E-Services User Website Flow

Make your user website a piece of cake to use with embedded functionality that generates excellent customer experiences

A Dedicated User Website for Improved Experience Generation

Empower the best user experience by providing dedicated service booking facilities through the user website. It includes all the essential features that produce results that improve your customer response and service availability. Offer remote access and assistance with a website to book a service from any location and any device

User Website Step By Step Flow

Enhance the user experience provided through your app solution by integrating excellent user website to increase usability. Allow your users to request services through an excellent user website designed to endorse your services to wide audiences and ensure exponential business growth with our E-Services app solution serving your customers with the best services through every module included. The user website is designed to let users enjoy request placing through the web and promote your services on the internet to help your customers find you whenever they require services

User Website

  • The user website includes all necessary aspects and details that drive potential users to start using your app solution

User Login

  • Users are required to log in or sign up through social accounts or email first to start using the services made available through the website

Choose Category

  • After logging in, users can view the extensive range of services, they can pick any of the services based on their requirement

Company Or Service Providers

  • Customers can choose between company providers and individual service providers after they select the category of services they need.

Place A Request

  • Users can place the request from the listed categories and choose to schedule the same from the website too

Select Location

  • After placing the request, the user can choose the location so that service providers can reach easily for the request fulfillment

Select Service Provider

  • Users can view and select the service provider from the list by viewing their reviews, prices and place a service request to one


  • Amid the checkout process, users can once again go through the details, change them if required, and select a convenient payment method

Request Status

  • Once the provider accepts the user’s service request, users are notified on the user website during they are logged in

Edit Profile

  • Users can edit their profile details through the website and set a profile picture for their account also through the website

Booking Status

  • Users can view their booking status on the website once they have successfully placed a service request to the service gets completed

Referral Codes

  • Users can use the referral code to invite their friends through social media to use the app and earn discounts on the service charges

Booking History

  • Users can view booking history from the website also which contains every necessary detail of each service request

Payment Methods

  • Users can view their saved payment details of cards, wallet balance and decide to add money or remove card details

Provide Feedback

  • Users can provide a review on their availed services after they are completed and service providers and rate it on a scale of five stars

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