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Uber an extreme on-demand ride sharing app that provides the facility of book a taxi without walking around to look for one. Furthermore, Uber is most user-friendly services; it clears up the problem of demand and supply that endure taxi driver and passenger/taxi seekers. In 2009, Uber had started the on-demand taxi booking service and revolutionized the world of on-demand business with this mobile apps, it becomes a huge success in all over the area, and many vendors have been tried to follow in Uber footsteps to make an app like Uber for his business. Elluminati Inc. Provide you to create an app like uber for any business you have. Its Service called Uber For X or Uber For Everything in the market. Nonetheless, moderately different to Uber.

When you build an app like Uber for your business, you need two apps: an app for the customer and an app for the service provider (driver) it also needs one website for managing a that two apps all transaction. How much does it cost to create an app like Uber? You would need to pay for this following thing.

Advanced Booking

Manage Customer Booking Online at Single Place

Automate Ride Assign

Automate Ride Assign According Near By Service Provider Availability.

Customer Review

Customer Review After Their Ride. and Share Thought As Feedback.


Graphical Statistics For Day to Day operation. Analysis to make smarter decision for you business.

What We Offer To Create An App Like Uber Solution.

An Effective Solution to make Uber Like App For Your Taxi Booking Business With Native iPhone And Android Platform.

Make Uber Like cab booking app for providing supreme experience for customer

Elluminati’s offer simplified the uber like app framing solution for your business. Enable online ride booking service directly through mobile apps. This will ensure you to never lose another booking to busy phone ring!. Even more customer app customized according to your business needs.

Social Media Login

User can easily login to their social media accounts also login with email id and password.

Easy Booking

Customer can track their driver real-time location. get an alert with the status update on a route, arrive etc.

Easy Booking

Customer can track their driver real-time location. get an alert with the status update on a route, arrive etc.

Online Payment

Customer pays their fare bills either online or pay after completion of a ride and view their complete billing history Rate and Review Customer can rate their ride and share feedback for trip and driver.

Driver Apps for Native Android and iOS Platform

The Chauffeurs can use apps for check routes to pick up and destination location, view customer contact details,  Go Ideal for close service, chat with support agent and more.


Driver easily registers their self to start ride services with add basic info and upload necessary documents.

Real-Time Trip Request

Driver Received notification for trip request with accepting or reject option.

Fare Details

Driver Get Customer fare details and navigate their pickup location to provide ride services.

Income Statistics

Driver can check their income statistics based on daily, weekly, monthly.with their performance insight.

Manage Your Multi-National Taxi Booking Business At single Place

The uber like app product business executive manage their multi cites and country business with admin panel at single place. dealing with system back-end settings. Manage Driver and Earning details with insight statistics on the system.

User Management

See customer complete profile details include fare history and payment details also add, edit and decline any user profile.

Manage Driver

Service start request for new signups. Check all driver profile with their performance insights and add, edit, decline their profile.


Manage your uber like business digitally at single place with turnkey insights and graphical statistics to grow your business faster even before.

Separate Web Panel For Dispatcher

In our uber like app creation, we provide separate dispatch console for the dispatcher to make and manage their trip, take call booking, track available taxi details, track payment and sent auto-generate an invoice via email after trip completion.

Manage Booking Request

You can grow your business with multiple dispatchers to manage trip request via call and online booking. manage trip assign to the nearby driver.

Track Fare Details

Manage all fare details online with an interactive map. Stop services on an emergency.

Generate Trip Booking

With this Dispatch panel dispatcher provide a trip booking service to the customer quickly and assign driver as per availability with providing details like fare estimated cost, and ETA.

Review and Rating

Manage Customer and Driver Review and Rating and put the decision to provide better services in future.

Build better with expert partners

Partners offer tools and expertise to helps your work faster, providing their expertise for whatever you are building in uber like business.

Manage Chauffeurs

Add, Update or Decline drivers working for you from the Console.


Get the earning details of all your cars added in the system.

Add Bank Detail

Add Bank details so Admin can make transactions with that info.

Customer Panel

Book ride or Request

User can create request to desired location selecting payment method, promo code, type of car and book ride.

Ride Now/ Ride Later

Select the way you wish to book ride according to your requirement

Payment Methods

Select the mode of payment as cash or card

Upload Documents

Upload documents of the users

Driver Panel

Attach Bank Details

Attach the bank details to receive funds

Earning Details

Driver can check their earning details daily, weekly, monthly bases.


Checkout history of all trips.

Upload Documents

Upload documents of the users

Our Uber Like App Demo

Web Panel

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Customer App

Driver App

Live App Demo

Create Uber Like Delivery App

Uber Start delivery service and get a wild success, every tech-savvy entrepreneur wishes to start their delivery business with uber type apps. we provide a solution for different product delivery business. Our Uber-like delivery apps established on native android and ios platform along with backend in nodejs to provide a supremely support to manage single/multi-store business in one dashboard. Select our uber like delivery app solution demo in below list and make your own uber like apps.


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