E-Delivery Store App Visuals

A store dedicated mobile app helps you create excellent experiences for partner stores as well that helps manage their stores efficiently

Store Supportive Module for Organized Ordering and Deliveries

Ensure to support the collaborating stores with a solution that makes it easy for stores to control and monitor operations. Prove your business efficiency with a tech solution inclined towards the best result generation. The store app helps manage their inventory and products that they sell online along with earning support and analytics

Store App Step By Step Flow

Managing the orders was never too easy. The stores can manage the orders with all the ease they expect while operating the store tasks


  • The orders can be managed with all the details available on a single screen, that is what exactly our store app does with ultimate order management experience
  • The stores can check out the name of the user, the total amount of the order, ordered items with customization details and many other things


  • The stores can track the ongoing deliveries from the delivery section, where they can see its details with scheduled and pending deliveries.
  • The delivery status of the particular order can be seen on the same screen along with all the necessary details like destination address, amount etc

Items & Products

  • The items and products category attached to the store app provides a perfect platform to present the products and items of the store
  • A simple on/off button makes item visible/invisible on the live menu. That reduces the work of removing and adding the items according to stock

Account & Profile

  • The profile section enables the store to be presented in front of the audience in their desired way by entering the details that they want to show
  • The store can reset the password from the profile, in case they forget it, and it becomes necessary to change it to keep everything secure

Product Management

  • Managing the products might be the hardest thing of all, but not anymore. With our featured store app, the stores can manage the products easily
  • They can add multiple pictures of a particular item to showcase the product and its quality. That is how the users can know about the product
  • The specifications of the product, price, categorization, and other relevant things makes it easy to manage the items and present in the best way

Bank Details & Document

  • Multiple bank account details can be added into the bank details section of the store profile in order to receive the payment directly into that
  • The documents can be added to the documents section if the stores are willing to do so. Any legal document can be uploaded here in this section

Payments & Sharing

  • Managing the in-app payments and earnings is easy with the help of the online payment section where the store can add various kind of details
  • The stores can share the referral codes with their customers in order to provide and receive the benefit of referrals. It is the best way for promotions


  • The stores can filter the earnings on a daily or a weekly basis. That provides an ease to the store while they are checking the earnings
  • The order earning section provides detailed information of the earnings from each order separately, so there would be no confusion
  • The store can check a different kind of transactional amounts for each order attached to the same screen for easy understanding


  • The settings like order cancellation charge, the value of the order to cancel the order, order cancellation charge type can be specified from settings
  • The area in which the store can do the deliveries for free can be set from the settings area of the store app along with other settings as well
  • The management of scheduled delivery can be done in a seamless way with the scheduled delivery settings available in the settings area

Create Order & Instance Order

  • All the instant order that needs to be delivered right away would be on one screen so that the store can be aware of it and nothing can be missed
  • The stores can create the order on their own. In many situations when the user is unable to create order, the store can create it for them

Promo List

  • The stores can issue their own promo codes in order to promote their business. They need to add specific details in the app to issue codes
  • The promo details section allows the stores to check various relevant details like code number, amount, starting date, expiry date, code type etc

Reviews & Help

  • From the reviews and rating section, the store can provide their own reviews and rating for working on a particular order.
  • Sometimes when something went wrong from the app side, in such situations, the stores can contact the app’s help desk from the given details

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