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What is Swiggy Clone? How Does it Help Food Vendors to Boost Delivery Business

Swiggy clone is an online food ordering and delivery solution which enables customers to choose and order from their preferred food stores. Many food vendors have joined hands with the platform to take up orders online and fulfill doorstep deliveries; it becomes easier to generate great experiences. And the Swiggy clone app helps you create the best experiences along with the support for business expansion. The solution stack is fit for every size of business and includes the following apps and panels:

  • A dedicated user website and a native Android and iOS application to reach maximum audiences.
  • A feature-rich and interactive admin dashboard to monitor ongoing business activities.
  • A dedicated store application and panel that lets food stores handle their business operations well.

Splendid Features of Our Swiggy Clone App

Contactless Delivery Support

Swiggy clone app ensures contactless delivery support in the app. Delivery provider maintains the necessary hygiene and distancing while delivering the order to the customer’s location, waiting until the parcel is picked by the customer.

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Pickup Confirmation Notification

The pickup confirmation is sent to users when a delivery provider picks up their order from the stores. The confirmation makes it easier for users to track their order status and helps the admin keep a watch over the order status. The delivery man uploads the pickup confirmation from their dedicated app solution.

Order Customization and Confirmation

Stores can choose to make changes in the already placed orders as per their item availability. Stores can send a customization notification to customers who placed the order. And if the customer confirms the order, the order with changes is delivered.

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Set Subcategories and Categories

Stores can choose to provide a more discreet experience to customers using the divided menu. They can set many categories and later divide them into subcategories. It helps in delivering support for efficient sorting and filtering the items.

Meaningful Conversations with Changed Languages

Admin can choose to change the app language using the admin panel and selecting one from the saved languages. They can ensure the best experience is delivered when a customer wants to interact and use the app in their preferred language. Admin can update the app language of the entire solution stack from their dedicated admin panel.

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Empower Manual Deliveries

To start faster deliveries, stores can add and assign manual deliveries using their dedicated app solution and store panel. The manual deliveries of orders introduce a quicker delivery system for stores who want to handle their deliveries on their own. A food delivery store can meet customer expectations and help the app solution deliver faster than ever.

How Our App Differs From Other Apps In the Market

  • Faster Execution
  • The Latest Tech Support
  • Scalable Solution Stack
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How Swiggy Clone Script Works?

Customers can choose to pay for their orders using any of the payment methods available. Swiggy clone script solution generates the best results with including the easy-to-follow workflow:

When a customer downloads and registers for the app solution, they can later order their favorite items from the menu. Then, the order details reach the stores, and they prepare the order and place a delivery request for order pickup. The delivery man accepts the requests and picks up the order from the store. Later, the order is delivered to the customer’s specified location as soon as possible.

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User App & Website

Social Login

Users can choose to register and log in using their social media accounts.

Store App and Dashboard

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Manage Deliveries

Stores can choose to manage their delivery services from the panel for their assigned manual deliveries.

Admin Dashboard

Manage Vehicles

Admin can not only manage the users, but they can also choose to manage the vehicles used for the deliveries.

Delivery Man App

Add Bank Details

The delivery man can choose to add the bank details to store the earnings directly in their accounts.

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Frequently Asked Questions On Swiggy Clone App

1. What is a Swiggy clone script?

Swiggy clone script is a digital business solution that helps transform your traditional food business into automatic and convenient ones. The script is made with all the user-centric features available for web apps and mobile apps.

2. How much will it cost to create a Swiggy clone app?

You can choose to create a native apps or hybrid apps. Hybrid apps are created with one technology and are compatible with all devices. And for that reason they cost less. On the other hand, native apps are developed to operate on specific devices and its operating system. The total price can lie between $10000-$25000 and more.

3. How much can I expand my business with this solution?

Swiggy clone solution allows a business to add multiple cities and countries. You can set various zones where you are willing to provide services. Also, you can get multiple language support to make communication easy in any region. All these can allow your business to expand as much as you can.

4. Do you provide tracking options in app like Swiggy?

Yes, customers can track their order from the app like swiggy and know its status at every stage.

5. Can I get technical support for a longer period?

Yes, we do offer extended paid support to our clients. To know its pricing, you can contact our sales team at [email protected]