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online courier management software

Make faster deliveries with white label courier management software that can be easily configured, fit your business standards, and offers an enhanced courier delivery experience to users

online courier management software

What is Courier Management Software? How Does It Arrange Courier Requests in an Organized Way?

Advanced software is a step towards that path which allows logistic and transportation businesses to simplify their existing manual tasks and facilitates them to monitor each operation in real-time. Folks these days want and expect instant gratifications in everything, and courier delivery service enables them to track their packages in real-time.

Courier management software is the advanced mechanism that meets the end-to-end needs of logistic companies and allows the management of bulk courier deliveries with easy-to-handle functionalities. From smart tracking in the platform to fleet management and monitoring driver’s activity, the software comes with an ergonomic interface that automates your business in no time.

Elluminati offers white label parcel delivery software that is compatible and grants full operation of courier deliveries in an automatic way, and enables accurate package deliveries as fast as possible.

Striking Features Of Courier Delivery Management Software

ETA Details

  • Based on the location of the delivery provider from the pickup and the delivery location, the estimated time of arrival gets calculated in the courier management delivery software module
  • The ETA details get shown to the user who has requested the pickup and delivery from their dedicated courier delivery software
  • The admin can also view the entire delivery details, including the ETA, within the admin dashboard

Earning Analytics

  • The courier dispatch system solution caters to earning analytics and report generation requirements of the admin and delivery providers
  • It provides real-time data on the collected and received amounts and helps download it in the form of excel sheets.
  • The admin can view earning details of the delivery providers from the admin panel

Delivery Service Rates

  • Admin decides the delivery service rates applicable for the courier deliveries requested through the app
  • They can manage the service rates based on the changing user demands and package needs
  • The courier management software helps to set prices according to distance, time, and more parameters

Courier Pickup Confirmation

  • Customers can opt for contactless courier management for courier deliveries for which they will get pickup confirmation
  • The pickup confirmation gets sent to the user who has requested to get courier delivery in their desired location from the app solution
  • The provider clicks a picture and uploads it to send to the user as the pickup confirmation after the code verification process

Promo Codes & Discounts

  • Courier delivery management software allows admin to set promo codes and introduce deals to entice users
  • Users can avail of those deals and discounts while placing the order request and redeem them whenever they want
  • Admin can also launch referral codes to help users earn discounts when they promote the app among their acquaintances

Delivery Zones

  • Define delivery zones and set their pricing for each city to provide courier services as per your business requirements
  • Admin can mark specific zone where they intend to give the courier delivery or pickup services for a particular prices
  • To define delivery zones, the admin can mark the radius and the area on the map and categorize these zones

What Your Existing Logistic Business Gains with Courier Management Software?

  • Enhanced Delivery Operations: Enhanced business operations and hassle-free deliveries improve overall business performance
  • Reduced Turnover Time: Reduce the turnover time and increase the number of deliveries as courier management software comes with premium features and functions
  • Go Paperless: Electronic proof of signature and real-time tracking build a digital ecosystem and save money spent on paper-based activities
  • Increased Business Efficiency: Bringing automation in the business eventually boost the business efficiency and improve customer experience
  • Real-time Courier Tracking: Customers can monitor the status of their packages without communicating with delivery providers within the user app

Working Flow of White Label Courier Management Software

Elluminati White label courier management software offers adequate features and functionalities that can give courier businesses better results. So let’s see how it works exactly and guarantee smooth operations.

  • Admin receives the request placed by customers through dedicated solutions.
  • Admin accept or reject the courier delivery request and assign nearby delivery providers for doorstep delivery of a courier
  • Delivery providers receive the request and decide to accept/reject a courier pickup request
  • Delivery provider collects the package and arrives at customer’s mentioned location
  • Now, users need to make payment, and the admin gets to view and manage all these activities within their admin dashboard

Here’re Some Modules That Simplifies Your Courier Delivery Business’s Workflow

Get a dedicated courier management software allowing you to cater to all customer needs and providing increased revenue generation support

User App

Schedule Requests

Users can schedule the pickup requests in advance by adding the time slot and date for the pickup of items

Locate on Map

Customers can add delivery and pickup location details by searching and pinning the location on the integrated map.

Delivery Updates

Know about your package whereabouts in real-time with advanced push notifications and track the package progress within the user app

Manage Profile

Customers can edit and update names, email, addresses, and other contact details within the dedicated user app.

Admin Dashboard

Set Referral Bonus

Define the referral bonus for all users who use and share the referral code to promote your app usage

Delivery Details

View and manage every ongoing delivery process by tracking the provider and users in real time.

Manage Payments

Admin can oversee and manage each data of the user within the admin panel to make informed business decisions

User Data

Admin can oversee and manage each data of the user within the admin panel to make informed business decisions

Delivery Provider App

SMS Verification

The identity of the delivery provider gets verified every time they log in or accept any delivery request for security purpose

Delivery Requests

Delivery providers have the right to accept or reject requests based on their availability and location details

Add Bank Details

Add your bank details and account information to receive the earnings directly into your bank account

Referral Sharing

Share the referral codes with your contacts, and encourage them to register to gain extra benefits from the admin.

User Website

Easy Login

Users can register and log in using their social media accounts to access their accounts and place requests quickly.

Delivery History

Access complete delivery history from the dedicated panel and view every information including the payment details

Cash on Delivery

Choose to pay when the delivery gets completed by selecting cash on delivery option from all payment options available


Provide and upload your feedback on the requested delivery services and the app usage to indicate any changes

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Frequently Asked Questions On Courier Management Software

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Courier delivery management software is a preconfigured platform for logistics business management through an advanced solution. It allows performing processes online like booking courier requests from the app solution, and businesses can acknowledge the process from the panels.

Courier delivery software enables every width of logistics ventures to innovate their business procedures on acquiring the platform.

Yes, it is one of the best courier delivery software for small courier agencies as it reduces operating and other infrastructure costs.

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