What is a Taxi App for Sale? Why is it Preferred to Retain More Customers in Your Ride-hailing Business?

The changing demands of users are one of the primary reasons behind business evolution towards technological solutions. Riders seek instant services, booking a ride within an app, and get an estimated time of the rides. A business can promote its services and get more recommendations on digital platforms.

Taxi app for sale is the digital platform for taxi booking business atomizing the business tasks, merging them within a platform. The functions could be tailored to meet the needs of the riders and the competitive gig economy.

The solution enhances your performance, increasing the ride-hailing capacities and monitoring each ride. Cab app for sale commits to promoting your business on a global platform for expanded business exposure with stakeholder-centric features of each component.

Impressive Aspects of Taxi Booking App

Ride Requests

Users place the ride requests from the dedicated user app and panel for the trip by entering details. They can choose to schedule their rides by entering the time slot and the date when they want their cab to arrive. Also, the admin can view these request details and active trips from the admin console. It helps them follow the updates and ensures to garner an excellent user experience

Referral Earnings

Allow users and drivers to earn discounts or money by promoting the app usage with the referral codes. It helps a user share the app experience over social media accounts and promotes the referral code usage among the contacts of a user. The system admin can generate and view complete referral usage and share data by the report that helps them analyze the effects and adjust the strategies accordingly

Estimated Ride Fares

Based on the distance and the traffic conditions and applicable base price, the estimated fare gets calculated. The estimated ride fare does not keep the varying traffic conditions in consideration during the calculation, so that the actual ride fare may vary from the estimated one. It helps the user get an estimation of the total charges and prepare for the ride charges they have to bear

Vehicle Selection

Users can select the vehicle for the ride as per their needs and convenience. System admin defines various vehicle categories from which a user selects anyone. The base prices for a different type of vehicle varies from others. Based on the user’s selection of vehicle type, the base fare is considered, and the total estimated fare gets calculated and displayed to the user

In-app Communication

Enable in-app communication for users and drivers using the in-app chat function. An in-app chat feature helps a user connect with a driver or a support agent without needing to share their contact details. Also, drivers can use the same function in their dedicated app to reach out to support agents to clarify any doubts and provide excellent ride-hailing support to users

Manage Documents

Our taxi booking app for sale allows the document management functionality within the dedicated solution. Drivers, partners, and dispatchers can save their documents in the solution and later provide the same for verification before registration. The admin views and confirms their registration request to accept them as the stakeholder of the system

Inter-city Rides

Provide inter-city ride-hailing support with dedicated solution support. Allow users to book intercity rides and pay a fixed amount for the same. The admin can choose to set variable prices (based on time traveled, distance, and many other factors) or choose to enable fixed charges. They can add the toll amount to the final ride fare once the ride gets completed

Surge Pricing

Users are offered another premium feature to select a vehicle type as per their requirement. If they are more than 2-3 people, they can select the SUV option. Later they can edit selected vehicle types as per their preferences. Customers can mention the vehicle type from the user application.

Why Buy Taxi App from Us?

Our Taxi app for sale is comfortable for all those businesses who are expanding their reach across the globe. Buy taxi app from us that guarantees increased profits and extended support

  • Geolocation & Routing

    When the user books a ride, geolocation & routing works non-stops to estimate distance.

  • Fare Splitting

    This advanced feature allows co-passengers to split the total fare based on their pickup-drop location.

  • Heat Maps

    Using this feature driver can view areas from where they get maximum ride requests.

  • Call Masking

    This feature allows drives and users to mask their real numbers; it ensures safety during the ride.

Choose a Perfect Solution for Your Growing Business Demands

Technical assistance needs to be updated enough to empower your business with the best services. Taxi app for sale allows you to create a better experience and manage effortlessly

User App

Ride Now

A passenger can book an instant ride using a dedicated user application or website.

Service Provider App

Availability Status

Drivers can set online/offline status anytime, as per their availability. In offline mode, they won’t get any requests.

Admin Dashboard

Manage Vehicles

This feature allows admins to manage their fleets efficiently; they can add/remove vehicles as per the availability.

Dispatcher Panel

Manage Drivers

Using this feature, the dispatcher can add/remove drivers and set commission rates.

Partner Console

Add Vehicles

Your partner can add fleets with necessary vehicle details. It would be helpful for business expansion.

User Console

Easy Registration

Using this feature passengers can register themselves with ease & start booking instantly.

Driver Console

Social Media Login

Drivers are allowed to log in using their social media accounts including Facebook, Instagram and others.

Hotel Panel

Make Ride Request

This feature allows hotel staff to book a taxi for their guest. They can mention if the guest’s requirement is special.

Corporate Panel

Create A Group

This feature allows the corporate head to make a group for their employees who can ride as per the schedule.

Do You Have Any Questions About Taxi Application?

Want to empower your fleet business? If you have any questions regarding a Taxi application, get in touch with our sales team, and they will give you consultation with the best possible solutions that fulfill your business goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions for Taxi App for Sale

1. How does a taxi app work?

Taxi apps have various modules that perform different functions to complete a single business process. Customers book a ride from the app or panel; drivers can receive the service request, track the address and complete the ride in the estimated time. It also has a partner panel, hotel panel, dispatcher panel, and corporate console for personalized and extended support. All these are supervised and updated from an admin panel.

2. Can I form my own taxi app?

You can hire team to develop an app script for taxi booking that could be branded as per your personalized data in the platform. We provide a fully customizable solution that could suit any business range.

3. How much does it cost to maintain the platform?

The cost of maintaining the platform depends on the customization you would require in the solution to run the business in the future. We provide three months of post-purchase support, and further support is provided as an add-on service. You can refer to our pricing structure for information: https://www.elluminatiinc.com/uber-clone-app-pricing-details/