Uber For Gas – On Demand Fuel Delivery App Development

It’s never a great time to stop for refilling fuel in the car, right? In the era of on-demand services, the latest target is on-demand fuel delivery services. It is a mobile-based app service to deliver gasoline on-demand for the customer`s car tanks. To fulfill this purpose, we provide an on demand fuel delivery app development solution like We Fuel, Filld, Booster for your gasoline delivery business. The Uber for gas delivery app is the best way the customers have, while they got sucked at any location. They can simply enter that location into the app and send the request for fuel delivery. The nearby service provider will receive the fuel request. Immediately after the acceptance of the request, the customer can track the real-time location of the service provider through GPS. The service charges can be set as per the business policies and may also include some extra charges for delivery. The customer can share their feedback about service after getting tank filled! For far-reaching goals to have such app, we provide complete customization services as per the business needs.

Futuristic Features Of Our Fuel Delivery App

Social Signup

The riders can signup in a very simple manner with any social media platform to save the time and make the fuel reach to them as soon as possible.

Schedule Delivery

The riders can even schedule the delivery. This is a helpful feature, especially while the rider is in hurry and do not have the time for refilling.

Online Chat

The online chat feature facilitates the rider and the delivery provider to chat online to communicate well and share any necessary information.

Online Payment

There is possible to pay online with the help of credit or debit card or even with any popular e-wallet available in the app for online payment.

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What Do We offer In Our Fuel Delivery App Development Solution?

It is a bundle of feature-rich apps and panels that we provide in fuel delivery app development solution

User Apps

Platfrom compatible user apps

Schedule Order

The rider can schedule their order for fuel and get the tank filled at any time they want. The rider can schedule the order for the next hour, next day or next week.

Map View

With the help of map view, a rider can check out for the all the nearby fuel delivery providers and request for the fuel from the nearest service provider.

Payment Option

The rider can pay for the ordered fuel in multiple ways. They can go with debit or credit card payment or they can select to pay from e-wallets or COD.

Order History

The rider can check the order history where all the previously placed order would be there along with the necessary details of the previous orders.

Provider Apps

Fast fuel delivery with advanced app

On/Off Service

The provider can have a flexible time for providing the service. He/she can on/off the service and select the best suitable time to provide the fuel deliveries.

Earning Details

The service provider can check and manage all the earning details in the earning details section and can integrate e-wallet to get directly paid into it.


With the help of navigations, the service provider can easily reach to the rider who has placed the request for the fuel from any random location.

Calling & Messages

The service provider can call or chat with the rider and make him/her aware of the current status of the delivery. This feature is to provide a better communication.

Store App

Easy management of a widespread business.

Social Login

Stores can create their own profile via social signup facility where they need to just click on any preferred social media icon to register.

Manage Service Provider

Store owners can manage all the service providers associated with them. They can check the details and manage the details of the service providers.

Order Cancellation Charge

The stores can apply order cancellation charges in the case of order cancellation, where the rider needs to pay the charges if the placed order gets canceled.

Extra Charges

The stores can apply extra charges in order to manage their on-demand fuel delivery business. They may charge extra for the fuel and for delivery.

Admin Panel

A powerful control over sensitive business

Add Cities

The admin can add new cities of new countries into the app. This is a futuristic feature for a growing business into new cities in new countries.

Profit Mode

The admin can set the profit mode as per the business policies. The profit mode may vary for every different dispatcher working with the app.

Service Rate

The service rates can be set with the detailed information like base price, distance, price per unit, service tax, and minimum applied fare price.


The admin can change the settings from the admin panel. He/she can change the settings like the name of the app, default service radius etc.

Get The Fuel In A Few Simple Steps

Register & Login

The rider needs to register first, after that they can login and access the on-demand fuel delivery service.

Explore & Order

The rider can check for the particular type of fuel with quantity and place the order and share the location.

Confirm & Pay

After placing the order, the rider needs to confirm order to get the delivery and they can pay online or offline.

Get Delivery

In a few minutes the service provider will reach the shared location and fill the tank as per the placed order.

Gussing For The Cost of Fuel Delivery App Development?

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