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What is Delivery Management Software? Brilliant Solution for Your Delivery Needs

what is delivery management software

Delivery management software is the best online solution that makes tracking and fleet management operations efficient. Online delivery management software’s market is growing by leaps and bounds as it ensures better customer satisfaction. Managing your delivery business online requires you to focus on every need of users and the delivery providers. A delivery management software helps users place their orders online and helps the system admin monitor and manage delivery processes from a central place. With the interactive features and real-time support delivered for each stakeholder, it becomes easier to generate excellent user experiences. An on-demand order management software facility should include:

Choose a Suiting On Demand Order Management Software Empowering Your Business

Extend your delivery support across countries with a dedicated on demand Order management software with integrated features to empower

Business-Savvy Features of On-Demand Delivery Management System

Navigation Support

on demand delivery management system features
  • The on demand delivery management system includes support for efficient navigation with an integrated map facility
  • Users can view the location of registered stores on the map and track their orders in real-time with GPS functionality
  • Admin, stores, and providers can also view locations on the map, and providers get the optimized routes to reach faster

document management features delivery and order management system

Document Management

  • Online order and delivery management software includes support for document management for delivery providers
  • Delivery providers can upload and save their essential documents for seeking approval from the system admin
  • The verification process ensures the materials are genuine, and the provider identity gets verified for secure services

Store Settings

  • Store settings allow a store to manage their operations from their dedicated panel and the store app
  • Stores can set convenience charges, extra tax, and define the order amount limits using these settings
  • They can arrange their opening and availability timings for online deliveries using the store settings

Cashless Payment Management

  • System admin can offer multiple online payment options like pay by credit/debit cards or e-wallets
  • They can provide custom card payment, also where the users get a custom card to pay for services
  • Admin can disable payment modes they have added from the panel

Manage Login

  • The login options get limited if the admin wishes to as they can edit and change the valid login method
  • The solution includes login by registered id and password or using the social media accounts that admin can control
  • Also, they can restrict any user from accessing the system from the panel by disabling their rights

Promote Store Operations

  • Admin can choose to promote any specific store from all registered stores
  • They can earn advertising revenues by promoting a store in the user dedicated solutions
  • Stores can also promote their products by setting them as the most popular items

Why Our Delivery Management Solution Is the Best

why elluminati's delivery management solution
  • Reliable Deliveries
  • Enhanced Store Support
  • Business Centralization

how delivery management software system works

How Our Online Delivery Management Software System Works?

how delivery management software works

The delivery management software involves support for more comfortable order placing and reliable delivery tracking services. When users place an order, the store panel and app receive a notification to start the preparation. Hence, when a user places an order, these processes get followed:

  • Stores view and accept the order and place a delivery request
  • Any nearby delivery provider agrees with the offer and picks up the order
  • Users can track the provider until the order reaches their mentioned location

Building Blocks of Our Efficient and Reliable On Demand Order Management System

Deliver to user demands with a fast and efficient solution, ensuring a reliable delivery management system that allows for a better user and management experience

user app of order and delivery management software

User App & Website

Users can pin their location on the map or type it manually to select as the delivery location

Store App & Dashboard

delivery management system driver app

Stores can add or remove products and change the available product quantity using a dedicated app and panel

admin panel for manage multiplace business with delivery management software

Admin Dashboard

Manage your business in cities where you serve with a centralized admin panel to control from a single place

Delivery Provider App

order management system store mobile application and web apps

Providers can edit and access their complete profile details from the dedicated app solution

Assure Reliable Deliveries with Our Software Serving Business Purposes

Carve your way to customers' hearts with a delivery management software allowing excellent user experiences. Ensure to earn profits with trusted delivery service offerings and build a brand reputation

Three Crucial Pillars of Our Delivery Management Solution

Enable customers to pay for the ordered product and track it in real-time through advanced options

Online Delivery Software Comes with Smart Solutions for Unified Process

Facilitate order placing with advanced options and gain meaningful insights into customer experience for delivery

Clients Achieving Success with Our Dedicated App Support

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Frequently Ask Question

1. Can you Give me More Details on How Can We Get Started?

All you need to fill up the contact form; we will get in touch with you and help you understand the whole process.

2. How can Delivery Management Software Help my Business?

Our solution comes with plentitude features that make your logistic process easier and ideal for all scales of industries.

3. What if I’m Stuck While Using Your Software?

You can contact our support team for help; they feel glad to resolve your issues.

4. What are the Different Modules that your Delivery Solution Consists of?

Our solution comprises three modules, Customer app, Delivery provider app, and Store App. We also provide an Admin panel with powerful features.

5. Can I Hire your Team for Building Customized Delivery Management Software?

Why Not? There is no better team than ours since we have developed many applications and helped entrepreneurs grow their business with smart solutions.

6. Can I Customize the Solution to Suit my Business Requirements?

Our delivery software is easy to configure and customize as per your business requirements across various industry segments.