Complete List of EServices Company Panel Features

Oversee all the services and business tasks on a panel with advanced features that function with a simple flow.

Company Panel

Managing service requests and service providers within the panel.

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Quick Login

Company owners can log in to the platform directly using their phone and password within a single step.

Add & Manage Employees

Company owners can add employees to their service to whom they can assign the service requests.

Service History

Service companies can analyze order history (if they have one) with the details like service details, prices, and payment details for completed, accepted, rejected, and canceled orders.

Earning Reports

All the service requests that are served through the panel get recorded, and a separate sheet for the earnings is generated for the service companies.

Manage Documents

Company owners have to upload the necessary documents within the platform and can edit those when required.

Wallet History

The company can refer to the wallet’s history, which has the transaction done through it and linked to the bank account.

Manage Profiles

The company can manage the profile details anytime through the platform, like email, location, name, contact details, etc.

Set Price

The company can select the service and set the price for it with two methods one is the fixed price method, and the other is hourly prices.

Language Options

Customers can select the languages provided to them by the admin and use the app without any language barrier.

Quick Sign Out

The company gets to sign out from the platform without much hassle, with just one click.

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