On Site Opportunity At Elluminati


E-delivery ( July 2019 )

Adding one more feather to the crown of our success, a freshly joined member of Elluminati Family visited the dream city, Dubai to work on the E-delivery product of ours in collaboration with our clients. Furnishing the customization needs of our clients, he enjoyed his beautiful and luxurious stay there with our senior team member and took a tour of the entire city including the visit to world-famous Burj Khalifa. Hard work and dedication has always been the motto of Elluminati and providing such excellent solutions to our clients, our team of developers always earn their chances of growth with performing better over the on-site opportunities and also get to earn and learn many life experiences.


E-Coli ( Jan 2019 )

Making it easier for the clients, “Coli” provides the services which can help track users’ data about shopping and helps in crafting appropriate offers which can attract as many users as possible. Storing the purchase history, the application automates the tiring task of preparing documents of each purchase along with generating receipts of each and requires only the digital signature of the user to get it submitted and approved by the government when filing. We take pride in extending our application development services to the clients who wanted this application developed located in Moscow, Russia. Our team of excellent developers lent their support for the development task.


Alive ( July 2019 )

Taiwan is one of the most modern cities in the world and provides a lot of opportunities to explore for people like us. Recently a team of Elluminati visited Taiwan for enhancement in a new project. We worked on the project and also grab the opportunity to visit one of the factories producing IoT devices to explore this new field with some new projects and augment our current solutions. The visit to Taiwan won`t be counted a complete one without visiting Taipei 101 and guess what? The team also enjoyed authentic tea. Work with fun! That’s possible only at Elluminati.


KARWAZE ( Nov 2018 )

Since last 30 years, StationCar has been getting daily 4000 around trips targeting premium segment customers in metro city like London where competition is EXTREMELY TOUGH. We are proud to say we are helping them enter into whole new segment where they can target mass using our platform Eber. Elluminati brought wonderful opportunity for our developer to work on such real time issue in London itself and roam around beautiful city. Not to forget amazing round of London Eye


GITEX Event ( 14 Oct - 18 Oct 2018 )

Dubai is the city of opportunities. At Elluminati, we believe in giving wings to the talent. What can be the best than the sky of Dubai for a well-polished talent to spread the wings? On the occasion of GITEX 2018, Elluminati gave the opportunity to four of its employees to form a team with a project manager and a co-founder and present the talent of their domain in front of the technocrats, delegates, and visitors from all over the world. The team is going to represent the best of our world-class products on a global platform. And yes fun is a must after the work!


Dhaweyee & QRGO ( Nov 2018 )

It`s always delightful for us to hear from our clients at their place. Identifying the problems and resolving them becomes so easy as all the members can explain the limitations they are facing very naturally while they are in their own atmosphere. And for us, it becomes an opportunity to visit them with our team. We had one more successful client visit to Malaysia for helping two different projects. A co-founder, a project manager, and three developers teamed up and worked hard to serve the best to our clients. And the best part, the team didn`t even miss to have fun after the work as always.


KARWAZE ( 14 Oct - 18 Oct 2018 )

We have an exciting development team who has visited London to help Minicab business enhance with our technology, it will help to build a bridge between minicab drivers and users. The team has enjoyed working along with fun on their trip to balance the environment.


AOC/A-LIVE ( 20 June - 3 July 2018 )

With Respect to the overall development of each employee of Elluminati, One of Team just got an opportunity to go Thailand at client work location and explore the real-time project implementation on which they were working on. There were 7 team members which includes 5 Developers, 1 Project Manager and co-founder. It was 14 days of assignment where the whole team has to be under one office cum house with the atmosphere of work together and eat together. The fun thing is Team did so hard work that they got blessed with 2 days of time to explore the city of Bangkok.


FASZZ ( June 2018 )

Life creates opportunities and so does Elluminati! The company believes in rising together with its employees. Elluminati recently sent a team consisting of 4 members to Malaysia for providing technical guidance to client`s team and to do knowledge transfer where our expertise lies. After working dedicatedly 12 hours for 8 days back to back empowering the client with necessary tech knowledge, the team got chance to explore Kuala Lumpur with its famous Hop-on Hop-off city tour and relished 21 different destinations with delicious food, lots of fun and shopping on the last day. Work hard, and party even harder..


AOC/A-LIVE ( 28 Oct - 18 Nov 2017 )

Providing technical support to the immense events is one quality which doesn’t get light much. Our team loves to organize and support knowledge sharing events. That was the main reason behind the recent visit of one of our team to Bangkok. Our team visited Bangkok to support The Big Band Exhibition held at Bangkok, Thailand. The team worked almost the whole day during the event to make this event successful by providing all technical support it needed at the highest possible level.


AOC/A-LIVE ( 27 Jul - 22 Aug 2017 )

To provide support to ongoing projects, one of our team recently visited Thailand. This visit was to integrate the advanced IOT based automation systems to the existing project. Our team has worked hard to integrate Wrist Band, Oximeter, ECG m/c with Mobile and empowered the client with the latest technology. Believing in sharing instead of selling is the value in which we believe and it truly reflected in this visit.

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