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Allow your online business to achieve the benefits of providing excellent services through opting to create an App like Uber which can offer your users the best of your services. Availing the services on their personal devices, applications offered by Elluminati are excellent at providing your business services to your customers by keeping up with the latest trends and allowing excellent control over business operations.

create an app like uber

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We at Elluminati Create Excellent an App Like Uber Solutions for Businesses Fulfilling All Their Requirements.

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The growth of mobile applications is tremendous when compared with other industry trends. It is replacing traditional approaches with better services offered through the app and hence many businesses are leading the market with making an app like Uber that provides better services. In order to excel at providing the best services to your customers, it has become crucial to own an application catering to all their demands.

Create an App Like Uber for Your Ground Transportation Business

Give Your Ride-Hailing Business Modern Touch by Deciding to Create an App Like Uber for Your Taxi-Hailing Business to Support Riders and Drivers Extensively.

Eber has been developed by our industry experts who understand the industry requirements well and hence the app is excellently delivering results to client businesses. With including separate rider and chauffer applications, the app solution ensures maximum functionalities are enabled when users are using your application for hailing a taxi.

How Eber Taxi App Works?

Eber Follows an Excellent Process That Ensures the Best Results Are Provided Through the App.


Customers request for a ride by specifying the pickup and drop location.

Request a Ride

Customers request for a ride by specifying the pickup and drop location.

Accept Request

All nearby drivers receive the ride request and can dedicate to accept or not.


As the driver accepts a ride request, the rider can live-track their ride throughout.


Riders can select their preferred payment method and can provide reviews.

Make an App Like Uber for Your Delivery and Pickup Business

Our Expert Team Offers to Make an App Like Uber for Your Delivery and Pickup Business to Give Your Business New Heights by Starting Off Services Online.

E-delivery has been crafted for excellence to support businesses in providing their delivery services to customers’ doorsteps. Including support for all kinds of goods getting delivered to users, we develop an app like Uber that supports and enhances the delivery business operations of yours and furnishes your business with better opportunities.

How E-Delivery Works?

E-Delivery Takes the Delivery Request of Customers to Provider Stores and Delivery Providers to Ensure Doorstep Delivery Services Are Provided.


Users are required to login/register which can be done using social media accounts.

Select Category

Customers select the type of delivery and the store from where they want to order.

Place the Order

Customers add items to the cart and place the order for items added in the cart.

Delivery of Order

Stores receive the order from customers and deliveryman is assigned to deliver the order.

Live-Tracking and Payment

Customers can live-track their order and pay from their preferred payment method.

Are You Searching for the Best App Solution Providers?

We Have Been Crafting Excellent App Solutions for Client Businesses to Ensure Their Success.

Develop an App Like Uber for Starting Your Marketplace Business Online

Elluminati Inc Offers You to Develop an App Like Uber to Offer Your Best Marketplace Services to Your Customers Every Time They Require It to Extend Business Limits.

E-Services application, developed by Elluminati Inc is a perfect choice for the marketplace businesses who are looking to upgrade their traditional business approaches online by catering to every business requirement to the fullest. E-Services comprises of features that improve the execution of your business operations by ensuring the application performs its best when users put it into use.

How E-Services Works?

E-Services Follows a Process That Ensures the Best Services Are Offered to Customers Through the App When They Require It.

Place Service Request

Customers place a service request for the providers of the services they are requiring.

Accept/Reject Request

Service Providers can decide to accept/reject a service request placed.

Live-Track the Ride

Customers can live-track the provider who has accepted the

Multiple Payment Options

Customers can choose their preferred mode of payment from various available.

Provide Feedback

Users can provide feedback on services they received on the app and provide rating.

Build an App Like Uber for Your Courier Delivery Business

Support the Growth of Your Business by Selecting to Build an App Like Uber for Your Courier Delivery Business That Enhances the User Experience Through an Excellent Solution.

Allow your courier business to grow exponentially with an excellent app solution to provide doorstep courier delivery to your customers. The courier delivery app solution developed by Elluminati includes all the necessary features that implement better control over business operations.

How Courier Delivery App Works?

Our Excellently Built Courier Delivery Service App Enhances User Experience Through Its Productive Process of Working.

Request Pickup

Customers place a pickup request by specifying all the details of the parcel to be delivered.

Accept a Request

The nearby delivery service provider receives the pickup request and reaches customer location.

Pickup Verification

A Pickup verification is performed to ensure the right delivery provider is reached to collect the parcel.

Delivery Tracking

Customers can track the delivery process in real-time until it gets delivered to the entered destination.

Payment and Feedback

Customers can choose their preferred payment method while paying and provide feedback on the services.

Fleets Across the World Using Our Excellently Crafted App Solutions

Our Clients Have Found Their Business Solution in Our App Solutions Crafted by the Experts Which Have Lead Their Business to the Success.

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We Are Serving Our Clients with Our Excellently Developed Solutions That Fit Their Business Requirements and Ensure the Growth of Their Business.

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