How Uber Clone App Source Code Supports Your Ride-Hailing Venture?

The ride-hailing facility has become a must around the world. Uber clone app source code helps you build your app solution catering to user needs. The source code enables you to create app solutions, including all the necessary features to give a jump-start to your app solution in the on-demand market. To create an efficient solution stack with our source code, you need to follow the procedure mentioned below:

  • Specify requirements
  • Search for features that suit them
  • Customize the solution as required
  • Bug fixes and app adjustments
  • Start serving users with app launch

Radical Features Designed For Taxi App Source Code

Excellent Ride Experience

  • The app solution built using our taxi app source code ensures that unique ride-hailing experience gets provided to riders.
  • Including a live-tracking facility and estimated arrival duration, rides receive updates at every stage of the trip
  • Also, the admin can monitor and manage the ride details from the panel to take quick actions if required at any time.

Driver Verification

  • The verification of a driver gets performed when they first register for the app solution to start providing ride-hailing.
  • They have to upload and get their essential documents verified to start receiving requests and manage their profile.
  • Hence, riders can rest assured of their safety with the strict verification process for drivers set by the admin.

Online Payment Facility

  • The rider application includes multiple payment modes that ensure users find it comforting to pay online.
  • By introducing support for online payment by card, payment gateway, any other wallet, or net banking, it ensures convenience.
  • Plus, the admin can choose to set a cash payment option also and can eliminate or add any new payment support.

Car Rental Option

  • The ride-hailing solution built using our Uber clone app source code also includes support for renting cars.
  • Users can request to rent a car of their choice by selecting one from the given vehicle options.
  • The fare calculation gets done based on the time and distance the car gets rented for by a user.

Ride Scheduling

  • The solution includes a separate feature for users who want to schedule their rides in advance before they go.
  • Hence, the ride scheduling option ensures that they get to place a ride request in advance and specify the time for their ride.
  • The driver who accepts scheduled applications gets provided with complete ride details, including the reporting time to reach on-time.

Multi-Country Support

  • The solution stack includes support for the expansion of business by supporting multi-country management.
  • The dedicated admin panel provides support for expanding and monitoring activity across different countries.
  • With central control and monitoring support, companies can ensure they provide seamless services across the world.

Promo Codes

  • Admin can decide to add promo codes to their app solution for users to provide the benefit of discounts.
  • The promo codes also help a business promote their services by offering significant discounts on the ride fare.
  • Users can apply the promo code to apply discounts and pay less ride fare than before with the promo codes.

Surge Pricing

  • The admin can introduce surge pricing features to their ride fares to earn more profits by serving rides in demand.
  • Surge pricing gets implemented when there is a rush or peak hour and more ride requests to answer; surge pricing is beneficial.
  • Admin can increase the ride fare by a certain amount/percentage during the peak hours to earn more profits.

Extended Support for Business Expansion

Expand your business across limits with our taxi app source code meeting every customer and business demands.

  • Increased Targeting

    We provide app solutions for native Android and iOS platforms, which ensures increased audience support.

  • Customization Support

    The developed app solutions and consoles are entirely customizable to provide a unique business identity.

  • Easy to Launch

    If you select prebuilt app solutions, you can launch your ride-hailing business effortlessly with complete management support.

  • Minimum Hassle

    The applications included in the solution quickly pass the play store tests to get launched and become available worldwide.

What You Get With Uber App Source Code

The uber app source code allows you to craft dedicated solutions for all stakeholders to reach new business heights.

User App

Social Registration

Users can register for the app solution using their social media accounts to quickly login.

Driver App

Route Optimization

Drivers can view the optimized routes to the locations specified to reach there before time with lesser traffic.

Admin Dashboard

Add City

Admin can choose to add cities from the list of all available to extend the ride-booking services across multiple cities.

Dispatcher Console

Manage Profile

Dispatchers can manage their profiles and add required details or edit them to create their identity in the system.

Partner Console

Sort Data

Partners can view the data of drivers and can expand it to Excel sheets and apply sorting functions as well.

User Panel

Ride History

The user panel includes a dedicated ride history section that provides for all the records of their previously booked rides.

Driver Panel

Secure Login

Drivers can log in securely using their registered Email ID and password to access the driver panel.

Hotel Panel


Hotel admin can log in using their registered ID and password or use the registered social media account.

Corporate Panel

Credited Login

Corporate admin gets provided with login credentials that they can use to log in to the dedicated panel.

Get All Development Requirements Fulfilled with Uber Clone App Source Code

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