E-Services All Apps Flow

Cater to the regular needs of customers with the well-crafted E-Services apps and empower your local service business by offering exceptional solutions

Redefine Marketplace Service Offering Approaches

Promote your business activities with suiting app support meant for improved communication and task handling. E-Services promotes your business operations with supportive app solutions that work towards improving the experience. It helps you manage and control your business remotely with the solution stack onboarding the best service processing

Customer And Services Provider App Work Flow

Elluminati Inc is one of the best global service providers for On-Demand Technology to companies to help them scale up and grow without worrying about technology. Elluminati provides a Handyman Services app with a number of different handyman services. It includes massage service, car wash service, cleaning service, repair service and medical service (providing doctors). The payment terms are set by the admin to make sure there is conformity in delivering the service. It is very easy for the users to use the Handyman app to experience the services at the doorstep without any hassles or complexities

User Login

  • Users are required to login into the app using login credentials. However, it also supports login using social media accounts


  • Users must register with the app using their mobile number or social media accounts and login with selected username and password

Service Categories

  • As the customer successfully login into the app, the list of all available services is displayed to choose

Search Services

  • Customers can search for their required services from the service subcategories after choosing the service category from the list

Select Service Provider

  • Customers are provided with the list of service providers along with their service charges and ratings given by other customers

Job Requests

  • As the customer places a service request, the nearby service providers receive job requests with a timer on their dedicated app

Track Service Provider

  • Once the service provider accepts the service request, customers can live-track them through the app and know their estimated arrival time

Efficient Navigation

  • Service providers are provided with the optimized route to the customer’s location in the app once they accept their service request.

Schedule Jobs

  • Service providers can schedule their accepted job requests using the in-app calendar and set their working hours efficiently

Payment & Invoice Generation

  • Customers can pay service charges using their preferred payment method and the invoice will be generated in the customer app only

Provide Feedback

  • After the completion of the service, customers can rate the service provider and also write a review on the received services

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