Eber Product Roadmap

Achieving🧨 exponential growth 🏢 by each passing year since 2012… 🏛️and we are aiming even higher.✨

  • 2023


    • EV Hub Panel
  • August

    • Razorpay Payment Gateway
    • User-to-User and Driver-to-Driver Wallet Transfer
    • Promo Code List
  • July

    • Loyalty Points Drivers and Users
  • June

    • Trip Bidding for Users and Drivers
  • 2022


    • Multiple Stops With Waiting Time
    • Ridesharing
    • Split Payment With Friend
    • Drivers Receive New Trip Before End
    • Driver Going Home
    • Multiple Stops With Waiting Time
  • March

    • Payment Gateways – Paystack And Pay U

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