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Stack up multiple on-demand services being a one-stop solution with super app development for the customers begetting an outstanding experience enhancing the standard and supporting all the operations of a business seamlessly extending their standards to the next levels.

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What is Super App Development? How Does it Help Entrepreneurs to Manage the platform?

Super app development brings a comprehensive digital solution to develop the solution business that offers more than one service to the customers. It has streamlined modules for all the prospects of the business built with top-class technology stack and consisting of elementary features.

Elluminati, as a Super app development company, can integrate different types of verticals, which could be transportation, services, delivery, appointment booking, couriers, and many more businesses would want to list. Each of them has a straightforward working flow making it simple for customers to get services and entrepreneurs to serve them by connecting with the service partners.

Services Incorporated Within Super App Solution

Here is the wide range of the services listed in super app develoopment solution for different verticals.

Businesses offer and upgrade any kind of mobility services into the solution to seamlessly manage the business by connecting riders and partners within the platform.

Businesses offer delivery services of any kind, serving customers through on-demand, and managing the business with automated methods and customizable platforms.

Businesses that connect the service providers and customers for any categories through an online medium to get performed on the desired time.

Businesses for allowing services allowing booking for any kind of service providers to customers using the intuitive platform and managing and updating them through it.

Courier delivery services shift their business to a streamlined platform where customers can order for their desired addresses.

Elluminati Inc, as a super app development company, gives many more categories of services to integrate into the platform. If you are looking for services other than these, contact us and share your requirements.

Must Have Modules and Features in Super App

Streamlined modules of a super app solution that make the business hassle-free to conduct any number of services.

User App/Panel

Update Profile

Favorite Address

Wallet History

Merchant Overview

Customers can update their profile details like name, email, country, contact number, and profile details anytime it is required to do so.

Merchant App/Panel

Order Details

Accept Request

Add Items/Services

Analyze History

Examine Earnings

Orders are analyzed by the merchants with all item details, any special preferences, with scope to edit orders, etc.

Partner App

Notify for Status

Requests List

Select Their Service

Add Bank Details

Partners can notify the stores and customers of their status of conducting service, starting from accepting from merchants until it is accomplished.

Admin Panel

Analyze Reviews

Wallet Amount

Create Menu

Emails And SMS

Admin analyzes the reviews from the customers, merchants, and partners so that they can improve the overall work.

Get in Touch with the Super App Development Company for Answers to All Your Problems

If you are looking for a streamlined solution to conduct multi-services business, we, as a super app development company, get you a modernized, enterprise-ready solution.

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Important Features to Consider for Super App Development

Consider assembling super app development services with these essential features for a smooth business process.

Real-Time Currency

Our versatile script allows the integration of any number of currencies allowing business in multiple countries without any hurdle of payment in different currencies. It updates the values of each currency automatically.

Assign Roles to Sub Admin

Business owners control their entire business within the dashboard of the super app solution. They can also split the tasks by assigning the particular task to the sub-admin giving access to the dedicated section of the panel.

Multiple languages Integration

Super app development solution is already integrated with multiple languages and has the scope to integrate any number of languages to start the business in any number of locations, even in different cities or countries.

E-wallet System

In all the modules wallet system is incorporated, allowing the users to pay for their services with it, partners and merchants can settle their earnings through it, and it has a lot more benefits. Admins track all the transactions of the e-wallet.

In-app Map

For all the dedicated modules, apps allow using of the map within it to track the respective prospects and have ease in discovering them with their real-time updates. It makes the tasks convenient for all of them.

We Are Praised Multiple Times

Reviews of Our Clients

“I recommend them for any complex requirements of the project, get a Super App. They give solid source code making it easier for businesses to manage the entire business within it seamlessly. “

– lauren scott

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does the super app solution have the scope to manage the huge number of users?

Yes, the app is scalable to allow managing and supporting any number of users with stability and painless configuration for businesses.

2. What types of apps do you develop?

Super app development costs between $15000 to $50000, as calculated as an average cost. Though it has numerous factors that affect its overall costs, like the number of verticals and services integrated, tech stack used, customizing the modules, etc.

3. Who owns the source code after the launch?

We develop native apps as included in the super app development solution, built by Java and Swift for Android and iOS, respectively.

4. How many modules does the super app development company integrate?

There is no fixed number to integrate the verticals into the platform. Depending on the requirements of the business, the modules would be customized. One can even build from scratch. Though in the prebuilt code, there five of them are listed.