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white label taskrabbit clone app

Grow Your Marketplace Business with TaskRabbit Clone App to Efficiently Organize the Business Operations of Yours and Increase the Customer Base.

white label taskrabbit clone app

What is the TaskRabbit Clone App? How Does It Help Businesses To Manage Tasks Swiftly?

An online service business is making huge strides as customers want instant solutions to almost everything. Besides, entrepreneurs are also willing to expand their local business without any geographical restrictions and the platform helps further them to serve more customers from their fingertips.

TaskRabbit clone is one of the best scripts that is developed in advanced technologies and enables entrepreneurs to step into the online service ecosystem while upscaling their business operations. From managing service providers to customers to other tasks, the solution will help you prosper your business.

The online global home service market is projected to grow by $1574.86 billion. If you want to revamp your traditional service business, then an app like TaskRabbit has the potential to streamline online service tasks. It connects customers with skilled providers and accelerates your business growth in this digital environment.

Advance Feature Of Our TaskRabbit Clone Script

Multi-City Access

  • Multi-city access features help admin to enlarge their business reach in multi cities.
  • Panel admin can monitor and manage a business efficiently across all cities from a single stack.
  • It enables admin with efficient monitoring and total access to ensure security.

Availability Management

  • Service providers can manage their service requests efficiently using availability management features.
  • Providers’ app facilitates the service provider to manage their schedules effectively.
  • Due to the availability of the calendar in the app and panel, providers are enabled to schedule their appointments easily.

Change App Color And Logo

  • Our TaskRabbit clone script allows you to change the app logo and color.
  • It helps you to get a personalized touch and a unique identity for your business.
  • Panel admin can revoke certain functions and themes using the settings option.

City Radius Price

  • Business admin can set the different range for service charges according to the city radius.
  • Admin can also offer various promo codes and discount offers to attract more and more users in a particular city region.
  • Business administrators can as well set a fixed rate for a specific radius to earn additional benefits as per their preference.

Fix & Hourly Pricing

  • We offer fixed and hour based pricing features to panel admin.
  • Fix pricing facilitates the admin to set pricing as per their convenience.
  • Admin can choose between fixed pricing or can set the prices based on working hours.

Currency Modification

  • Our solution stack comes with multi-currency features so users can easily settle payments on the platform.
  • The admin panel is facilitated to set currency as per their business needs.
  • It allows a customer to complete their payment using the local currency with the help of a currency converter option.

Multi-Country Support

  • Satisfy your business expansion requirements with multi-country support.
  • A multi-country support feature helps vendors to operate their business efficiently in multiple countries.
  • Multiple country features enable admin to monitor all the business operations effectively from a single place.


  • We have integrated multi-language feature to ensure your business inflation in multiple countries.
  • The multi-language feature facilitates the admin to translate the app content to their regional language flexibly.
  • Taskrabbit Clone Script multilingual features help to make sure that the tech stack works effectively in a particular region.

Applications Included Under TaskRabbit Clone App

We offer a complete white-label Taskrabbit clone app solution for our client businesses, TaskRabbit clone ensures that you achieve new heights in business in a short time. This advanced and useful system satisfies the needs of your customers by assigning service providers on their demand. All in one service app includes different applications like:

Have A Look At How App Really Works To Offer Best Solution For Our Clients’ Business.

If You Want to Start Your Own Online Marketplace Service Business Like TaskRabbit Then Our App is a Perfect Match for You.

Customer App

Payment Options

Customers are offered with multiple options of payment, they can make payment seamlessly by cash, card, or through the in-app wallet.


Customer app stores the service history that facilitates the customer to keep track of records showing all necessary detail in it.

Real-Time Tracking

Customers can check the real-time location of the service provider through the app to know the actual location of the provider.

Save Address

Customers can save their address for eliminating redundant entry of location every time they place the service request.

Provider App


Through the Google map integrated into the app, the provider can easily navigate the route of customers’ specified address.

On/Off Service

Service providers can switch between on or off options when they are unavailable for accepting requests so users can be notified.

Service Details

Service providers can check their service history with all essential details, including details of charges collected by them.


Notification is sent over the service provider’s registered devices to ensure that they are aware of the placed request.

Admin Dashboard

Manage Service

Panel admin can easily add and manage the provided services accurately through the app.

Users Activities

Admin can control all the user activities of the entire system and manage them using a single feature.

Manage Admin

With adding and removing features, multiple admins can be easily added or removed using the admin credentials through the dashboard.

Recent Details

Panel admin can view ongoing request details, including all the details related to user, service provider, and request details.

User Website


Once the user receives confirmation notification of the requested service, they can get ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) with real-time tracking.

Cancel Service

After providing a valid reason for service cancellation, users can cancel any of the appointments within a limited time.

Rating Option

Users can share their thoughts as a review and rate the service on a scale of five stars based on their experience.

Invoice Generation

Users can check service details like invoice number, promo discounts, payment mode, etc using the invoice generation option.

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Frequently Asked Questions About TaskRabbit Clone App

Get to know more about the TaskRabbit clone app by exploring these FAQs

The cost range relies on various factors to build an app like TaskRabbit, such as app complexity and functionalities to integrate. However, the approx cost range can be anywhere between $5K to $15K or can be more depending on the tech stack.

Yes, we can implement multiple languages in the platform, where the admin can offer myriad languages to establish a smooth communication channel between users and providers.

We offer three-month post-launch technical support; however, clients can get additional technical assistance by selecting add-on services.

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