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In the second quarter of 2016, marijuana sales in the state of Washington have surpassed $200 million. Since the legalization of Marijuana in Washington in 2012, residents and visitors have bought more marijuana during this quarter than ever before. In 2015, the marijuana industry made Colorado roughly one billion dollars. Taxes and fees on marijuana generated $135 million for the state, exceeding expectations.

Reason for quick growth of on demand marijuana delivery business

Newer technological developments are playing a role in the industry’s growing revenue. Brad Roddy of Medicine Man, a growth and dispensary operation in Colorado, commented, “You have all of these ancillary businesses creating point of sale, software, websites, the ability to shop online.” So with companies like “Eaze” breaking down the barriers to buying medical marijuana in California, buying is simpler than ever. Market started to trend for create an app like eaze for marijuana business.

How Technology helps growth in business with on demand platform?

1. To Understand This Better Let’s Take The Uber Analogy:

Uber is an on-demand transportation service which has brought a revolution in the taxi industry all across the world. The business model of Uber has made it possible for people to simply tap their smartphone and have a cab arrive at their location in the minimum possible time. Uber, a cab company valued at $51 Billion without even owning a single cab has raised many eyebrows. The business model of Uber has created what is called the ripple effect in the on demand economy. The widespread term ‘Uber for X’ says it all.

2. Uber is The Digital Disruption of an Industry That Struggles to Ensure High Standards at Low Cost. Its Business Model is:

  • Find drivers with access to a car who want to earn money.
  • Orchestrate them centrally to offer a highly scaled and distributed transport platform.
  • Allow people who want to make journeys book these drivers via a mobile application.
  • Create a review system to ensure great service.
  • Take a 20-30 cut of all bookings.
  • Leverage the data collected to minimize wait times and maximize drive times.

The current strategy being applied to this model is quite simple. Take the almost $9bn they have raised and use it to run the competition into the ground.

What You Can Get in Cannabis Delivery App Development

Want to flourish your business of Medical Marijuana with cannabis delivery app? If you are in to the business of medical marijuana and want to escalate your business we can help you set up your business online and on mobile. You too can start your own online counter of Medical Marijuana by using our “On Demand Service” Platform. It’s very simple, if you are trading in medical marijuana and wish you have your portal or application then we will support you with our hi-tech and GPS based cannabis delivery application development solution that will enable access to clients for your services, support and you can easily earn without having to market about what you deal into.

User App

Customer marijuana app consists of sign up and registers functionality, which is followed by account verification through documents. Users can later type their location or select the favorite and get the menu displayed of the nearest stores. Now users can request for the order of the product which shows product details, ingredients, pricing and can pay online through payment methods and get it delivered.

Delivery Man App

Delivery person can register in the app using mail or social media and can upload the documents for verification. Now those documents are verified by admin and the account is approved. After this, the delivery person can be online or offline to receive the request for delivery. The delivery man has to go the allocated location to get the parcel item and deliver it to the user, the whole end process is described in flow in the app. Payments are received through the app to bank accounts attached directly.

Store App & Panel

App for the outlets to manage the store channel, comes with functionality to register the store in the app, upload the products with images, description, credentials details and pricing. The app allows the outlets to upload the products which will be shown automatically in the app. It can also help stores to make the decision of in the stock or out of stock of products through the app itself to ensure providing reliable services to customers regarding product.

Admin Panel

It is considered as the central theme of the whole system, it can help you regulate, manage and execute the functionality of the system smoothly. It can register the stores, drivers – Approve deliveries of products, conduct analysis of delivery, orders, payments and much more. It has all rights to manage the system and avoid any internal issues and execute without anyone else permit

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