Stand Out from the Crowd with a Fully-fledged Monitoring Dashboard

Gather the best support that helms business growth across the world by introducing service efficiency. The dedicated admin dashboard included in the tech stack can help you improve operation and enhance assistance. Manage your business by supporting and monitoring each activity of all stakeholders and with easy to operate facilities

Admin Panel Step By Step Flow

Gain control over your business operations with our excellently designed and control-providing admin panel that ensures business upbringing. We offer an excellent admin panel in our E-Services app solution that includes every necessary feature required for enabling excellent control. The intuitive features guarantee complete monitoring of the activities being done by the users of the system. Also, the admin panel enables peer to peer business control over multiple cities and countries by controlling every operation centrally from a single panel.

Admin Login

Admin is required to log in to their account to access admin panel and can use their set login credentials to access the panel

Admin Dashboard

The admin dashboard displays every necessary information on a single screen and provides access to business analytics

Add Country/Add City

Admin can choose to add a city or country where they offer their services and draw zone manually to indicate service availability

Manage Users

Admin can view and manage the user details through the admin panel and also can add/remove any within a few clicks

Manage Providers

Managing the provider’s list is made easy with this admin panel feature where every detail of each provider is provided

Ongoing Service Details

Admin can view the ongoing service details in real-time which includes service provider and user details along with service status

Service History

Admin can view the service history of every service request placed and all the necessary details including service status

Earning Details

The earning details of each provider are shown along with the payment type and the settlement done by mode of payment

Wallet History

Admin can view wallet history of each user and service providers along with rights to add money and view every necessary detail

Admin Settings

Admin can select to change app settings, app color, installation requirements and more through admin settings

Add Documents

Admin can specify the documents required for registering with the app to ensure the security constraints are applied

Manage Admins

The system can be accessed by multiple admins and they can be managed through this feature which contains all the details.