Uber For Car Wash App

Redefine how to reach customers for car washing services with the Uber for car wash app, helping you connect the service providers and customers seamlessly and align the work in multiple cities and countries.

What is a Car Cleaning App? Why Set Up an On-Demand Car Cleaning App?

App for car cleaning is a trendsetter that offers car washing services within taps. The latest technology trends are shifting the entire paradigm of industries and businesses to another level. An on-demand app enables users to conveniently ask for car wash services and book appointments while you get to manage the entire business from a single end with a strict monitoring facility.

Uber for Car Wash app is an innovative platform for car cleaning businesses to serve their customers by allowing them to place service requests online. Supporting and encouraging service extension across cities and countries is a perfect fit for a car wash startup that wants to launch a useful yet impressive concept.

With the complete customization facility, it offers excellent user experiences and serves the business purpose by increasing profits and business reputation. This Uber like car wash app suits the needs of businesses of every size worldwide.

Top-Notch Features To Include In Car Wash App Development

Request Booking Or Queue

  • The mobile car wash app allows users to place a car wash serving request right away.
  • If the user wants to schedule the car wash as per their availability, they can also schedule it
  • By mentioning the time duration for the car wash, scheduled requests get executed as per provider availability

Card/Cash Payment Options

  • The Uber for car wash platform allows the admin to set multiple payment options to provide convenience and faster payment processing
  • Users can pay using their credit/debit/custom cards online or any other online payment option included in the solution
  • Else, they can select cash payments to pay the provider on location with cash and receive invoices directly

Service Alerts

  • When a user requests a service, registered service providers receive the notification
  • Providers can decide to accept or reject the service requests using their dedicated app
  • The service request data gets stored in their app, and the admin can also view the approved/rejected service data of each user and provider

View On Map

  • Providers can track the location of the customers as directed directly from the app
  • When the service request is accepted, the provider will be located in the map and will be allowed to move to the Google maps
  • From there, the provider will be directing the fastest possible routes

Installation Privileges

  • Admin has the right to set the installation privileges for the app use and version updates.
  • Using the admin panel, the admin can decide the fixed OS version to install and use the app on a particular device
  • Also, the admin can set the app updates mandatory to keep serving users with the latest features and required updates

Multi-Country Support

  • Our car wash app development solution ensures that we support every business demand, regardless of size.
  • Hence, the admin remains the controlling authority while they can choose to expand the business operations across cities
  • Using the admin panel, the admin can monitor every service and manage it across different cities and countries from a single console

Track Service Status

  • As a service provider accepts the service request, the live status updates of the booked services get delivered
  • At every stage of the service, a provider updates the service status, which gets sent to users and admin
  • Upon service completion, providers can request payment, and the invoice gets generated in their dedicated app

E-Wallet Settings

  • The integrated wallet facility ensures easier and more secure online payments
  • Users have to maintain the set minimum balance in their wallet to use it for various purposes
  • They can add money to their wallet using their credit/debit cards and maintain their balance or pay for services

Explore how Uber For Car Wash App Works

Uber for car wash supports every business dimension and works the same for all through its excellent apps and panels, which contribute to performing different tasks.

  • Customers can book services from the app or panel browsing with various categories
  • Providers or company employees can accept the requests and, with the help of brilliant functioning in the app, can serve the service
  • Admin can oversee all business tasks from an intuitive panel and also can make changes for the users

Empower Seamless Business Integration With White Label Car Cleaning Services App

Ensure to earn more business profits when you use the white-label car cleaning services app and manage everything effortlessly.

User App

Easy Login

Allow easier registration and log in facilities with social media account integration for faster access.


Integrated Google Map facility lets a user choose the service location by pointing it on the map

Apply Filters

Apply filters on the available service provider list to choose anyone efficiently.

Rate Services

Rate the received services and the skills of service providers on a scale of five stars

Service Provider App

Select Provider

Customers can select individual providers for the services or can choose a company exploring their reviews and prices.


Set the service availability as available or unavailable using the on/off switch option available in the provider application

Service Details

Providers can view the complete service information, including user-mentioned specifications and the duration details.

Set Availability

Providers can set their availability from the app to allow companies to assign them for the services at that time.

Admin Dashboard

Authorize Admin

The admin can give multiple admins access to manage the business efficiently and control their authorization within the panel.

Service Data

View complete service history, including completed, rejected, and canceled service requests- with their cancellation reasons


Manage available payment modes and see payment details of each completed service, including invoice details.

Booking Request

It would be easy for admins to see and filter all users’ booking requests; it also includes canceled booking requests.

User Website

Autofill Location

The autofill location feature helps a user set their location quickly by typing only a few characters in the search box

Cancel Request

Provide a valid cancellation reason for service cancellation under a set time limit to void the placed service request


View complete request history- placed, completed, accepted, or rejected, and canceled service details in the user website

Save Cards

Customers can save their credit/debit card details on the website to pay online using their cards with just a few clicks.

Company Panel

Edit Service Request

The companies can agree to the service requests and update the time and date of service according to the providers’ availability.

Payment Settlement

Companies can settle the payments of the providers by sending the amount they have in their wallet to their wallet.

Service Status

The company can check the service status from the panel starting from the service requested till the provider completes the service.

Manage Employees

The company owner can add service providers from the panel and edit details about them whenever required.

Apps Fulfilling Distinct Demands

We offer prebuilt app solutions for businesses to fit their business type and user needs.

Customer App

Register with the necessary details in the app and search for any home services seamlessly.

Provider App

Recognize the working of the service provider panel with the brilliant features to complete all the tasks.

Learn More About the Products Exploring our Demo Product

Check the user app and provider app to understand the workflow and features that could best suit your business.

Customer App

Register in the app with necessary details in the app and can search for any home services seamlessly

Provider App

Recognize working of the service provider panel with the brilliant features to complete all the tasks

Distinctive Panels For Respective Stakeholders

User Panel

Reserve services to your time through the panel that allows you to choose your payment mode

View Web Flow

Admin Panel

Use the admin panel with appreciable features and operations to manage the business within it

View Web Flow

Company Panel

Companies create a virtual space where they can add employees and provide services using online mode

Select Our Business-Centric Uber Like Car Wash App Delivering Superior Business Control

Prioritize business control and complete monitoring facilities with our Uber Like car wash app by implementing it in your business. Introduce faster and efficient car washing services to build your business reputation and increase revenues with a quick and practical app

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Frequently Asked Questions About Uber For Car Wash

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The major earnings in car cleaning apps are from service providing service to the customers. Business owners can reserve a significant profit amount. Moreover, the admin can set multiple locations for the business and create a chain of business in order to increase the revenues and customer base.

Yes, we provide multi-language support in the platform that allows businesses to set convenient languages for communication.

A business can set the service charge by keeping it based on a fixed price. It can also keep the charges based on the hours included in a fixed price.

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