Complete List Of Our Uber Clone’s User Website Features

Explore Uber script solutions’ website with all essential and advanced features.

uber clone

User Website

Provide easy-to-use features to book rides immediately or schedule as per their needs.

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User Website

Users get the dedicated interactive website which has all the mentionings of the services, and customers can check the estimated price for the ride without login.

Fare Estimation Without Login

Customers can add pickup and destination addresses and get the price estimation from the website without login.

Sign Up

Customers can sign up with detailed information asked on the screen, like name, email, country, etc.

Social Sign Up

Using the social media account, customers can sign up for the account quickly with just one click.

Email Login Up

Customers can log in with their email and password quickly in just one step on the app or website.

Email and Phone Number Verification

Customers can verify their phone number or email address from the panel for security purposes.

Select Ride Now

Customers can choose to ride now option after login into their account and moving to the booking page.

Enter Pick Up and Destination Address

Riders have to add pickup and destination addresses manually or by selecting from the map to start booking the ride.

Admin Contact details

Customers can approach the admin with the contact details given for any queries or technical issues.

Destination Later

Customers can also choose to add the destination later; just add the pick-up location after selection for price estimation.

Add Multiple Stops with Waiting Time

Customers can choose to add multiple stops in the path between pickup and destination addresses and will be charged for the waiting time.

View Address On Google Maps

Customers can choose to find the address on the integrated map for pickup and destination and book a ride.

Select Ride Type

After the section of the path, various ride types will be given from which customers can choose based on price, time, and feature of the vehicle option.

View Estimation

After selecting everything, customers can get a price estimation of the total ride that includes all types of fees.

Payment Methods

After confirmation of the ride, customers can choose between the available payment methods.

Add Cards

Customers can add bank card details to the account and link them to the wallet for the payments. On the checkout screen also, customers can add new cards.

Add Promo Codes

If there are any promo codes available, customers can paste them in the promo section and get inclined benefits.

Ride Now

While booking, customers can choose to book the ride for an instant ride to the desired destination.

Schedule Ride Later

There is an option to book a ride to the desired destination at a desired time and date as per convenience.

Fix Price

Customers can fix the price option, which is shown in the estimation while deciding on the vehicle type.

Fare Price

Besides the fixed price option, there is fare price which calculates the total price of the ride depending on the distance, base price, and time.

Account Settings

Customers can make changes to their profile details like name, email, password, contact details, etc.

Add Documents

If required by the admin, customers have to add specific documents while registering to the platform.

Add Bank Details

For transactions within the platform, customers can add bank details which can also link to the wallet integrated into the platform, and pay with it for rides.

Save Multiple Addresses

Customers can add and save two favorite addresses for a quick selection of it while booking a ride.

Ride History

All the rides performed within the platform are saved and listed as a history that can be referred to anytime.

Scheduled Requests

While booking the ride, customers have the leverage to schedule it for later on desired time and date as per convenience.

Quick Sign Out

For any purpose, if customers have to leave the platform, they can do so with the quick sign-out option.

Cancel Trip

At any point after booking the ride, customers can cancel the trip and have to pay the cancellation fees as set by the admin.

Trip Details

Customers get all the trip details after registering that includes the rides, payment, tax, and driver details.

Track Driver on Map

When the driver accepts the ride, customers can track them through the integrated map in real time.

Change Language

Customers get multiple languages to use the platform as given by the admin; they can choose one convenient language.

Add Referral Code

Customers can add a referral code which they can get from their friends, and also get a new one after registering on the platform.

Theme Updates

In the platform, customers can choose to set dark or light modes They will also be able to choose a default theme.

Map View

The user app and panel are integrated with the map, where customers can track drivers and select the location on the map.

Split Payment with friends

Customers can split payments among the friends with whom they traveled and the ones who are registered on the platform.

Ridesharing with Other

Customers can choose the ridesharing option for booking a ride and then can split payment with registered users in the ride.

Preferences like child, pet

Users can select specific preferences for the ride, like child, pet, and luggage, while booking the ride.

In-app Chat

After booking the ride, customers can chat with the drivers for any queries about the time and address.

Call Masking

Customers can call drivers if required without sharing the contact numbers on the platform.

Rent a Car with Package Options

Customers can choose to rent a car by choosing various packages as given by the admin.

Change Cash to Card Payment After Booking Ride

After booking a ride with cash payments, they can change the payment method to card payments.

View Wallet History

Customers can view their wallet history, which includes all the transactions done for paying for the rides from their wallet.

SOS Panic Button

Customers can use the SOS panic buttons to reach emergency contacts with the quick dial within the platform.

Tip to Drivers

Customers can send tip drivers for the ride while paying for the ride, depending on the choice and experience of the drivers.

Favorite Driver

Customers can mark drivers and choose them for their preferences when they have to book a ride.

Review and Rate Drivers

Review and rate drivers after the ride depending on their experience with them to let the admin know about it.

Driver Arrival Alert

Customers are notified about the drivers when they reach the pickup location, updating the real-time location.

Emergency Contacts

Customers can add multiple contacts as emergency contacts to reach those with the SOS panic button when required.

Sound Alert

Customers will get sound alerts for important actions like driver status updates, driver arrival updates, etc.

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