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Allow Faster Restaurant Access and 24×7 Food Delivery Support with Swiggy Clone to Introduce Efficiency in Your Business.

swiggy clone app

What is Swiggy Clone? How Does it Help Food Vendors to Boost Delivery Business

Swiggy clone is an online ordering and delivery solution which enables customers to choose and order from their preferred food stores. The platform enhances the overall business performance, reducing manual labor and automating the many operations.

Elluminati offers a complete solution that offers them opportunities to store business expansion and easy access to business processes. App like Swiggy have various modules that perform specific tasks. To meet the proliferation in online services, food vendors have joined hands and started acquiring the platform to take up orders and fulfill doorstep deliveries using the app.

Exemplary Modules Of Swiggy Clone With Advanced Features

Foresee great heights for your delivery business with the Swiggy clone app that comes with modern tech stack.

User App

Social Login

Consumers can choose to register and log in to the app by using their social media accounts.

Real-time Tracking

Users can track the order status on the map in real-time using the dedicated solutions.

Schedule Order

Users can choose to schedule their orders with the support for placing an order in advance.

Sort & Filter

Users can choose to sort and filter the food items as per their need and also search for the stores.

User Website

Scan and Order

Consumers can scan the QR code of the particular store and choose the items for order without login into the panel.

Add to Cart

Customers can choose multiple items from a store, select from various categories, add all of them into the cart, and order.

Select Language

Users can access multiple languages from the options and choose accordingly to translate the store menu in and order.

Order History

Buyers can analyze order history within the platform with the details like added items, prices, and payment details.

Store Website

Reset Password

In case the password is lost, stores can reset the password using the email address or with the phone number.

Multi-Tax System

The panel comprises an option to keep the item’s tax in various ways, like setting a tax on an item or on overall orders.

Increase Modifier Quantity

Stores can allow users to increase the modifier’s quantity as much as they want and set the prices accordingly for overall items.

Free Delivery Settings

Store owners can decide to offer free delivery to the consumers by putting on specific conditions like minimum ordering amount and radius of the delivery service.

Store App

Manage Deliveries

Stores can choose to manage their delivery services from the panel for their assigned manual deliveries.

On/Off Products

Stores can choose to make a product available or unavailable from the store app and panel using the on/off feature.

Earning Statistics

Stores can view the earning statistics in real-time from the store app and panel every day.

Cancellation Charges

Stores can set cancellation charges for the orders that customers first place and later cancel.

Admin Dashboard

Manage Vehicles

Admin can not only manage the users, but they can also choose to manage the vehicles used for the deliveries.

Set Profit Mode

Admin can set and change their profit mode in percentage or dedicated share using the admin panel.

Payment Mode

Admin got the authority to change the payment mode and make any of them available or remove from the list.

Set Service Rate

Admin can set the service rate for the delivery services they provide to earn from the timely deliveries.

Delivery Man App

Add Bank Details

The delivery man can choose to add the bank details to store the earnings directly in their accounts.

Order History

Delivery providers can view and manage their order history, which includes all the essential details.

Send Transaction Requests

Delivery providers can send transaction requests to admin to ask for deposits and earnings.

Track Location From App

Delivery man app has an integrated map for tracking customers’ location in the app.

Splendid Features Of Swiggy Clone App

Brace up your food delivery businesses with the Swiggy clone app, equipped with advanced features

Contactless Delivery Support

  • The platform ensures contactless delivery support for the customers.
  • The delivery provider maintains the necessary hygiene and distancing while delivering the order.
  • Customers have to pay online with either an e-wallet or card to maintain the physical distance.

Pickup Confirmation Notification

  • The pickup confirmation is sent to users when a delivery provider picks up their order from the stores.
  • The confirmation makes it easier for users to track their order status and helps the admin watch over the order status.
  • The delivery man uploads the pickup confirmation from their dedicated app solution.

Order Customization And Confirmation

  • Stores got an option to make changes to the already placed orders as per their item availability and service convenience.
  • Store owners can send a customization notification to customers who placed the order regarding the order confirmation.
  • And if the customer confirms the order, the placed order will be prepared and delivered.

Set Subcategories And Categories

  • Stores can choose to provide a more discrete experience to customers using the divided menu.
  • They can set multiple categories of the items and later divide them into subcategories.
  • It helps in delivering support for efficient sorting and filtering of the items to the customers.

Ensures Smooth Communication

  • Admin can choose to change the app language using the admin panel and select one from the saved languages.
  • They can ensure the best experience is delivered when customers want to interact and use the app in their preferred language.
  • Admin can update the app language of the entire solution stack from their dedicated admin panel.

Empower Manual Deliveries

  • To start faster deliveries, stores can add and assign manual deliveries using their dedicated app solution and store panel.
  • The manual deliveries of orders introduce a quicker delivery system for stores who want to handle their deliveries independently.
  • A food delivery store can meet customer expectations and help the app solution deliver faster than ever.

Launch A Food Delivery Service On The Right Foot With A Swiggy Clone Script Meeting Customer Demands

Learn how an app can prove beneficial to give your business rise in today’s competitive market. Take support from Swiggy clone script that empowers powerful and faster deliveries with an excellent system.

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How Does Swiggy Clone Script Work?

Delivery business gets easier with the Swiggy clone script, which follows an online operation that ultimately removes human errors. Convenient services are offered to the customers by the stores with the online platform. The overall workflow is easy to adopt, generating the best results for the business.

  • Customers can download and register for the app and order their favorite items from the menu.
  • Order details reach the stores, and they prepare the meals and place a delivery request for order pickup
  • The delivery man accepts the requests and picks up the order from the store.
  • Later, the order is delivered to the customer’s specified location at the expected time.

How The App Differs From Other Apps In the Market

  • Faster Execution
  • The Latest Tech Support
  • Scalable Solution Stack

Food Delivery Businesses can take Advantage of the New Features Added to the Platform

Multiple Themes

All the components of the platform allow users to change the theme from dark to light themes. Also, the store and admin get the set of 2 myriad themes – light-colored and dar colored themes in the panel.

Admin can Dispatch

Admin can dispatch orders from the panel, either auto-assigning or manually assigning the deliveryman. When a store gets busy, or their apps or panel isn’t working properly, the admin can assign deliveries.

Activity Log

Admin can monitor the activity on the platform with the activity log section. It contains actions performed by the users, be it successful or failed actions, it can be also categorized based on priority.

Print Invoices

For all the orders, stores can generate invoices in the app, printed connecting the printer via Bluetooth. The invoice is composed of all the charges mentioned separately, followed by the total.

Set Taxes

Stores can set the taxes for the items like VAT/TAX and set the service tax for deliveries. Admin can also set the taxes for the delivery services from the panel for a particular country, city, and delivery type.

Reserve Restaurant Table

Customers can register a table in their desired restaurant, select the time interval they want, and opt for convenient table details. Followed by this, they can also order if they want and pay online.

Scanning QR Code to Order

Customers can order in the restaurants by scanning QR codes on the table, exploring the menu online, and picking their desired items. They can also pay online, ensuring social distancing in the restaurants.

Multiple Payment Gateways

The platform is integrated with payment gateways like Paystack and PayU to perform safe transactions. It also supports third-party payment transfers from users to merchants’ accounts.

Assets Provided In Swiggy App Clone For Manage Delivery Services

Take the advantage of the features provided in Swiggy app clone, helping food delivery businesses to perform tasks efficiently.

Estimated Delivery Time

After placing the order, when the deliveryman picks up the order from the stores, customers will be shown the estimated delivery time.

Stores can Add Drivers

Food stores can create accounts for their own drivers assigning vehicles to them. Further, they can assign delivery services to their desired drivers manually.

Call and Chat

Customers and deliverymen can call and chat with each other for any queries in the delivery, address, or time taken for the service.

Set Delivery Fees

Admin can set the delivery fees for a particular country, city, delivery type, and vehicle. Also, they can set different prices between several zones.

Integrated Map

All the users of the platform can get the integrated map in the modules to receive real-time updates during the entire delivery process.

Assign Delivery

Stores and admin can assign delivery service to the drivers either manually or by auto-assigning after selecting the vehicle.

Delivery App

A driver can serve their customers on their request, received on a resolute driver app

User App

With few steps of the login process, customers can order from their favorite store and get delivery at their home

Store App

A store can create a detailed menu on the store app and allow the customers to order the food with their favorite ingredients

Analyze The Various Apps To Give Your Users A Personalized Experience

Explore the live demo of apps so that you can gain a better understanding of how the platform actually functions.

Delivery App

A driver can serve their customers on their request, received on a resolute driver app

User App

With few steps of the login process, customers can order from their favorite store and get delivery at their home

Store App

A store can create a detailed menu on the store app and allow the customers to order the food with their favorite ingredients

Explore All Panel For Business That Ensure Fluent Workflow

User Panel

Users order from the customer website with an excellent user web design

Admin Panel

Can conduct all the business activities from the panel reducing the time-consuming tasks

Store Panel

The store can accept or edit orders, request drivers, provide discounts, analyze past orders, and much more from the store panel

Our Efficient Business Specific Apps

Have a glance at our additional platforms that can empower your business efficiently

Develop Your Own App Like Swiggy with Modern Tech Stack

With the rise in demands of ordering and delivery, restaurants have the striking need to develop an app like Swiggy that resembles their business in the platform and offers convenient services to the customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions On Swiggy Clone App

Get to know more about our Swiggy clone app through these FAQs, or contact us to get more info

Swiggy like app is a digital business solution that helps transform your traditional food business into automatic and convenient ones. The script is made with all the user-centric features available for web apps and mobile apps.

You can choose to create a native apps or hybrid apps. Hybrid apps are created with one technology and are compatible with all devices. And for that reason they cost less. On the other hand, native apps are developed to operate on specific devices and its operating system. The total price can lie between $10000-$25000 and more.

Swiggy clone solution allows a business to add multiple cities and countries. You can set various zones where you are willing to provide services. Also, you can get multiple language support to make communication easy in any region. All these can allow your business to expand as much as you can.

Yes, customers can track their order from the app like swiggy and know its status at every stage.

Yes, we do offer extended paid support to our clients. To know its pricing, you can contact our sales team at [email protected]

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