Eber Corporate Panel Visuals

A corporate dedicated support to run your business efficiently and extend your ride-hailing facilities across multiple organizations dedicatedly

Corporate Support for Excelled Business Productivity

Implement improved hailing support by fulfilling corporate and organizational hailing demands. Corporates can book and manage rides of their professionals from the panel and control the payment methods. Run your business with compelling support that helps you implement the best standards and follow the right footsteps for improved user generation

Corporate Panel Step By Step Flow

Manage your corporate rides from a single place using the corporate panel. Provide a way to collaborate with the excellent ride-hailing system effectively


  • If an organization wants to collaborate with Eber, they first have to register for the corporate panel
  • As the registration is completed, the corporate panel admin can log in using the provided email ID and password credentials

Manage Profile

  • Corporate panel admin can choose to update their profile by changing the name, contact details, email ID, and more

Add Employees

  • Corporate admin can now send a request to employees who have registered for the system to add them to the corporate panel
  • As the employee accepts the request, they get added to the list of users. This list marks them as corporate users

Add Ride Request/Schedule A Ride

  • Admin can also choose to schedule a ride in advance or book a trip right away for registered employees
  • Panel admin can place a ride request for a particular employee by selecting the name from the user list and adding the ride details
  • Panel admin can monitor the trip progress throughout the time from the corporate panel

View Ride Request Details

  • Corporate admin has access to the ride request details
  • The ride request details include information on each request placed through the panel, accepted, completed, canceled, and scheduled

Add Card/Manage Wallet

  • Corporate Admin can manage the payment from the panel easily by adding the amount to the wallet to pay for corporate trips
  • Also, corporate admin can add a card to their system, which gets used for paying the ride fare each time a corporate trip completes

Payment History

  • The panel manages the payment details of each trip taken as a corporate trip
  • The panel admin can view the payment history, including the details of the user, trip distance, total ride fare, date, time, and more

Remove Employee Profile

  • Panel admin can easily remove an employee profile from the list of added employees

Filter Data

  • Panel admin can filter the data from the lists using various parameters- name, contact, email address, date, and more to extract information from it easily

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