What is Courier Tracking Software? Which Modules are Offered with it?

Courier tracking software is a dedicated solution that helps you manage and cater to the markets’ changing requirements. Elluminati offers courier and package tracking software for logistics and courier service business. Enable real-time tracking and booking options for your customers with a white label courier tracking app and panel. Our Courier tracking software is a perfect solution for the startup and multi franchises, helping them meet the courier express and parcel market’s growing demand. We have different real-time tracking modules assuring full control over your courier business.

The cloud-based courier tracking system comes with extensive user support, along with crucial components, helping you satisfy all your customers’ needs efficiently. At the same time, a powerful admin dashboard enables you to control and monitor every business activity to run your business accurately

Crucial Features of Our Tracking Solution Encouraging Your Business Reach

Outlet Access

Customers can explore the list of nearby courier service providers on the user app. They can explore the list and can choose any as per their requirements. App users can also check reviews and ratings about the particular providers before requesting their courier Service

Multi-Outlet Support

Our package delivery tracking software supports single and multi outlets to operate their parcel delivery business seamlessly. It enables outlets to manage their business using the app and panel, ensuring their business success. They can collect users’ requests and complete them meticulously to ensure improving their customer base

Multi-Lingual Change

Our courier booking software includes a language and currency change facility ensuring your business growth in multiple countries of our choice. Admin has the authority to change the operational language through the panel to enable local customers to use and understand a solution. They can also change the currency rate to allow users with easy to pay options for the registered service

Multiple Payment Options

Panel admin can introduce multiple payment options to provide great payment experience to end-users. They can enable users with online as well as an offline payment option. Multiple payment options help app users to pay for their demanded service without any hassle guarantees their engagement with your business for a longer run

Real-Time Tracking Support

Users are allowed to track the service providers in real-time through the app. They can monitor the live status of the service provider once they pick their order from the stores until they reach their doorsteps. Panel admin can also track the service providers to ensure on-time and persuasive service to customers on their demand

Productive Controlling

An excellently designed admin dashboard ensures to expand your business reach and productivity by allowing you to monitor and control all activities of your courier service business. Admin can track the service to improve service experience and to complete all the delivery on time without any hassle

Ventures Leveraging Our Courier Tracking Software for Their Business

  • Courier Companies
  • Cargo Companies
  • Shipping Companies

Learn on How the Courier Tracking System is Working Exactly?

The application helps vendors to collect as many orders as they can, our courier tracking system provides full control to vendors by allowing them to serve their customers over different countries and cities. The delivery provider is provided with the best app and panel, enabling them to satisfy the needs of customers on time, software follows accurate process once the users place the request using the app or panel:

  • The store gets notified about the request through the app and panel
  • Once the order is packed, stores request providers nearby
  • Providers get the request notification, they collect the parcel and deliver the order to the mentioned location

Explore How Each Component of Our Tech Stack Perform

Manage your courier business online with our advance features and functionality of courier delivery tracking software

User App & Website

Users have the authority to schedule the service request as per their preference through the app and panel

Store App & Dashboard

Stores can get a new order request and can manage all the requests efficiently through the courier tracking system

Admin Dashboard

Admin can choose any of the vehicles for a delivery provider by managing it efficiently through the dashboard

Provider App

The delivery provider can upload all the essential documents to start providing a delivery service

Operate Your Business Online with Package Delivery Tracking System Crafting Excellent Experiences

Fulfill all the demands of your prospective customers with our package delivery tracking system ensuring to provide a superb experience. Leverage the cloud support to expand your courier business over boundaries by serving more customers skillfully, ensuring their satisfaction

Try Out The App Modules Provided For Your Courier Business

Dedicated user app to book a courier service conveniently

Panel Provided In Courier Tracking Software To Empower Business

The simple design of user panel to book courier service easily

Clients Trusting and Loving Our App Solutions Internationally

Global Media Acknowledged and Awarded Our Development Efforts Globally

Frequently Asked Questions on Courier Tracking Software

1. Can I import my business information to courier tracking software?

Yes, you can easily import your business information to the courier tracking software. Our software contains all essential features and modules that help you manage your business efficiently.

2. How can I manage courier requests?

You can easily manage every delivery request through the cloud-based courier tracking software. Check the step-by-step flow right away to know how our solution makes it easier for you to manage every request efficiently. https://www.elluminatiinc.com/e-delivery/store-apps-graphical-visuals/

3. Will I need to buy heavy equipment for operating my business solution?

No, you don't have to purchase heavy equipment for operating your business solution; you just need a smart device from where you can control and manage your courier delivery business systematically.

4. Will I be charged for technical support?

You are offered with free support for 1 or 3 months based on the package, but you need to pay some extra bucks to enjoy further support.