Complete List Of Our EDelivery Admin Panel Features

Manage the complete business operations of the delivery business through a fully functional panel.

Admin Panel

A complete business view is possible within the admin panel.

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Quick Login

Admin can log in with their phone and password quickly in just one step within the panel.

Analytical Dashboard

Admin dashboard consists of various business and sales details in the form of charts, numbers, and stats – easy to understand and compare.

Order List With All Details and Status

It has an extended list of orders with their status and details about the delivery, deliveryman, locations, and payments. All these types of order requests can be exported to Excel sheets.

Table Booking Requests List

A separate list of table booking orders from the customers comes in the order lists section for the admin to access the list anytime.

Delivery Orders Lists

The admin panel has a separate list of delivery requests from the customers comes in the order lists section.

Dispatch Orders – Auto or Manual

Admin can dispatch the orders with two different methods, either assigning the orders manually or auto-assigning to the available and nearest drivers.

Deliveryman Status

Admin can look out for the deliveryman status from the panel and know about their availability to assign new deliveries.

Reassign Orders When Failed

In case when the assigned deliveries are canceled, the admin can reassign them to the deliveryman with the same process as earlier.

Map View of Stores

In the map view, the admin can locate the stores to know about the distance and which are active, using the given filters.

Map View of Deliveryman

In the map view, the deliveryman can locate the stores to know about the distance and which are active, using the given filters.

Track Deliveryman on Map

Deliveryman can also be tracked by admin on the map view when they are on their trip, also using the filters to look for particulars.

Earnings from Store

Admin gets the complete details of the earnings from the stores where invoice details and all earning-related details can be analyzed.

Earnings form Orders

In each order, admins can analyze the earnings of the deliveryman, store, and admin with the time on which the order is served.

Earnings from Deliveryman

From all the deliveryman admin can analyze the earnings with details like wallet deduct, transaction, and deliveryman’s earnings.

Wallet Requests

Admin gets the wallet requests from the deliveryman and stores, which admin has to approve and can conduct earnings settlements there.

Wallet Transactions

All the wallet transactions are recorded in the admin panel, with the details like country, currency, transfer status, etc.

Wallet History

Admin can refer to the history of the wallet, which has the transactions done by users and delivery providers of the wallet.

Set and Manage Store Menu

For all the stores, the admin can create a menu, starting from categories and modifiers up to items and their prices, and manage it all the time.

Set and Manage Courier Delivery Service

Admin can create various courier service setting types and their subtypes in each for the customers.

Manage Customers

Admins can analyze the customers, block and approve them anytime, verify documents (if any), and analyze reviews given by particular customers to store and deliver.

Manage Delivery Providers

Admins can verify providers’ documents, approve them to use the app, or unapproved to discard and add and edit vehicle details for them.

Manage Stores

Admin can manage the stores and their business, verify its documents, permit the business in the platform, and many more things.

Add and Manage Sub Admin

Admins can add sub-admins and manage them to perform a particular task for their business, allowing them to access features and functions that rely on the task.

Check Activity Log

The activity log includes activity that happens in the entire solution (customer, store, and deliveryman), one that fails or is successful with their type and priority.

Add Business in Multiple Countries

Admin can add business in various countries from the admin panel and manage it within the platform.

Add Business in Multiple Cities

Admin can add business in various cities from the admin panel and manage it within the platform.

Set Delivery Area

Admin can draw areas around the city for the delivery business. They can also add a radius to define the area in the city.

Draw Zones in City Areas For Business

Admin can set various zones in a city naming it a special zone, or zones of a particular area, or anything defining it separately, setting the business in it.

Set Delivery Fees

Admin can set the delivery charge separately for the counter and delivery types based on distance calculation or base price method.

Distance Calculation and Base Price Methods

Distance calculation methods are about setting the price based on the distance, with fix price, and the base price method is about the fixed base price, and then per unit distance and time, the price varies.

Add and Manage Vehicle

Admin can add a vehicle for the stores adding all the details and verifying it to assign it to the deliveryman.

Admin Settings

Admin setting has many features and functionalities to manage for the users, deliveryman, and stores for the applications.

Allow Bring Change Option in COD

Admin can allow this feature to the customers, where customers can select this option in cash payments, and drivers bring change while delivering the parcel.

Allow Messages

Admins can set permission for email, SMS, and push notifications, after which only that feature is accessed.

Allow Pickup Confirmation Code

Admin allows getting a confirmation code to the deliveryman to verify whether the delivery is picked by the right deliveryman or not.

Allow Delivery Confirmation Code

When the delivery is completed, users can generate a code to give to providers for confirmation to end it, which the admin can choose to allow.

Use Google Captcha

Admin can set the Google captcha for the store, user, and delivery provider login to reduce the spam and abuse access.

Allow Tips to Deliveryman

Admins can set tips type (absolute or percentage) and tips to the deliveryman, which users pay while requesting delivery service.

Allow Contactless Delivery

Admins can give permission to use the contactless delivery feature to the customers, and stores are intended to follow safety norms.

Set Languages

Admin can set various languages as many as required allowing the users, deliveryman, and stores to select those for using the app.

Allow Maximum Courier Delivery Stops

Courier delivery allows multiple delivery stops to the users, and the number of stops is set by the deliveryman.

App Settings

It includes the technical data about the app, like the App URL, App versions, certificates, and so on, which the admin can edit.

Admin Logo Setting

Admins can set the logos for the store app and user app, keep the title icon and mail the background logo from the panel.

Google Key Settings

Key settings include Google Places API key and Firebase and GCM Key that is editable at any time by the admin.

Notification Settings

Admin has access to notification settings which includes App Push Key Details, App Certificate settings,

Email Templates and Settings

Admin can send emails to desired receivers with various options of readymade templates, sending it with Gmail or Outlook or Server.

SMS Templated and Settings

There are multiple SMS templates that the admin can use to share with the customers, deliveryman, and stores.

Mass Notification Settings

Admin can send a notification to the customers, and deliveryman, deciding the cities and messages.

Set Privacy, Terms, and Conditions

Admin can set the privacy and terms for drivers and customer applications, maintaining the standard norms.

Order Cancellation Reasons

Admins can set the cancellation reasons for the stores, users, and delivery providers, which they can opt for while canceling an order or delivery service.

Set SEO Tag and Script

Admins can set the SEO tags and script in the home page, store detail page, and info page to optimize to make it search engine friendly.

Set Promo Codes

Admin can create promo offers for customers for a time interval which they can set for the customers and apply conditions for customers.

Review and Manage Documents

Admin gets to review all the documents from the stores, deliveryman, and users verify and decide approval for action on the platform.

Examine Reviews

Here admin can analyze all the list reviews and ratings from customers and drivers about the orders and delivery services.

Force Update Option for Apps

Admin can make force updates on apps for some necessary feature integration or anything for better app functionings.

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