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If you own a traditional taxi business or manage a taxi fleet, then it can be difficult for you to sustain in the market if Uber or Lyft is your competition. If that is what you are facing then, the best solution is to adopt partially it’s business model and technology they use and create your own solution with buying uber clone source code for your business.

Stop taking trips only on phone calls and start taking it from Apps. Distribute apps to your customers so they can request Eber from their phone and train your drivers to use the app to accept request and serve customer. Uber Clone App Source Code will automate your complete business and gives you the freedom to scale up rapidly without a headache.

Why You Need Uber Clone App Source Code?

Do You Want To Integrate Uber Like Apps In Your Business?

Yes, then there are many available solutions out there in the market who claim to be Uber App source code provider or Taxi Booking Script, etc. one of the best out of them is Eber with Uber-like features. You can get Customer App & Driver App in Android & iOS with the intuitive Admin Panel, Hotel Panel, Dispatch Panel, User Panel to control your On-Demand Taxi Business. On top of it, you get it up and running in just 48 hours.

What Your Get With Uber App Source Code

Opt for a complete app solution for your business.

Customer Application

Simple and easy to use ride booking application for a customer.

Social Media Sign up and Login

Rider can signup and login immediately through their social media account along with email and password option

Book Now or Schedule Trip

Rider can book their trip immediate or they can schedule It as per their requirement.

Real-Time Tracking

Riders can track service providers’ real-time geolocation on google map with details of ETA and the ability to call driver option.

Online Payment

Rider can pay their service charge through in-app wallet or card (Debit / Credit). Even they can select cash on service option.

Rate and Review

Riders can share their trip experience with sharing few thoughts about service and rate service provider on a scale of five stars.

Driver Application

Provide excellent service to customers at their place.

Submit Document

Drivers can submit essential documents through apps for registration and service verification as administrative person needs.

Route Optimisation & Navigation

Drivers can select their service to provide route as per traffic conditions along with easy navigation to source location feature.

Auto Offline when Idle

Drivers can go offline with warring push alert that they are idle on service. Even drivers can manually perform that.

In-App Wallet

Drivers can accept cash on the service trip or use in-app wallet feature. They can add some amount of balance to use this feature.


Drivers can check all task history along with trip and earning details of that particular trip from the list.

Admin Panel

Manage Your Multi Place Business at Single Panel

Map View

Administrative person can see all active user details in real-time with geo-location details on Google map with this feature.

Multi-Country and Cities

Administrative person can add and manage more than one country and cities business along with on / off any time rights.

Service Type

Administrative person can add and manage business services type like Mini Taxi, Sedan, Luxury etc. with all details.

Reports and Statistics

To Analyse business growth administrative person can explore reports like earning report, trip report etc. with graphical insights

Dispatch Panel

Get Trip Request On Call

Dispatch Request

The dispatcher can directly assign a trip request to any driver with sharing all details regarding the trip.

Fare Estimates

Dispatchers can estimate fare amount details according to the source to destination location with Estimation of arrival details.

Manage Request

Dispatchers can manage dispatch fare service request with the option of accepting or rejecting as per driver availability.

Partner Panel

Explore Business in Multi Place

Manage Drivers

Partner can manage they’re all driver profile along with add new, edit or decline any profile rights.


Partners can manage their earning details with reports and graphical insights according to daily, weekly, monthly earning.

Add Bank Details

Receive earning amount from the administrative person. The partner can add their bank details through partner panel.

Customer Panel

Extra Funnel To Book Trip

Book Ride / Create Request

With Customer panel they can book their ride immediate or schedule it as per their need.

Payment Method

The customer can pay their trip service via credit/debit card, cash on service or by using the in-app wallet.

Upload Documents

If the administrative person needs any document from the customer side they can upload their essential document though panel.

Driver Panel

Allow Better Service Delivering.

Upload Document

Drivers can upload their essential document through driver web panel.


With Web panel the driver can check all completed trip service history with filtering option based on weekly, monthly history.

Attach Bank Details

Forget trip earning service earning from the administrative person. The driver can add their bank details via web panel


A Top-Notch Technologies Stack That We Use in Uber App Source Code Solution.

Find Your Country

We Provide Extensive Range Of Countries and Languages Customization In this solution.

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