White Label Grocery Delivery App - Build A Real-Time Platform For Your Business

white label delivery app

Dive into the most thriving market with the white label grocery delivery app presenting a versatile platform for shoppers to buy daily grocery requirements and get home delivery services with just a few taps on their phones.

white label delivery app

What is White Label Grocery Delivery App? Why is it an Appropriate Move for Your Enterprise?

White label grocery delivery app is the ready-to-business platform to take over the conventional daily needs shopping business online, taking charge of all essential and advanced functionalities integrated within it. There are dedicated modules for all - buyers, grocery marts, and delivery partners.

Elluminati’s tailor-made script is customizable, allowing businesses of any dimension to extend their reach in various regions without much hassle and manage all of those businesses within a single screen. Reach out for a live demo of our customizable white label grocery ordering platform before making any decisions.

Explore High-End Modules Of White Label Grocery Ordering App

Discover the modules of white label grocery ordering apps, including high-end features.

User App

Find Favorite Store

Consumers can search nearby marts, products, and menus in a smart way, which makes the overall browsing experience snappy.

Real-Time Tracking

Shoppers can get notifications on their grocery orders in real-time as soon as the service provider picks them up from the grocery marts.

Generate Invoice

Buyers can analyze the overall ordering information, expenses, and taxes via the invoices rendered before making the final expenses.

Contactless Delivery

Consumers can select a contactless delivery attribute while placing an order from a shop for safe delivery service to the preferred address.

User website

Quick Login

Consumers can log in with their registered phone and password quickly in just one step on the website.

Search Filters

Customers can use search filters like tag, price, distance, and time to browse the stores they are looking for easily.

Tip Deliveryman

Customers can send tips to the deliveryman while ordering as per their preferences, which is also optional.

Review Stores

Users can look for the store reviews before choosing any of them and analyzing the best one to order from.

Store website

Add Bank Details

Stores can add bank details that can also link to the wallet integrated into the platform to settle the payments.

Create Menu

The store can create the menu by adding items, categories, sub-categories, modifiers, and all the other required details.

Analyze Reviews

The store can analyze the reviews about the order and delivery service given by the customers.

Check Earnings

All the store’s earnings from the orders and delivery service are stored separately as week or month history.

Deliveryman App

Go Offline/Online

Delivery partners can decide to remain online or go offline to accept requests, depending on which stores assign delivery services.

Add Essential Papers

Delivery service partners can efficiently insert all the integral papers using the app to get assurance from the business admin.

Update Profile

Delivery partners can update their profiles, upload necessary documents, and edit payment details as and when required.

Add Vehicle Details

Delivery providers can add their own vehicles by entering the required information and uploading the papers for its verification.

Store App

Manage Products

Stores can effectively revise and operate all the elements, like quantity, taxes, etc., of their requirements.

Update Order

They can tailor the orders from shoppers as per the availability of items; these changes are requested by them for confirmation.

Earning Order Records

All the obtained order lists from the buyers are preserved as per their group, like completed, scheduled, assigned, etc.

Manage Drivers

They can systematize the delivery partners and add, edit, or discard them for the services and also their respective vehicles.

Admin Panel

Get Review Lists

Admin can use the feedback given by the buyers to the partners and grocery marts to enhance the user experiences.

Set Delivery Zone

Admin can designate delivery regions or zones and track deliveries in that area, setting a delivery as per the zone.

Add Sub Admins

Sub admins work on allocated activities with the limited access given to them by admin utilizing inclined features.

Draw Zones

Admins can draw various zones for the enterprise in the numerous regions and set up separate charges for each.

How Does A White Label Grocery App Work?

Day-to-day preferences of shoppers have spiked online shopping trends and thus increased the number of grocery enterprises. And so, it is not just a trend but a necessity for grocery enterprises to establish a simple-to-adopt white label grocery app reaching a massive user base. Explore here the operations of the platform, including consumers, delivery men, and grocery outlets.

  • Through dedicated websites or apps, shoppers can scour nearby greengrocery marts and various entities.
  • Shoppers must pick entities, add those to the cart, and proceed to move further to the transaction procedure.
  • The grocery outlets receive the request online, prepare it, and assign it to a delivery provider.
  • Delivery providers collect the grocery list from the mart and begin the journey to the buyer’s address, operating the smart GPS system.
  • Consumers can chase this entire process in real-time and leave feedback regarding the overall performance.

Advantages Of White Label App For Groceries

  • Versatile Platform
  • Currency Updates in Real Time
  • Multiple Payment Modes

Expand Your Company’s Reach With Elemantic Attributes Of White Label Grocery App

Remark the best attributes of a white label grocery app to benefit your business the most.

Multiple Payment Strategies

Consumers get numerous modes for the payments like COD, online through card transfers, and through e-wallet, opting for the one that is trustworthy and convenient for them.

Advanced Analytics

Business admin and outlet owners can identify user behavior, keep an eye on orders, and monitor delivery provider’s activities easily with extensive reports.

Real-time Updates

The real-time status between the vendors, users, and delivery partners regarding orders and delivery assistance eliminates the differences for business.

Comprehensive Menu

Shoppers leverage a well-designed store menu diverged into varieties, subcategories, and entities with expositions, stock availability, prices, etc.

Deliveryman App

Perform delivery services with the assistance of the deliveryman app, with integrated map, in-app chat, app wallet, and many other features.

Customers App

Integrated the advanced attributes to order edibles instantly or schedule delivery services from a user-friendly app.

Store App

Store apps have attributes to oversee the operations online, like menus, orders, deliverymen, and payments.

Explore The Apps Of The Grocery Delivery Platform

Check out the app demos and learn more about the workflow of each app module.

Deliveryman App

Perform delivery services with the assistance of the deliveryman app, with integrated map, in-app chat, app wallet, and many other features.

Customers App

Integrated the advanced attributes to order edibles instantly or schedule delivery services from a user-friendly app.

Store App

Store apps have attributes to oversee the operations online, like menus, orders, deliverymen, and payments.

Go Through The Deno Panels Included In The Product

Customers Panel

Consumers can use panels to order essentials and pay with the desired procedures with a similar interface to the app.

Admin Panel

Admin can operate multiple stores, consumers, and delivery partners, examine sales, update prices, and perform many other tasks.

Store Panel

Grocery shops can handle orders, sales reports, deliverymen, and relatable shop’s tasks.

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Frequently Asked Questions About A White Label Grocery App

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Yes, depending on the package you select to buy our product. We can add new features and operations that are seamlessly incorporated into the platform. To find out more about customizing the platform, reach our sales team at [email protected].

The cost to develop a white label grocery app is between $8000 to $10000K. It further has many factors that determine the cost of the product.

We offer various packages for partnering as a technology provider, so based on that, the ownership of the code depends. You can refer to our pricing page to know more: https://www.elluminatiinc.com/e-delivery/pricing/

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