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Automate bulk orders, reduce delivery time and cost using white label delivery management software that simplifies complex delivery issues and handles the delivery process in a robust way.

e delivery app elluminati inc

What is Delivery Management Software? How Does It Take Care of All Operations with Ease?

Delivery businesses have continued to maintain their position in the global economy despite worldwide pandemics. Moreover, there were increasing demands of the delivery services, which required lots of resources and manual work. But the transformation to digital methods can help a business to a great extent.

Delivery management software is determined to manage the delivery processes with on-demand platforms. It consists of separate modules for customers, delivery providers, stores or delivery agents, and admin. The online platform aims to make the accurate and personalized business flow leveraging significant profits.

The doorstep delivery has widened its reach in the post-pandemic, to cope with the current market trend, Elluminati offers an excellent solution that removes unnecessary administration work, focussing on the convenience of customers and businesses. All stores can acquire white-label ordering management software for delivery services and turn up their business efficiency. Fostering the growth of your delivery store with these solutions makes your unique position in the market.

Choose A Suiting On Demand Order Management Software Empowering Your Business

Automate your delivery operations with on-demand delivery management software and deliver the best user experience through real-time visibility.

Food Delivery

Grocery Delivery

Alcohol Delivery

Flower Delivery

Courier Delivery

Medicine Delivery

Marijuana Delivery

Water Bottle Delivery

Business-Savvy Features Of Contactless Ordering Software

Get benefits of contactless ordering software to digitize your business tasks and serve customer’s rising online demands efficiently

Manage Login Rights

  • The login options get limited if the admin wishes to, as they can edit and change the valid login methods
  • The solution includes login by registered ID and password or using the social media accounts
  • Also, they can block users, restricting them from accessing the app or panel

Navigation Support

  • The on-demand delivery management system includes support for efficient navigation with an integrated map facility
  • Users can view the location of integrated stores on the map and track their orders in real-time with GPS functionality to check on their order status
  • Admin, stores, and providers can also view locations on the map, and providers get the optimized routes to reach faster

Store Settings

  • Store settings allow a store to manage their operations from their dedicated panel and the store app
  • Stores can set convenience charges, extra tax, and define the order amount limits using these settings
  • From managing store timings to products to users and delivery providers, store settings improve delivery accuracy

Cashless Payment Options

  • Contactless delivery management software provides various cashless payment methods
  • Software admin can offer multiple online payment options like pay by credit/debit cards or e-wallets. They can also provide custom card payments to the users
  • Admin can disable any payment modes anytime they want

Document Management

  • Online order and delivery management software includes support for document upload and verification
  • Stores and delivery providers have to upload documents on the dedicated apps or panels, which are marked compulsory by the admin
  • The admin then verifies these to check transparent and secure services for all the users

Promote Store Operations

  • Admin can choose to promote any specific store from all registered stores
  • They can earn advertising revenues by promoting a store in the user dedicated solutions
  • Stores can also promote their products by indicating the most popular items setting them as the most popular items

Why Our Delivery Management Solution Is the Best

  • Reliable Deliveries
  • Enhanced Store Support
  • Business Centralization

Working Flow of Online Delivery Management Software

The delivery management software involves support for more comfortable order placing and reliable delivery services. Various activities are driven within the platform, like order requests, delivery services, drivers registration, store tasks, and much more. The workflow goes like this:

  • Store receives order from the customers, and accept or edit it as per the availability of the items
  • As the order gets prepared, provider will be assigned for the delivery service
  • Driver can notify users of their order status and complete it within the estimated time

Utilities That Are Offered Within Advanced Delivery Management Software

Deliver to user demands with a fast and efficient delivery software, ensuring a reliable delivery management module that ensures better management of deliveries

User App

Pin Location

Users can pin their location on the map or type it manually to select as the delivery location

GPS Tracking

Track the orders in real-time and view location on the map with the integrated GPS facility

Product Details

Select and view the complete product description, including the ingredient details and minimum order quantity set by the store

Payment History

Consumers can see the generated invoices for the ordered items with a complete order history of every placed order requests

User Website

Change Password

Users can change the password if they forget it using the registered email or set a new password from the profile.

Add Favorite Address

Customers can add their favorite delivery address within the platform and access it anytime using the credentials

Order History

Customers can access the order history with the details like added items, price, payment details, etc., within the platform

Add Applicable Coupons

Users can add applicable promotional codes given by admin or store owners at the checkout screen to receive benefits

Store Website

Quick Login

Stores can log in to the platform directly using their registered phone and password in just a single step

Create Substores

Stores can create substores profiles that can access only assigned screens from the store panel

Payment Gateways

The panel is integrated with payment gateways like Stripe and Paystack, supporting the payment system in multiple countries

General Settings

Stores can manage general settings like business status, store timings, and also if the store will be visible or not to the customers

Store App

Manage Items

Outlet owners can add or remove products and change the quantity of available products by using the dedicated store application

Incoming Orders

Whenever a user places a request using a dedicated app or website, the store will receive a new order notification with all the details

Order Dispatch

Assign the delivery providers automatically based on the user’s location for faster and efficient delivery services

Payment Details

Access complete payment history of users, including the invoices and the applied charges and total order amount

Admin Dashboard

Add City

Add, remove, and manage multiple cities where you want to serve. With an analytical dashboard, you can keep control of overall operations in a single place

Service Types

Enable admin to manage multiple services with ease. However, the store needs to seek permission from the Admin before making any changes in service type

Order Payments

Manage payment history with ease, Admin can view and manage each order’s details to make an informed business decisions

Referral Discounts

Let admin set referral discounts and codes to make a strong customer base, later users can share this code with their acquaintances and earn benefits

Delivery Provider App

Feature Rich Admin Panel to Control the Whole Delivery Cycle

Profile Details

Providers can edit and access their complete profile details to make changes from the dedicated app solution

Auto Offline

If a provider does not accept any request within a stipulated time, their service availability goes offline automatically.

Referral Code

Share referral codes with others and ensure they register as the provider to earn significant perks

Wallet Deposit

Let delivery providers manage and view earning details within the app solution. They can also see separately how much they have earned from a tip

Aspects Come With Our Delivery Management Software


Enable admin to mark all the areas and restrict delivery facility for those locations accessing geo restriction feature

Discount and Promotions

Promote your delivery business by leveraging these features and offering exclusive deals to customers for purchase

Live Chat

Allow delivery providers and customers to communicate in real-time using a live chat feature

Store Details

Customers can go through all the details related to stores such as opening-closing timings, menus, addresses, contact details, etc.

Contactless Option

The solution supports contactless delivery features where orders will be dropped near the customer’s doorstep.

Order Tracking

Customers can view their order status and track the delivery provider’s location in real-time on the platform

Access 2024’s New Features Integrated in Delivery Management Software

Extensive Range of Themes

Provide a unique experience to customers as all the panels and apps consist of light and dark mode theme options to choose from

Dispatch From Admin Panel

Within the admin panel, Admin has the right to assign orders to nearby delivery providers by selecting vehicles manually or automatically

Activity Log

Keep an eye on each transaction is no more difficult as an Administrative person can track all the successful and failed operations in real time

Print Invoices

Allow stores to generate invoices within the app with all the details including basic amount, taxes, delivery charges, etc., by connecting to the printer

Set Taxes

Stores and Admin can set taxes on various products, they are also allowed to set the stipulated delivery taxes for certain areas as per necessity

New Payment Gateways

Offer multiple and swift payments options to customers for hassle-free delivery transactions as PayU and Paystack is added in the module

User App

Enable customers to pay for the ordered product and track it in real-time through advanced options

Delivery Provider App

Let delivery providers get an idea about ongoing and upcoming delivery orders with smart route suggestions

Store App

Allow store managers to allocate and schedule deliveries based on the timings and priorities

Three Crucial Pillars Of Our Delivery Management Solution

Learn more about the app’s workings by exploring the live demos

User App

Enable customers to pay for the ordered product and track it in real-time through advanced options

Delivery Provider App

Let delivery providers get an idea about ongoing and upcoming delivery orders with smart route suggestions

Store App

Allow store managers to allocate and schedule deliveries based on the timings and priorities

Online Delivery Software Comes With Smart Solutions For Unified Process

User Panel

Facilitate order placing with advanced options and gain meaningful insights into customer experience for delivery

Store Panel

Monitor and control the delivery process smoothly to amplify value creation efforts and achieve business goals

Admin Panel

Manage entire business operations with ease using a single dashboard to make smart decisions

Other Scalable App Suites

We provision business-centric and scalable apps for enhanced business upgrading

Assure Reliable Deliveries With Our Software Serving Business Purposes

Carve your way to customers’ hearts with a white label delivery management software allowing excellent user experiences. Ensure to earn profits with trusted delivery service offerings and build a brand reputation

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Frequently Asked Questions About Delivery Management Software

Contact us today if you have more queries regarding delivery management software

Delivery management software aims to automate delivery managing tasks within an online platform. It offers smooth and quick ordering, delivery, payments, and other tasks related to the delivery process. Further, it ensures accuracy as there is least manual work.

Yes, online ordering management permits business expansion to various cities and countries, which helps a business reach the significant heights of the delivery business market.

It includes all the modules for delivery management processes that a traditional process requires, but tasks are processed online over the internet.

Yes, delivery software is easy to configure and customize as your business requirements across various industry segments. We offer an add-on service to customize as per your requirements.

Yes, customers are allowed to schedule their order’s delivery. They have to select the schedule order option while ordering.

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