Delivery Management Software For Your Multi Outlets


Day by day customer prefers to choose online buying or request use with the online delivery software. Online delivery management software becoming widely popular in the market. With this delivery management system vendor founds an interest to earn more than on traditional delivery service business. it helps outlets and delivery provider to optimize time and increase the quality of services. For customer side, they enjoy user-friendly services for their needed product. Hence, outlets vendors and entrepreneurs are truly inspired and willing to start using delivery management with this white label software.

The delivery management system is the full features loaded solution for any kind of delivery business. Outlets owner control each and every process of delivery include managing delivery request, schedule delivery request, manage delivery provider, connect with partner outlets, rate review, and customer. Let’s convert your traditional delivery business to a digital solution. Get a delivery management software for your business with native android and ios apps for the customer, delivery provider and store with extensive web console for store and admin. A user-friendly delivery management solution for your delivery business.

Our Delivery Management Solution For Your On-Demand Business


We are here to help with your delivery business. Let’s handle your delivery management with our white label software.

How Our Online Delivery Management Software Provides Results


We Deliver Excellent Software that Deliver Excellent Results for Your Business Growth.

Your outlet receives customer-placed order request.

Outlets assign delivery service provider to serve the users.

Delivery provider accepts service and updates delivery status.

Delivery Service Provider delivers goods at customers’ doorstep.

Delivery Management Software Overview


We provide the best delivery management solution in native Android and iOS platforms with extensive back-end system for manage single/multi outlets delivery service at single place

Customer App


Login With Social Media

Customers can sign up with social media and create their id in this delivery management software for login.

Enter Location By Typing/Map

Customer set their pickup and destination address Manually by typing or pin it on the map directly.

Real-Time Tracking

The customer can track their real-time status regarding their order details from the time of arrival to delivery completion.

Categories & Sub Categories

The Customer can search their needed product through categories and subcategories.

Referral And Promo Code

Customers receive promotional offers via notifications and E-mail and can use to get discounts.

Product Detail & Description

Customer can check product details and description including outlet name, image and service prices.


Customers are provided with the estimated time of arrival of their delivery package and provider details.

Payment History

With this feature, customer can see their complete payment details of the past orders placed.

Favorite Place

This feature helps customer to set their favorite delivery location for the order which can also be removed later.

Provider App


Login With Social Media

Delivery Provider can easily register with email id and password or using their social media account.

Phone Verification

Delivery providers are verified with their details before they accept a service request and provide delivery.

Document Submission

Delivery Providers can submit essential documents of theirs before starting their job as a delivery provider.

Pending Approval

Delivery providers can check pending service request with accept/reject option and accept as per their choice.

Earning Details

Delivery providers can check their earning details on the basis daily, weekly or monthly with the option to filter information.

Go Online /Offline

Delivery providers can mark their status online / offline according to their work scheduled to ensure efficiency.

Receive New Request

Delivery providers are notified for new service requests on their devices through app with details of outlets and order.

Status Update

Deliver provider can update their service status once they accept the service request and add other updates on the delivery.


In Delivery provider apps, Google map integration is used to provide perfect navigation to the entered location of delivery.

Store App & Panel



Outlet owner can log in with email id and password to manage their multi-outlet business.

Manage Products

With web panel and app, outlet owners can add, edit and remove products from the list.

Manage Drivers

Outlets owner manage delivery service provider and can add, edit and remove their profile.

Dispatch Orders

For requested orders, outlets can assign drivers to dispatch orders efficiently to customers’ doorsteps.

Manage Categories

With this panel, outlet owners can manage, add, edit and remove categories from the list.

Incoming Orders

Outlet owners can manage incoming order’s service requests and decide to accept/reject them.

Payment Statements

Manage All order payment statements with complete details of payment mode, delivery provider, user details etc.


With this app and panel, outlet owners can manage each order billing process efficiently using its features.


Manage each order history with daily, weekly and monthly option of filtering and managing them.

Admin Panel



Admin can manage their business at macro and micro level details with graphical insights.

Map View

Admin can track their outlets, delivery providers in real-time in our integrated map view feature.


Admin manages user profiles and possesses rights to add, edit and remove their profile.


Admin can manage delivery providers’ profiles and add, edit and decline their profile.


Admin can manage the business in multiple cities from a single central place with on/off option.

Payments (Billing)

Manage Every order payment details with a complete history and details related to payments.

Mass Push Notification

Admin can send mass push notifications for news update or promotional event through panel.


Admin can manage store details and add, edit and decline their service and control the business.

Service Types

Admin can manage businesses’ service types and add, edit and decline as per requirements.

Delivery Management System Solution For Manage Your Business Digitally


Delivery management is serious business. when you serve a delivery services at door step for earning. The business needed a technology solution that provides a delivery management process effectively. For this Elluminati Inc. provide a delivery management software solution for every kind of delivery business with the complete features customization option.

Track delivery destination, manage earning. reduce timing, manage order request and customer details.

High Level security for each stage of delivery service include payments and real time delivery tracking.

Track a complete status of delivery service provider include each services, time for delivery, earning details etc.

Easy checkout process with cash and card payment option with multiple payment gateway.

Secure payment process for every order that allows customer to make their order request easily.

Track business growth with extensive admin dashboard and plan for future decision.



What is Delivery Management Software, How it help for my business?

Delivery Management system is key-turn technological support for your business to organizes and administers your single/multi outlets business at single place.

Can i customized this management platform as per my requirement?

Yes you can customized, the source code is labeled for usage and modification.

Do i need it on my business?

Delivery management software is perfect solution for convert your traditional delivery service business transfer to modern delivery service outlets. out delivery management software are perfect solution for Whole sealers, retailer, manufacturer, utility or X delivery service provider  business.

What if i'm stuck while using this platform?

You can share your issue on our help desk as well as you can contact with our representative for help.

Which is latest version for this management platform?


What are infrastructure requirement for this delivery management system?

Following are infrastructure list that require for the products:
  •  Hosting we prefer Digital Ocean
  • Google Play Store Developer Account
  • Apple Developer Account
  • Facebook Developer Account for social login integration
  • Your Brand Logo and Splash Screen of your needed features (Optional Resource)

How Delivery management software processes card payments?

For Card payment we can integrate stripe as default option. if you wish to add or customized payment gateway you need to purchase our additional add-ons services.



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