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healthcare solution

Help Your Patients with Advanced Mobility Health Care Solutions and Take Your Medical Business to their Doorsteps that Let Them Avail Medical Assistance On-time

healthcare solution

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Address rising issues of Patients with digital solutions that connect patients, medical professionals, and medical institutions to deliver better remedies and solutions.

Ambulance Operation Center

Ambulance Operation Manager

Ambulance Medical ID & User Healthcare(A-LIVE)



Medicine Delivery

Healthcare Solutions

Ready-to-use online healthcare solutions enable hail emergency ambulance service within a couple of clicks by delivering customer-centric solutions.

Ambulance Operation Center

The hospitals can respond fast during the emergency and appropriate treatment can be ensured

The ambulance can get its path to the hospital in a digital way during the emergency to reach to the hospital as soon as possible without any delay.

The patient getting treatment inside the ambulance can be kept under the observation of the hospital so that the hospitals can do necessary preparation.

The command center will handle all the tasks of sending the ambulance with the medical staff and manage all the ambulances of the hospitals.

The first responder would provide the information about the emergency with the help of an app, that would be loaded with all the required features.

Ambulance Operation Manager

The staff of ambulance can handle the emergency in a better way by starting needed treatment

Check in / Check out

The staff of the ambulance would be facilitated with a dedicated app from where they can do log in in order to treat the patient in the best possible way.

Assign Request

The assignment of the medical staff who are going to take place inside the ambulance can be managed from here along with all the details of medical staff.


The notes allow creating the notes from the app to grab the attention of the hospitals to it. The notes would cover all the important information about the patient.

Ambulance Medical ID & User Healthcare(A-LIVE)

A personalized automated system for the users to get treated in the best way during the emergency

Ambulance Calling

The ambulance can be called anywhere and at any time with the help of ambulance calling feature covered in our personalized healthcare management.

Medical ID

The medical ID would be having all the health-related information of the patient that can be used during the emergency with the appropriate treatment.


The wearable devices make the healthcare and being fit easy for the patient. It helps the patients to stay fit and ensures the best care during the emergency.


Appointment booking in the medical field is getting simplified with the help of advanced technology

The doctor profile shows all the necessary information about the doctor like the about section for the doctor, services of the doctor, the location of them etc.

In the book appointment screen, the patient needs to enter the name and the contact number in the given areas and after that, they can move ahead.


Connecting all the devices with the concept of IoT

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