E-Delivery Customer Panel Visuals

Get a customer console at the rescue when a user wants to request delivery remotely from any device. Explore the customer panel graphical flow to provide the required delivery assistance

Deliver Extended Customer Support with Interactive Website

Extend your online ordering convenience by introducing online delivery requesting with a featured website. Impress customers by providing them with an online ordering option that gets promoted with a dedicated panel. Customers can use the dashboard to view and manage their orders along with live-tracking details of each

Customer Panel Step By Step Flow

The customers can place their desired order from one more medium. The customer panel provides an ideal environment to enjoy the ultimate delivery experience

Multi Choice Login

  • There are multiple choices available with the users for registration and login. They can either go with the regular manual way or social media option
  • The social media registration and login makes the procedure painless as just a single click on preferred social media icon does it all for the user
  • The manual way of restoration requires filling up a form with some specific fields and users need to enter the login ID and password each time they log in

Home Screen

  • The home screen of the customer panel presents multiple types of things that can be delivered through the panel or an app directly to the customer’s doorstep
  • Once after selecting the required things, it will redirect to a screen where all the stores would be displayed with that specific entered thing
  • Clicking on any store will enable the customer to check out all the offerings of that specific store and choose the desired items and order it from there
  • The users can create their own profile from the customer panel and add various kind of details to it in order to make it more identical
  • From the profile section, they can check and manage various details related to delivery and order that they have placed till the date

Easy To Order

  • The order tab makes it easy for the users to order anything from the wide range of available products on the user’s order screen
  • The current orders tab shows all the orders with all the required details placed by the user and those are still remaining to be delivered
  • The order history section stores all the orders which are placed by the users and the whole delivery procedure has been already completed

Set Favorite Store

  • The favorite stores of the user can be saved inside the customer panel so that they can enjoy the facility of quick search and order from favorite restaurants

Ease Of Payment

  • The payment part of the customer panel offers a multiple choice for doing the payment for the desired order. The customer can pay online or offline
  • Stripe is the default payment gateway attached with the customer panel for easy payment purpose. Stripe is one of the most popular payment gateways

Manage Documents

  • The users can add various legal documents and identity proofs to the customer panel. They can add documents like voter ID, driving license etc

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