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Want to develop state-of-the-art android apps? Looking for a feature-rich android app development service that guarantees you the best results right from ideation to execution? Elluminati Inc – Leading android app development company ensures the best custom applications for different verticals that come up with extrusive features to fulfill their business needs.

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Elluminati inc - android app development company

Entrusted Elluminati Inc As A Recognizable Android App Development Company

Elluminati is recognized to be the best Android app development company benefiting clients with the adroit strategy to construct modernistic Android apps that also offers an edge over competitors. We convert your extraordinary idea into an app with full attention to each detail, forging to get you readily executed solutions for any dimension of the business that aims to reach any extent of the growth along with an application.

Experts have their hands on the Android app development services resulting in favorable results that are long-lasting and robust, substantiating the heightening of a business. With the diversity to serve various industries and decoding any complexities in the requirements, our team have figured out proficient app solutions to offer a seamless experience to the users.

Recce Our Android App Development Services

Whether you are a newcomer or a well-built business looking to scale up, we have a range of services to select that support a company and its projects for all their essentials with prowess.


We assist businesses to configure their idea with the Android apps reaching high customer expectations in the most preferred operating system. Consultation by our team includes increasing the user base, building enhanced solutions, optimizing the usage, and anything relating to the Android app development services.

Android UI/UX Design

Android has such a vast platform where there are immense application counts, and that is where the design can play a role to stand out and seek enormous users. We hammer out the persistent user experience with the following imperative stages of building a conceivable app design architecture.

Custom Android Application Development

Our team notes down the client’s requirements and all essential aspects of creating a user and market convivial custom Android applications with the future insights to rise and customize. We work to get your finest appearance in the thousands of the number apps in the Playstore, already rowing to perform finest.

Android Software Testing

We conduct manual and automated software testing with the assurance of the bug-free, stable and well-functioning Android apps. The team obtains you an app that is consistent, smooth functioning, and has minimal or no errors in the code such that it can sustain an enormous number of users with eloquent functioning.

Multi-platform Deployment

Take advantage of the Android integration and deployment services from our team of experts in multiple platforms targeting the desired audience. We make it flawless for the business to achieve its objective of compatibility and integration with multiple devices, including services like installing, configuring, and enabling applications to a specific URL on a server.

Maintenance and Support

Includes all the essentials types of maintenance and support services for the Android app to ensure the quality of the applications, look forward to the scaling business insights, resolves the customer issues, taking into regard their suggestions for features and functionality for the betterment of the overall app usage.

Cogent Technology Used For Android App Development

We use persuasive technologies to get you the most appropriate solutions carrying consequential functionality and envisioned results.

technology use for develop android app
    • Frontend
    • Java
    • RxJava
    • Kotlin
    • Project Management Tools
    • Slack
    • Jira
    • GitLab
    • Trello
    • Database
    • Firebase RDB
    • Room
    • SQLite
    • Testing
    • Manual Testing
    • Postman for API Testing

Leverage Years of Experience for Impeccable Develop Android Application

Elluminati has been acknowledged as a leading company with now more than ten years of experience in the industry. Share your requirements now to get a properest android app solution.

Industries We Especially Work On

Working Approach Follow

Elluminati’s stellar working approach supports converting into worthwhile technology with best-in-class outcomes for businesses to outperform in their industry.


Demands and Plans

First, present your project idea, inclined strategies which we analyze and plan to execute with the best possible process.


Thorough Research

We have thorough research for the best results, competitors, insights, and lastly, figuring out the best designs for the Android app.


Frameworks and Pattern

The team then prepares the prototypes and framework to share with the clients, taking the suggestions and improving accordingly.


Start Development

With the finalized prospects, the team starts developing the app with an optimized development process successively.


Analyze Quality

Next to that, we analyze, test, and configure software and hardware systems to make sure a glitch-less Android application.


Deploy to Store

When the app gets ready with the satisfaction of the customers, we start to deploy the Android app in the Play Store with all the necessary steps.


Support and Maintain

Support and maintenance of the Android app to maintain flawless working and ensure the advancement of the app.

We Are Committed to Getting You the Best Of What You are Looking For

Here is why opting for Elluminati Inc for Android app development services that render higher opportunities to innovate and excel in any competitive environment.

Innovative Approach

Our team always starts with thorough research and analysis and figuring out ingenious strategies to get the best Android app solutions.

Transparent with Clients

We are open and transparent with our clients throughout the interaction and development process with reports about the project progress.

Multiple Commitment Options

Clients can partner with us through their desired, and comfortable models offered considering the budget, time, and customs requirements of the project.

Why elluminati for android app development

Pick A Worthwhile Engagement Model

Clients can choose to approve an inclined partnering model to seek services with all favorable manners. Into worthwhile results as the company strive to make the utmost scalable, functional and user-centric solutions.

Fix Price

It is a contract that fixes tasks and resources, and therefore applied fixed price is decided in the initial stage of the engagement.


Contract with flexible time and works where clients have to pay for the services based on the time the team of developers has worked for them.

Custom Requirement

With the flexibility of the time, services, and resources, the clients can choose to employ a team of developers for their projects.

Lean on Our Experienced Team of Android App Development Agency

A one-stop agency that renders high-quality, custom, and budget-friendly solutions for the Android operating system. Share your project with us.

Our Clients and Their Story

Kaalix – Delivery Solution for Multiple Categories

Kaalix is the delivery solution that offers multiple categories incorporated to offer delivery services; an app originated by the company in Morocco. The wide range of services like groceries, meals, and couriers aims to ease customer’s life through a single platform.

Need Eat – Platform To Deliver Food From Restaurants

Need Eat is a meals delivery platform allowing customers to order food from their favorite nearby restaurant. The business is situated in France, serving customers doorstep deliveries, invoices through the app, and real-time tracking of their orders.

Crave Tulum – App for Food Delivery

Crave Tulum is a food ordering and delivery solution that ensures a safe parcel delivery to any address required from home, hotels, also to resorts. It has a vast range of food and also food categories listed in the app.

We Are Honored Multiple Times

FAQs on Android App Development

Are you still in doubt about Android app development services? Here are a few listed questions you must refer to get through that situation.

What are the tools and technologies used in Android app development?

We use adept technologies and tools for the development o all the processes from Android SDK and Android IDE, Java, and Kotlin, SQLite, Firebase RDB, and all those that contribute to the best Android applications.

What is the cost to develop an Android application?

The cost to develop an Android application has its dependencies on several factors like the tech stack used, total time taken for the entire process, customization and integration of the features, and a few more.

How much time will you take to develop an Android app?

The cost for the development services is variable as it depends on the requirements of the business in the project, the hiring model they choose, and further customizing needs in the applications.

Do you develop apps from scratch?

Yes. We develop an Android app from scratch, discussing the project and requirements and executing your idea with the best tech stack.

Which project management tools do you use?

We use Slack, Jira, GitLab, and Trello as project management tools for real-time updates, resource management, and achieving the desired goals for the clients collaborating effectively.

Will you help in uploading the Android app?

We deploy Android apps to the store as part of the development process with all the essential measures.

Do I get the ownership of the code of my Android application?

Yes, you will get 100% ownership of the source code for your application. You have all rights to update and make any changes to it.