What is the Ubermoto Clone? Know the Reasons Why You Should Acquire the Platform in Your Business

on demand scooter sharing business solution

The ground transportation business has been thriving with the new idea for over the years now. The advanced platform that combines the services and customers is becoming a routine in all businesses. Entrepreneurs are acquiring these platforms to emphasize the business opportunities from the start only.

Ubermoto clone is an advanced mechanism where a moto and bike offering ventures can automate the services providing processes for the customers. It has dedicated systems for all the users, like customers, providers, and business admin.

The tech stack is versatile and allows the business to manage the processes within the platform with multiple users and also in multiple locations. It becomes easier and quicker for you to handle each business activity efficiently with impressive features and functionalities.

Advanced Features of UberMoto Clone

ubermoto clone features

100% Customization

We offer a complete customization facility to vendors in our ubermoto clone – motorbike and vehicle sharing application, helping them manage their business exponentially

Cross-Platform Support

In the ubermoto clone, we provide cross-platform support where users can access their service on apps as well as web panels with the same features and functionality

In-Demand Technologies

To design on-demand motorbike sharing apps, we used native Android and iOS platforms for mobile apps and MEAN stack technologies for Backend and DB management

GPS Integration

To provide more reliability and convenience in the motorbike hailing business, we integrate GPS in this solution to provide features like real-time tracking, ETA, Navigation, etc

Review System

To Know how your employees do in service, analyze all their service feedback with the rate and review system that we provide in both customer and provider apps

Social Media Integration

Social media is a booming platform and turnkey features of success. We integrate social media sign up and log in features along with referral sharing options

Enhance Service Efficiency and Effectiveness with UberMoto Like App Development

ubermoto like app development
  • Increase Business Reach
  • Generate More Revenue
  • Provide Immediate Solution

Explore to Know How UberMoto Clone Actually Works?

how ubermoto works?

Following the right procedure to fulfill the user demands, the UberMoto clone app provides thorough support. As its capacity to serve numerous user requests simultaneously helps produce better user experience, it turns out beneficial for revenue generation too. The product workflow is:

  • Users can check for vehicle availability and can place the request from the app or panel
  • Drivers are notified about the service request and can decide to accept or reject the request
  • Drivers reach the customers’ pickup location to provide their bike hailing service
  • Drivers drop customers to their specified destination and collect a service charge from customers
  • Customers can rate and review service providers and their service as per their experience gained

What We Offer in On Demand Bike Sharing App

We consider including every essential module in our ubermoto clone – On Demand Bike Sharing App, ensuring to provide numerous benefits for your business

ubermoto customer app clone

Customers App

Customers can request for immediate ride or schedule as per their needs

Driver App

ubermoto like driver app clone

The bike driver can get an online service request to accept or reject the service request option

user website for bike sharing business

User Web Panel

With an on-demand motorbike sharing web panel, users can book their ride immediately or schedule as per needs

Partners Panel

scooter sharing app partner panel

Partners can manage all the driver details online with rights of add, edit, and decline profile

admin dashboard of ubermoto app clone

Admin Dashboard

Admin can see all user profile details in a list with trip history, payment details with edit, and decline profile rights

Hotel Console

Hotels can edit their profiles from the panel, changing the name, address, email about the hotel

Corporate Panel

Corporate companies can create requests for the rides for their employees from the panel

Start Your Bike/Vehicle Sharing Service Like UberMoto

Develop your bike sharing app solution and go online with our UberMoto Clone

Realize The Methodology Of The Eber’s Products Through Apps

Rent a motorcycle using the intuitive app dedicated to performing the tasks significantly for customers

Well Designed Panels Included In E-Delivery For Smooth Business Processes

Admin tracks all user’s performances from the panel and, if required, can update their functionings