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White Label Food Ordering App And Delivery Platform

In recent times, food ordering and delivery platforms have made it easier for people to enjoy their ordered food with doorstep deliveries. White label delivery app is a customizable solution that allows catering to all delivery demands by suiting the business requirements. It is noteworthy how online ordering and delivery software can help the restaurant industry, storefronts, food chain, and other local businesses. Moreover, this white label delivery application solution for the restaurant comes with a complete customization facility for making your brand unique in the market

Know More About White Label Delivery Services Business Apps

White label delivery app for food, supermarket, courier, marijuana, flower, weed, booze, and water bottle delivery services business.

Start Your Business With Custom Private Label Delivery App Platform

Opt for a white label delivery app platform that provides enhanced doorstep delivery experience and meets the business norms.

store icon

Registered Stores

Stores can choose to register with your app solution stack to increase their reach and expand their customer base. The solution supports every store management needs with a dedicated app and panel.

dispatch icon

Dispatch Services

Dispatchers who choose to operate with your white label delivery support, they can benefit from the customized and dispatcher dedicated app solution. It helps them keep their earning records and provide efficient deliveries in no time.

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Dedicated Delivery Services

White label delivery platform can support any number of deliveries across the globe simultaneously. It can help a delivery business start a dedicated delivery service or just stick to one single type of deliveries.

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UI & UX Design

Start your food delivery white label that enables you to create your brand name in the delivery market. Excellent design and feature integration ensure to serve users with the best experience.

Modules Included In The White Label Food Delivery App Solution

The white label food delivery app solution includes all modules that create a white label delivery platform for increased business reputation.

private label customer ordering app

Customer Application

The white label delivery app allows access after registration using the social media account of a customer. Later, they can easily log in using the same.

Delivery Provider Application

private label delivery service provider app

To start receiving delivery requests, a provider has to register for the app solution and later login to accept delivery requests.

private label store app and webpanel

Store App And Panel

Stores can manage their product list by choosing to add or remove products from the dedicated panel and app.

Admin Panel

private label vendor dashboard flow

The admin panel includes an interactive dashboard that delivers all the real-time reports of earnings and orders.

private label customer ordering web panel

User Panel

Users can add the meal to the cart and edit the quantity. With the add to cart button, they can place the order easily.

Our New Features

contactless deliveries
Provide Contactless Deliveries

Ensure contactless deliveries with food delivery platform white label and support the hygiene and safety standards by contactless doorstep deliveries.

confirmation of pickup
Pickup Confirmation

When a delivery provider picks up an order from the store, the pickup confirmation is performed as the customer and stores receive the notification.

assign delivery man
Assign Delivery Man Manually

Stores can assign deliverymen manually for the customer’s placed order using their dedicated store application and panel.

confirmation with customer
Edit Order and Confirm With Customers

Stores can edit the order and later confirm with the customers about the changes they want to make in the app solution.

product categories
Add Subcategories

Stores can add subcategories of items to classify the items more efficiently for customers to search and place an order.

white label delivery app multi-language support feature
Multi-language Support

Multi-language support allows expanding the business across countries by setting a country’s preferred language of operation.

Experience How Our E-delivery Dashboard Address All the Needs Efficiently

Feature integrated user panel offers outstanding support guaranteeing seamless experience providing.

How Our E-Delivery App Works to Ensure Excellent Performance

A dedicated customer app to avail reliable and fantastic delivery services as per their needs.

Explore Whether Our Delivery Platform Suits You

By integration of business-centric features, the white label delivery app solution stack ensures the best results are produced for the business who chooses to promote online deliveries. And with efficient doorstep deliveries, the food, supermarket, and other ordering and delivery business can reach new heights with our excellent white label delivery platform solution.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding White Label Delivery Platform

1. What is the white label delivery app solution?

  • The white label delivery app solution intends to empower businesses to offer online delivery support
  • A white label delivery solution is a prebuilt app solution that includes all the essential modules to start running your delivery business online
  • It allows you to change branding according to your business requirement example; logo, color, brand name

2. How much does it cost to create a white label delivery platform?

Go through our pricing to view suitable pricing plans for building delivery white label and the total cost for creating it: https://www.elluminatiinc.com/e-delivery-pricing/

3. Does the delivery white label solution allow us to make changes?

  • Yes. A white label solution is completely customizable and comes with a licensed source code depending on your selected plan
  • The purchaser can change the app theme, logo, brand name, and color to provide a more personalized feel for their solution

4. Which Types of Delivery Support Does Your White Label App Provide?

We integrate all the required features to start your delivery business for any product that you wish to deliver. It includes support for delivering:

  • Food
  • Flowers
  • Medicine
  • Courier
  • Alcohol
  • Marijuana
  • Bottled Water

5. Do You Provide a Monthly Payment Option for Purchased Product?

No. We provide a one-time convenient payment structure for businesses at the most reliable rates. View our pricing details here