How Our Florist App Development Address All Your Flora Delivery Business Requirements

  • Complete Business Access
  • Active Execution
  • Scalable Tech Stack Solution

How On-Demand Flower Delivery Management System Software Works?

Take your florist shop business online and deliver flowers to customers on their demand to maintain fragrance in their life and your relationship with them. On-demand flower delivery management system software provides you with a dedicated user website and app; your customers can place their orders using this tech stack. You can offer a seamless and improved experience to your customers as this system follows an accurate workflow.

  • Customers can explore categories and subcategories before placing the order through the system.
  • After receiving customers’ requests, stores pack the order and request a delivery provider.
  • The delivery provider collects parcels from the stores to deliver it to customers’ locations.
  • The delivery provider collects the bills from customers through an in-app wallet or other payment modes customers prefer to use.

Each Module Provides for Your Business

Check which modules are included within the flower delivery app development encouraging customer experience and satisfaction.

Customer App and Website

Customers can set the delivery destination through the app and website. They can set the destination manually or through Google map to get the delivery as early as possible.

Store App & Panel

Store owners can set and manage the list of popular categories available at their store. They also have the authority to manage the stock accordingly.

Admin Dashboard

Admin has the authority to set the service rate through the dashboard. They can set the service rates with other details like price, minimum fare price, and many other details.

Delivery Provider App

The delivery provider can follow easy registration to start getting delivery requests from the store, they can make use of social media accounts for an easy and fast registration process.

Get Support of Online Flower Delivery App Development Ensuring Customer Satisfaction

By making your relationship stronger with customers, our On-demand flower delivery app development provides you with opportunities to extend your flower delivery business. Make the delivery process much easier and seamless with an advanced and feature-rich Flower delivery system.

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