Why On-Demand Courier Delivery App Development is Perfect Choice?

Elluminati offers the ultimate solution for the courier delivery businesses to help them handle their delivery business with an application efficiently. On-demand Courier delivery app includes the support from excellent technologies and modern approaches, making it easier for businesses to handle the regular fusses of their business well. Enhancing the end-user experience and providing outstanding features, the courier delivery tech stack promises to increase profits and enable efficient handling

Get the support of the courier delivery app development company to offer your courier service a digital touch. Parcel delivery app development involves all the essential modules that help parcel delivery businesses to fulfill their customers’ demands by providing them with faster and seamless delivery experience. The feature-rich app and panel support the online processing and delivery services, encouraging stores to go digital

Prodigious Features Included in Courier App Development

Payment Gateway

We offer our clients to integrate custom payment gateways in their purchased tech stack that performs an excellent payment process. It offers multiple, convenient and secure options for the users to choose from to pay through the app.

App Color & Logo Change

To build a unique identity for your business, we customize app color and logo on your specified demand. Panel admin can also change the app theme according to their business requirements at any time as per their convenience. Our supportive courier delivery app developers provide you with a top-notch theme development that matches your brand

Language Change

Our app language can be changed according to user requirements as we cater to their needs. Vendors are facilitated with the multi-language facility to ensure offering excellent users experience locally. Language integration facility provides business owners with huge opportunities to expand their brand in multi-region with a single system

Currency Change

We support the currency change feature in our apps to offer users more flexibility to pay for the deliveries they requested from the app or panel. Currency change facility helps vendors to expand their business in multiple countries seamlessly and helps them to manage the currency rates for courier deliveries manually using the latest algorithm

Multi-Country Support

Admin can expand their parcel delivery business in different cities by controlling the type of deliveries in each region. The powerful admin dashboard helps admin to manage and control each activity of their business in multiple countries. They can even change essential settings such as country code, sign, max referral usage, and many more details

Set Referral Sharing

To ensure business promotion easily and quickly, we have integrated referral sharing features in our on-demand parcel delivery app. This feature facilitates the admin to set a referral code that app users can use to share and promote the tech stack. Admin can offer a significant bonus to the user when they share the referral code and track referral sharing details through the reports

What We Offer

  • Customizable Solution
  • Native Android and iOS App
  • Responsive Web Console

How Parcel Delivery App Development Company Support Your Development Needs?

Ensure your business growth with the support of a parcel delivery app development company catering to the business needs. The courier delivery app crafted by the professional developers will help you build a unique place in the global parcel delivery service market and answer all end-users requirements. Understanding your delivery business requirements, we ensure to develop excellent solutions providing great results that commit business growth for your delivery business. Check what we include in courier delivery app development:

  • Our professional team of courier app developers includes all the functionalities ensuring effective business monitoring and controlling
  • We understand your business requirements to provide an excellent mobile app ensuring your business success
  • Vendors are allowed to choose the parcel delivery app as per their business requirements
  • To ensure delivery bug and error-free system, our testing team performs rigorous testing to provide you with a ready to release system

Essential Features of On-demand Courier Delivery App

Provides excellent user experience with features and functionalities of on-demand courier delivery app, supporting their requirements and enhancing your business reputation to great heights

User App & Website

Customers can choose the option to schedule the pickup or ask for immediate delivery through the application

Store App & Panel

For multiple deliveries, vendors can define a multi delivery selection for customers to provide them with a great delivery experience

Admin Dashboard

Admin can view and manage the details of every incoming and placed request by customers through the dashboard

Provider App

SMS verification is done each time a provider accesses their account to ensure security, they are provided a one-time code for it

Make Delivery Process Faster with the Support of Courier Delivery App Development Company

Get to know how the individual application and panels work to generate the results you have wanted from your online courier delivery business. Seek the support of a courier delivery app development company providing you with an outstanding platform helping you to reach end-users in no time

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