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What is Courier Management Software? How does it Automate Your Logistics Operations?

Courier management software is a platform that brings convenience to customers and allows them to track their deliveries in real-time. The global size of the courier, express, and parcel holds a strong position in the market and reached 330.4 billion euro in 2019. Changing user demands are driving businesses to upgrade their services and approaches. Courier delivery dispatch software is a solution dedicated to improving the convenience of requesting courier deliveries for users and providing reliable support. Many enterprises from courier service market are upgrading to the latest tech support because it allows for:

  • Multi-country expansion support to help them upscale their business reach and manage profit earnings
  • Real-time delivery tracking with an integrated GPS feature to manage the delivery tasks and monitor tasks well
  • Dedicated provider support with a suitable app serving their needs and managing delivery services
  • Online payment collection facility with integrated security and secure payment options for users

Striking Features of Courier Management System

ETA Details

  • Based on the location of the delivery provider from the pickup and the delivery location, the estimated time of arrival gets calculated in courier management system
  • The ETA details get shown to the user who has requested the pickup and delivery from their dedicated courier dispatch software solution
  • The system admin can also view the entire delivery details including the ETA from their admin dashboard

Earning Analytics

  • The courier dispatch system solution caters to earning analytics and report generation requirements of the admin and delivery providers
  • It provides real-time data on the collected and received amounts and helps download it in the form of reports
  • The admin can view earning details of the delivery providers as well from the admin panel

Delivery Service Rates

  • Admin decides the delivery service rates applicable for the courier deliveries requested through the app
  • They can manage the service rates based on the changing user demands and package needs
  • The courier management software helps to set prices according to distance, time and more parameters

Courier Pickup Confirmation

  • The pickup confirmation gets sent to the user who has requested the pickup from the app solution
  • They can specify any special needs and the delivery provider keeps the same in mind when receiving the parcel
  • The provider clicks a picture and uploads it to send to the user as the pickup confirmation after the code verification process

Promo Codes & Discounts

  • This courier management system allows setting promo codes and offer discounts to promote the app use
  • Admin can set the promo codes and avail them to users for earning discounts on the total amount charges
  • They can even provide referral codes to help users earn discounts when they promote the app among their contacts

Delivery Zones

  • Define delivery zones and set their pricing for each city to provide courier services as per your business requirements
  • Admin can mark specific areas in a red zone where they do not intend to give the courier delivery or pickup services
  • To define delivery zones, the admin can mark the radius and the area on the map and categorize these zones

What Makes Our Courier Management System Different

  • Technical Expertise
  • Reliable Courier Management
  • Online Payment Support

How This Courier Management Software Works?

A Courier management software providing adequate support for courier businesses needs to work in an optimal way that can give better results. Courier delivery dispatch system allows for creating a better experience and works in a below-mentioned way:

  • Customers can request a pickup or delivery of a specific product and schedule a request
  • Nearby delivery providers receive the request and decide to accept/reject a pickup or delivery request
  • For pickup requests, the delivery provider fetches the item and delivers it to the mentioned location
  • The user pays for the total service charges and delivery charges using their preferred payment method
  • Admin gets to view and manage these delivery processes from their admin dashboard

Select an Eminent App Support for Desired Business Rise

Get a dedicated courier management software allowing you to cater to all customer needs and providing increased revenue generation support

User App

Users can schedule the pickup requests in advance by adding the time slot and date for the pickup of items

Admin Dashboard

Define the referral bonus for all users who use and share the set referral code to promote your app usage

Delivery Provider App

Identity of the delivery provider gets verified every time they log in or accept any delivery request for authentication

User Website

Register and login using your social media accounts to access your account and place requests quickly

Meet User Expectations with Our Dependable Courier Delivery Dispatch System

Choose the best way to complete all user demands with suitable delivery support from courier dispatch software. Update the solution as per your business needs and generate excellent experiences across all users with reliable last-mile deliveries

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does it take up your solutions in my Business?

Your needs are at our utmost priority. Based on the project complexities, it takes several business days. For further information, you can reach us at [email protected]

2. Why Choose Our Courier Delivery Solution?

Advanced courier delivery software enhances your logistic business's productivity, solves delivery related issues in a jiffy, and manages all your operations smoothly.

3. Can More Features be Added to Your Courier System?

Yes, our courier management software offers 100% flexibility to add features and update existing ones.

4. Will I be able to Run a Small Courier Business with your Solution?

Sure. Our courier delivery software is expansible so that it will work for all scales of businesses without any friction.

5. Will I See Ongoing and Completed Deliveries?

Yes, you can see both ongoing and completed deliveries within your dashboard with the current status of the delivery provider.