Uber For Medical Cannabis

Uber for Medical Cannabis

Take your dispensary business on-demand with Uber for medical cannabis to ease the ordering process for medical patients

Uber for Medical Cannabis

What is Uber For Medical Cannabis? How an On-Demand Marijuana App Helps a Business Run Operations Online?

Demand for Cannabis has increased ever since its legal uses started. Gen Z wants to acquire technology for all their requirements, which is also applied with the business terms. Verified vendors of Cannabis look for the technology to start providing services to their customers on the online platform.

Uber for medical Cannabis is powered by smart technology that comprises various modules for all the users to carry out the workflow online. These modules are customizable which can be reformed as per the market fluctuations.

Elluminati provides a delivery app for a government-approved on-demand marijuana delivery business holder. Pot delivery app developers craft native systems for both the platform to connect patients with marijuana dispensaries nearby with necessary features to make fluent flow.

Magnificent Features Of Uber For Cannabis Delivery Platform

Set Delivery And Order Profit

The influential admin panel of our Uber for cannabis delivery platform allows the admin to set the profit amount for orders and delivery with the right to modify it anytime. This feature can help admins to have insight into their profit by enabling them to go straight forward to their profit margin setting it depending on the demands in the market.

Define Service Zones

Admin can define a specific service zone within the city with impressive features of Uber like cannabis delivery app to deliver amazing ordering and delivery service experience to customers belonging to that particular service zone. They can set special service zones by drawing it manually on the map

Access Settings

Admin has the authority to access the setting options of the feature-rich dashboard, we offer with our on-demand marijuana delivery platform. Panel admin can make necessary changes, including time zone, default search radius, app name, request timeout, and many others

Manage Features

Using an on-demand marijuana delivery service dashboard, admin can manage all the features efficiently and easily. They can manage various features, including phone verification, delivery provider document verifications, email verification, and many more by switching particular features on/off as per their business needs

In-App Wallet

Our developers have integrated an in-app wallet into each module to ensure an effective transaction process for users and customers. Admin allows drivers with sufficient balance to perform needed transactions through the applications that also without any hassle. The stores can also settle payments with admin through the wallet.

Multiple Cities Control

Admin can grow their cannabis business in different cities by controlling it within a dashboard. They can define different service types they want to provide in each city individually and ensure effective delivery service to customers’ locations by monitoring through the panel.

Why Our On-Demand Uber for Weed Delivery Solution is Unique in the Market?

  • Customizable Uber For Weed Solution
  • Scalable Product
  • Cost-Effective Development

How Uber Like Marijuana App Works to Provide Excellent Experience?

We have involved all the essential modules in our Uber like marijuana app to encourage the best experience. The powerful admin dashboard of our app allows you to fulfill your customer demands by providing them quick medical deliveries right at their doorsteps. Our Uber for cannabis solution follows an excellent work approach to enable you to provide seamless deliveries. Customers are also provided with estimated arrival time, and allowed to track drivers’ in real-time, check the workflow of the tech stack to know how it performs to offer excellent result:

  • Users can order weeds from a particular marijuana delivery store
  • On-demand cannabis delivery stores that receive the patient’s weed order can request the delivery provider to deliver it
  • Customers can track their deliveries once the delivery provider picks their orders from the store
  • Customers can go for an online payment option to leverage contactless delivery

Control Your Business With Uber For Medical Cannabis Solution

Fulfill your customers’ demand with a dedicated app solution to strengthen your weed delivery business presence online in a short time. Offer reliable and verified delivery support with Uber for medical cannabis solution promising business success

Customer App

Order List

Customers can check the complete order list, including the details of weeds name, dispensary name, the amount paid, etc

Add Favourite

Customers can add any of the particular weed shops in their favorite list with authority to remove any from the list

Customize Address

Customers can change their delivery location using Google Maps or manually enter the exact address with details.

Rate Stores

Customers are provided with rating options using which they can rate the cannabis store and delivery provider on a scale of five

User Website

Select Items to Add to the Cart

They can choose multiple items from a store, select from various categories, add all of them into the cart, and order and pay altogether.

Repeat the Item from Cart

Users can repeat the item with a choice to keep the modifiers the same as it is or can choose to customize them.

Get Discounts

Customers can take benefit of the promo coupons and redeem those while ordering, getting extra discounts.

Schedule or Instant Orders

Users can order instant delivery or schedule a desired time and date to their address entered while ordering.

Store Panel

Manage Profile

Stores can change their profile details like name, email, password, contact details, location, etc.

Choose Languages

Stores get multiple languages to use the app as given by the admin; they can choose one convenient language.

Update Password

Stores can update the password if required from the profile details adding old and new passwords.

Delivery Time Settings

Food stores can modify the delivery time availability in a week which will be shown to the customers.

Store App

Cancellation Charge

Stores can set and update order or delivery cancellation charges from the customers in addition to the reason for cancellation.

Set Amount

Using the store app and panel, store owners are allowed to define the minimum order amount for the cannabis delivery service

Change Password

Store can change the password whenever they want to use the existing password for security reasons.

Delivery Time Settings

The store can set the delivery slot timing for the users and even add new slots for the delivery if required.

Admin Panel

Force Update

Admins can manage the force updates on the apps to maintain the best user experience with the best updates.

Set Store Administrator

Admin can define and control store administrators with authority to add or remove any as per their needs

Filter Data

Admin can filter dashboard data by applying various filters on the lists like orders, users, stores, drivers, etc., and get details easily.

Add Stakeholders

Admin can add and manage stakeholders with the authority to edit and remove any of the rights of stakeholders as per their preference

Delivery Provider App

Wallet Transaction

Providers are allowed to check their wallet transaction, they can request to transfer the amount to the wallet if needed

Live Chat

Delivery providers can call and message agents and customers using the live chat option available in the app

Optimize Route

Delivery providers can find the fastest and easiest path to reach their destination using a route optimization facility

Order Request

Delivery providers can choose to accept or reject order requests as per their convenience through the app and panel

Advance Features of EDelivery

Delivery Provider App

Deliveryman can register with vital documents and vehicle details in the app.

User App

User app has quick social login and easy search for the stores and items in the app

Store App

Stores can add complete menu, and oversee all business tasks from the app

Understand The Features Provided In The Application For More

EDelivery apps are built and tested with impressive technologies for users, stores, and delivery providers.

Delivery Provider App

Deliveryman can register with vital documents and vehicle details in the app.

User App

User app has quick social login and easy search for the stores and items in the app

Store App

Stores can add complete menu, and oversee all business tasks from the app

Attempt To Know The Panels To Manage Your Business Conveniently

User Panel

Users get the brilliant panel compatible to all the devices to order

Admin Panel

Admin can dispatch the order from the admin panel either manually assigning the driver or auto assigning

Store Panel

Stores can create a detailed menu and edit that anytime from the panel

Result Driven Apps Catering Your Business Requirements

We have various on-demand solutions that target various industries doing the business operations seamlessly

Grow Your Business Exponentially With Uber For Weed Delivery Solution

Have full control over the cannabis delivery business with an Uber for weed delivery platform to operate business methodically. Win the trust of your customers by enabling them with easy and faster order processing through the tech stack

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Frequently Asked Questions On Uber For Medical Cannabis

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The cost to develop a platform like Uber for medical cannabis ranges from USD $7000 to $15000. Or even that could exceed these figures if a business wants to customize the platform.

Yes, we provide the addon service, in which we customize the code that fits your business needs.

From the platforms, you can add multiple outlets located in various cities and countries and manage them online within it. It is also supported by the multi-language and currency conversion feature.

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