What is the Lyft Clone App? What are the Advantages of Adopting the Platform for Ride-hailing Business?

lyft like app development

Serving a huge number of passengers and fleets becomes serene with technology. Automatic tasks are made quicker and efficient taxi services to the customers leaving out higher revenues for the business and leverage more slots of income.

Lyft clone app is the digital platform for taxi booking services satisfying customers’ demands, allowing processes of the business tasks remotely anytime required. Convenience and personalization are the two major benefits of adopting the solution.

Elluminati offers an advanced tech stack developed with the best technologies and is tailored whenever required for business purposes. Apps like Lyft have different apps and panels that connect the business processes intelligibly, assisting in reaching better standards.

Amazing Features of Our Lyft Clone Script Solution

Customize Terms & Conditions

lyft clone script app solution features
  • We provide terms and conditions update facility in our Lyft clone script to ensure effective business management
  • Admin can customize the terms and conditions of the entire system as per their convenience
  • Panel admin also has the authority to update any of the terms and conditions as per their business requirement
lyft like app manage service radius feature

Manage Service Radius

  • Admin can adjust the entire tech as per their business need as it offers them customization support
  • Panel admin can modify the app logo, theme, and much more to develop a unique identity for their business
  • It helps them to build their brand name in today’s competitive market

Multi-Countries and Language Support

  • To ensure business expansion, we have integrated multi-language and country support
  • Admin can modify the language to serve customers in different countries seamlessly
  • With this advanced feature, it becomes easy for business owners to operate their business across countries
set special zone features lyft app clone

Set Special Zone

  • Using the heat zone feature, admin can set a special zone to enable drivers to earn more.
  • Admin can highlight a specific zone on the map using any of the colors of their choice
  • Panel admin can manage the zone manually or can set using the map through the admin panel

Set Multi Fare Charge

best lyft clone set multi fare charge features
  • Admin can set and manage multi fare charges for the same service type using the panel
  • Panel admin can set a fare charge based on location and service type using the novel feature of Lyft clone script
  • Admin is allowed to set charges based on KM or Miles and vehicle type
red zone area features lyft clone app

Mark Red Zone Areas

  • Admin is provided with huge authority to mark a particular area as “red zone areas” through the map
  • It helps them to disable the ride-booking service for particular areas where they don’t want to provide their service
  • By avoiding their service in red zone areas, admin can ensure drivers’ safety and security

Sort Data

  • Admin can search the required data using the filters option available in the advance and dedicated dashboard
  • It helps admin to have insight into all the data regarding the trip, drivers, users, etc
  • Admin is facilitated to sort data in ascending or descending order to have deep insight into the data

Know What You Can Leverage with Lyft App Script

lyft app script to leverage for business growth

Provide riders with seamless experience using a Lyft app script, ensuring your business success and growth

  • Stack for Global Platforms

    Our lyft app clone is crafted for a global platform, making it easy for you to enhance your business presence globally

  • Improve Business Reach

    With an excellently crafted app and panel, it becomes easier for you to fulfill the customers’ demands, ensuring to improve your business reach

  • Develop Unique Identity

    Customize your app like lyft solution as per your business need, design your app logo and theme to develop a unique business presence.

  • Serve Multi Countries

    With the multi-country support, it becomes easier for you to offer your ride-hailing service to more customers in multi countries

Check All the Essential Components Involved in Our Lyft Clone App Development

All the essential modules involved in our Lyft clone app development to ensure effective business control to provide improved experience on customers’ demand

lyft clone customer app development

Customer App

Customers can use their login credentials to get access and use the app

Driver App

Drivers can choose between offline & online options as per their preference, they can notify admin before going offline

Admin Dashboard

Admin can view the status of active and inactive driver through the excellently designed panel

Dispatcher Console

Dispatchers can view all the details regarding the trip, including the details like trip ID, user, and driver

Partner Panel

Partners are provided with the right to view and manage all the ride requests using the panel

Customer Console

Customers can filter data to check all the details, they can filter data as per date, location, etc

Driver Console

After a successful registration process, drivers are allowed to upload their documents to get the admin's approval

Hotel Console

With the authority to edit and manage profile details, hotels can manage their profile details efficiently

Corporate Console

Corporates can send a request to the user of the system to become an employee using the panel

Start Your Ride-Hailing Business Online with Lyft App Clone Meant for Business Expansion

Get all your business requirements answered with our Lyft clone app, enabling you to serve your global audience seamlessly. It guarantees business expansion by providing you complete support to answer all your customers' demands in real-time

Look Into The Elite Features Provided In The Apps In Lyft Clone App Platform

Exert the customer to book a ride that has an instant and reliable support

Know The Workflow Of The Panels To Manage Business Efficiently

Mold your business methods adopting panel to manage everything thing on the panel

Clients Achieving Success with Our Tech Stack

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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Lyft Clone App

1. Is there any restriction in the number of fleets to manage on the Lyft clone App?

No, the ground transportation business has no restriction of fleets registering on the platform and managing them remotely at any time. It meets all the demands of the business and increasing market requirements within it.

2. How much do you customize the platform?

The platform could be customized to the extent that it resembles your business standards and services. It could also be modified anytime in the future for meeting all the changing business needs.

3. What if I want to add other payment gateways to the platform?

We offer an add-on service to add the gateways as per our client’s demand.You can choose the packages from available options and request us for adding the gateways other than those present in the platform.